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Aleah Morrison-Basu


London-based composer Aleah Morrison-Basu started performing and composing at a very young age. For her, music is like another genuine language that enables her to express her emotions freely. She has experienced disabilities such as deafness, dyslexia and epilepsy, which have had a strong but positive impact on her way of approaching and composing music: she explores her connections with music in a more visual and emotional way. She lived in various countries such as Cyprus, USA and England and speaks multiple languages.

After studying music at the Keele University and the University of Texas, Aleah returned to England. Since then, she has composed for a number of award-winning short films, TV documentaries and ads. Her clients include BBC, HBO, Adidas, Kia, Three mobile and many more. Besides composing, Aleah owns sound studio Zelig Sound. Her debut solo piano album “Evolving Reflection” will be released on 8th July 2016.