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WildKat PR is delighted to welcome back Music@Malling for the fourth time. Music@Malling brings world-class artists to historic local venues in West Malling, Kent, combining a hugely successful outreach programme with a firm commitment to new music. This year sees the seventh iteration of the festival, in which 24 events will take place over 10 days, featuring music of leading contemporary composers, alongside classical, jazz and folk music. The festival aims to engage with the local community through education and outreach work and to provide events that both enrich and entertain audiences. Music@Malling aspires to develop innovative and creative projects that are of high quality and that raise the profile of music. The artists are involved in mentoring and supporting young musicians and composers across Kent.


This year, outreach work includes 1400 primary school children from 16 schools partaking in a project focusing on Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes as well as 480 children performing in four concerts alongside the festivals resident ensemble, Chamber Domaine, and narrator Matthew Sharp. Furthermore, in conjunction with Sound and Music, Go compose!, gives 10 young composers from Kent the opportunity to compose a piece of music that is performed and recorded in one day under the expert guidance of Simon Pearce (Royal College of Music and Purcell School) and Chamber Domaine. The festival also offers Meet the Composer events with composers such as Alexander Goehr and Paul Patterson, and mentoring workshops with the Artistic Director of Ronnie Scott’s, James Pearson.

Concerts will include Chamber Domaine performing Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis and Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time. Artists range from harpsichord player Steven Devine, violinist Thomas Bowes to guitarist Craig Ogden performing Bach, Dowland, Britten, and Albeniz. Flute player Sami Junnonen will perform music by Bach, Sciarrino, Debussy, Berio, Takemitsu, as well as the premiere of a new work by Tomi Räisänen.

Thomas Kemp, Artistic Director, says: ‘Our seventh festival promises to be our best yet with a wide range of music and lots of interesting programmes and opportunities for music lovers young and old. Contemporary music by Alexander Goehr and Paul Patterson rubs shoulders with works by Bach, Mozart, Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Gershwin as well as jazz, world, folk and vocal music across 24 events. I am particularly proud of our work with local schools –engaging young people in creative activities – many for the first time.’

(Written on July 17, 2017 )

Classical News

In today’s news, the Classical 100 launches across the UK, Audiences Europe Network considers rethinking it’s future and Stagescreen Global announces a new musical venture. Also, Indian classical music guru Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan dies at 107

Classic FM

Classical 100: now every child in the UK can have access to some of the greatest music ever written

Following its success in English schools, the Classical 100, a partnership between Classic FM, the ABRSM and Decca Classics, is launching across the UK. Here’s the low-down

Arts Professional

Audiences Europe Network to rethink it’s future

After a failed bid to the Creative Europe programme and the end of a previous strand of European funding, network organisers are considering scaling back activities

Classical Music Magazine

Stagescreen Global announces new musical venture

Stagescreen Global, a transatlantic alliance of digital pioneers and Broadway theatre producers, is aiming to take event cinema to a new level by bringing relays of musicals to picture theatres, tablet computers and smartphones

The Times of India

Classical music guru Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan dies at 107

The grand old guru of Indian classical music, Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan, breathed his last in Kolkata on Thursday

Der Tagesspiegel

Das todernste Spiel

Magische Gesten, flüchtige Konstellationen: Zum 90. Geburtstag des ungarischen Komponisten György Kurtág


Anhaltisches Theater feiert 250 Jahre Anhaltische Philharmonie

Das Anhaltische Theater Dessau stellt seine nächste Spielzeit in das Zeichen von 250 Jahren Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau


Film ab: Rolando Villazón kürt den talentiertesten Musikvideokünstler

Nachdem Anfang Oktober Rolando Villazóns neues Album “Treasures of Bel Canto” erschienen ist, hat sich die Deutsche Grammophon mit dem Sänger auf die Suche nach einem talentierten Filmemacher für ein Musikvideo gemacht

Arizona Public Media

José Luis Gomez Named Tucson Symphony’s Music Director

The Tucson Symphony Orchestra announced the appointment of its 17th music director to thunderous applause Wednesday.

The Economist

Where have all the young Italian opera singers gone?

In January the Royal Opera House announced the new slate of Jette Parker artists. With its five year-long positions, the Jette Parker Young Artist programme is a sought-after destination among emerging opera stars


 Mashable ‏@mashable  Adele wasn’t as chill as we thought about her Grammys performance: 

Moritz Eggert ‏@MoritzEggert  Wer die NMZ nicht hat, kann hier meinen letzten Artikel über den Kompositionsunterricht nachlesen: …

Bristol Plays Music ‏@BPMbristol   Know a young musician or singer aged 13-17 with a love of jazz? Join our free @Tom_Warriors workshop @Colston_Hall! …

Classical 100/ Classic FM

Classical 100/ Classic FM


(Written on February 19, 2016 )

At this time of year, music is all around us. Choirs sing Handel’s Messiah along with a host of carols and even opera stars sing christmas hits. The theatre has its fair share of Christmas programming, classics such as A Christmas Carol are staged and the film Elf has become Elf the Musical. Operas most frequently performed around Christmas time include the romantic Eugene Onegin and ‘family’ operas such as The Magic Flute. These are not set at Christmas time, nor do they have a Christmas theme; there is however a selection of operas with a Christmas theme, here are some of them….

