Classical Music Hijacks London Stereos

The Classical Takeover


WildKat PR were approached by Max Richter in the summer of 2012 to creatively promote his most recent work. This was Recomposed: The Four Seasons, the latest in Deutsche Grammophon’s Recomposed series. This recomposition has divided the industry and audiences by rewriting, reinvigorating and modernising a piece that is thought of as sacred by so many classical music fans. WildKat PR decided to bring this innovative music to the public, and so the Classical Takeover was imagined.

Mission and approach

The Classical Takeover was conceived to suit a number of objectives and aims. Firstly, WildKat PR wanted to highlight Max as a unique and engaging artist who appeals to everyone. Max has a great following on social media and appeals to film fans, electronic music enthusiasts and classical music aficionados alike. We wanted to further this and bring his work to the general public. Secondly, WildKat PR sought to increase Max’s online engagement, as well as seeking to create a story that would grab the attention of the press. WildKat PR began to approach brands, stores and venues that could be ‘taken over’ by donating their stereos to play one movement of Max’s recomposition. Supporting the Takeover was a social media campaign: a dedicated Twitter profile, a hashtag and a photo challenge using Twitter and Instagram that encouraged people to engage and spread the word beyond the Takeover city of London. WildKat PR organised all aspects of the Takeover to facilitate a streamlined campaign, preparing everything that our partners required: they were all provided with a social media ‘action pack’ to use leading up to and on the days of the Takeover, complete with ready-made tweets and instructions on what to play and when. The Takeover launched in September at London Fashion Week when the finale of the Jonathan Saunders show was taken over by the Spring movement. This ended in 2012 with a Takeover of the Apple Store on Regent Street and then again in the Soho Apple Store in New York.

This was followed by in-store Takeovers at locations across London that WildKat PR had contacted or approached through organisations such as the Regent Street Association, who suggested Bose, Hoss Intropia, Kipling and Crabtree & Evelyn. Some of these stores took the Takeover in their stride, creating their own in-store events to accompany the campaign. Hoss Intropia, a Spanish boutique brand on Regent Street, created and styled four outfits for each of the Four Seasons. Whilst the Boxpark Mall in Shoreditch tied in the Takeover with a weekend shopping experience. To end the Takeover WildKat PR organised a live experience for all those who had been part of the Takeover; Max Richter himself, accompanied by the violinist Daniel Hope and soloists from the Britten Sinfonia, who performed at the Apple Store, right at the heart of all our Central London Takeover locations. The observers of each Takeover were invited to this finale, a free concert where the public could really experience the beauty of Recomposed live.


National Press
  • Articles in Gramophone, Classic FM online and International Arts Manager.
  • London focused press such as Time Out.
  • German radio station NDR visited the Apple Store gig, and spoke to the public about the Takeover.
Enhancing Online Presence
  • Created a Twitter page, and hashtag for the Takeover.
  • Achieving 210,000 impressions of the #Recomposed hashtag on the day of the live Apple Store gig.
The Success of the Record
  • Number 1 on iTunes UK over the weekend after the Takeover.
  • Number 1 on iTunes USA the following week.
  • Number 2 on the Classical Billboard charts USA.