The Long Christmas Dinner, Paul Hindemith

A one act opera, it spans nine decades, showing the lives of several generations of the Bayard family and some of their Christmas dinners.

Cherevichki, Tchaikovsky (The Tsarina’s Slippers)

Cherevichki is based on the story Christmas Eve, which is part of a collection called Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka, by Nikolai Gogol.

The story is set at Christmas time in the deep Ukranian winter. The opera includes village girls singing christmas carols, a snow storm in the first act and act four opens on Christmas morning. The ending is cheerful, as a marriage is celebrated.

La Bohème

The first two acts are set on Christmas Eve. The scenery sums up Christmas time, with a cold, wintery, bustling atmosphere and an adorable children’s chorus.

You can see La Bohème this month at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel has been associated with Christmas since its earliest performances, and today it is still most often performed at Christmas time. It was first performed on 23rd December 1893 and the first complete Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast of the opera was on Christmas Day in 1931.

Hansel and Gretel is showing this month at the Vienna Volksoper.

Amahl and the Night Visitors, Gian Carlo Menotti

The composer recaptures his Italian childhood at Christmas time. Instead of Father Christmas delivering his presents, they were brought to him by three Kings.

The opera tells the tale of three Kings, who visit a poor boy and his mother. The mother attempts to steal their treasure; when the kings realise how poor she is, they urge her to keep it. The boy wants to give the Kings a present but all he has to give is his crutch, when he does so, his leg is instantly healed and he goes with Kings to see baby Jesus.

Becoming Santa Claus, Mark Adamo

Set in an Elven kingdom in the Far North, the story begins with preparations for Prince Claus’ 13th birthday. His three uncles, who happen to be the three kings of the Christmas story, send word that they’ve been diverted by a star to a mysterious birth in Bethlehem.

Claus hears that they plan to present symbolic gifts to the child, he fills his sleigh with toys to take to the baby. They arrive too late, as the family has already gone on.

It received its world premiere at the Winspear Opera House this month!


(Written on December 10, 2015 )

The findings of the Panic! survey published by Create this week painted a bleak picture as they confirmed what has already been suspected – that the arts are dominated by the middle class, as people from working class backgrounds aren’t given the same opportunities to work in cultural industries.

Create London

Create London

The survey revealed some shocking statistics: on average men working in cultural industries earn 32% more than women working in the sector and nearly 90% of respondents have worked for free at some point in their career. This suggests that it is essential to have parents who are able to lend financial support, just to get a foot in the door of the arts industry.

So how can the arts sector broaden the diversity of its workforce? Schools could play a pivotal role in encouraging and educating children in culture. Many parents don’t have the time or inclination to do so themselves and arts organisations and classes outside of school are expensive.

Indeed, all children should have the right to an education in the arts. Not only can it bring happiness, but music, drama and art classes are also linked to emotional and social development, as well as academic achievement. Apart from this, if state educated children are never offered an education in the arts, they may never be able to consider employment in cultural industries. Surely diversity is essential for the arts to progress?

There are organisations which do a fantastic job promoting diversity and exposing less privileged people to culture. JazzUK, focuses on learning and participation, and aims to reach out to young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, particularly those who are disadvantaged. Opera North sets a great example; it believes in giving all young people access to opera and always ensures children from poorer areas have priority. James Rhodes’ Instrument for every child initiative has put over 7000 instruments into the hands of Britain’s children. If schools can’t afford to offer such opportunities, such initiatives are vital.

Opera North, Children's Chorus/ Opera North

Opera North, Children’s Chorus/ Opera North

At a later stage in our education, universities play an important role in encouraging young people to explore the arts industry; internships in the cultural sector can be organised and funded by universities during summer holidays. All too often students are unaware of opportunities in the arts, as universities focus almost purely on promoting careers in non-arts sectors, such as law and accounting. 

A career in the arts should not just be for those who can afford it. Talent is everywhere so the opportunities to use it, should be everywhere too. Not only does everyone deserve to benefit from and experience the joy of working in the cultural sector, diversity in the workforce is essential to the future of originality in the arts. 




(Written on November 25, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, Classical Music Magazine discusses why the women in music debate is more important than ever and ABRSM launches an initiative to get more primary school children interested in classical music. Also, The Statesman reports that the Delhi Classical Music Festival is drawing a large audience

Classical Music Magazine

The women in music debate is more vital than ever

In the late 1980s, my generation emerged from college believing we could have it all. We imagined the battle for ‘Women’s Lib’ had been won and we would be its beneficiaries

Arts Desk

10 Questions for Nicola Benedetti and Wynton Marsalis

He’s a jazz composer, she’s a classical violinist: put them together, what have you got?

BBC Music Magazine

ABRSM launches ‘Classical 100’ initiative

New scheme to interest primary school children in classical music launched

The Statesman

Delhi classical music fest draws large audience

A music festival featuring maestros like Begum Parveen Sultana and Pandit Bhajan Sopori began here on Monday with the promise of enthralling Delhi’s classical music connoisseurs


Stanislaw Skrowaczewski zum Ehrendirigenten der Deutschen Radio Philharmonie ernannt

Der polnisch-amerikanische Dirigent und Komponist Stanislaw Skrowaczewski wird auf Vorschlag des Orchesters zum Ehrendirigenten der Deutschen Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern ernannt


Gärtnerplatz-Intendant: Sanierung als „Damoklesschwert“

Zum 150-jährigen Bestehen des Münchner Gärtnerplatztheaters plagen dessen Intendanten Josef Köpplinger Sanierungssorgen. Es sei noch nicht klar, wann genau der Spielbetrieb im Stammhaus in der Münchner Innenstadt nach der millionenschweren Sanierung wieder aufgenommen werden kann

Sujin Bae gewinnt Giulio-Perotti-Gesangswettbewerb

Die südkoreanische Sopranistin Sujin Bae hat den 4. Giulio-Perotti-Gesangswettbewerb in Ueckermünde gewonnen


Martin Scorsese Confirms Leonard Bernstein Biopic, Renews Paramount Deal

Martin Scorsese, a household name in filmmaking, has announced that he will renew his development deal with Paramount. On the list of upcoming projects is a biopic about the West Side Story composer, Leonard Bernstein


Martin Fröst Suffers From Inner Disease

Swedish clarinettist Martin Fröst, 44, has cancelled his upcoming appearances with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra due to Meniere’s disease, an inner-ear disorder


Youth Music:@youthmusic  Our friends at @DRGUK are supporting Youth Music with a donation for every guitar sold!

Brighton Early Music:@BREMF Coming up this week – the earliest opera by a female composer. Watch our #FreeRuggiero preview film #Brighton #Hove

British Council Arts: @BritishArts Read this @GdnCulturePros article on the importance of nurturing smaller #arts organisations

BBC Music Magazine 'Classical 100' Initiative

BBC Music Magazine
‘Classical 100’ Initiative

(Written on November 3, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, The Guardian discusses the importance of giving children the chance to listen to classical music & Classical Music Magazine explains how PIPA is raising support for parents who work in the creative sector. Also, The Telegraph reports on the new opera Festival being launched at Grange Park

The Guardian

Classical music – just give children the chance to love it

You don’t need a PhD or a specific gift in order to appreciate classical music. All you need is ears, and an open mind – things every child already has

Classical Music Magazine

Parents in the Performing Arts campaign launched

The Parents in the Performing Arts (PIPA) campaign is raising awareness and support for parents working in the creative industries

The Telegraph

New opera festival to launch after stately home row

A new opera festival is launched after a row over a stately home, lengthy contract disputes and a tempting offer from Bamber Gascoigne


„Die Merkmale der E-Musik lösen sich weiter auf“

Nur noch Stars füllen die Konzertsäle! Das Klassikpublikum stirbt aus! Schlagzeilen wie diese geistern immer mal wieder durch die Musikbranche – doch wie ist es wirklich um den Klassikmarkt bestellt?

Pianistin Mitsuko Uchida mit Praemium Imperiale ausgezeichnet

Die Pianistin Mitsuko Uchida ist mit dem “Praemium Imperiale”, einem der weltweit wichtigsten Kulturpreise, ausgezeichnet worden. Uchida überzeugte die Jury des Preises durch ihre Fähigkeit, über die Noten hinaus zu verstehen, was ein Komponisten zum Ausdruck bringen wolle


„Willkommen in Deutschland: Musik macht Heimat“ – Engagement für Dialog

Angesichts der aktuellen Flüchtlingsbewegung und des großen Engagements, präsentiert das Deutsche Musikinformationszentrum (MIZ), eine Einrichtung des Deutschen Musikrates, ausgewählte Projekte und Initiativen zum Thema Musik und Flüchtlinge


Vladimir Putin Awards Russian Baritone, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Order of Alexander Nevsky Prize

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the beloved international baritone undergoing treatment in London for brain cancer, was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky by Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. The award is given for exceptional artistry

Opera Philadelphia unveils a grand festival plan

Opera Philadelphia is restructuring its season to create an opera festival each September that would draw tens of thousands not just to the Academy of Music but to other venues around the city as well


Tarisio@TarisioAuctions The speaking stick & supermarket approach in C18th bows. Pavlo Beznosiuk @AAMorchestra demonstrates #ArchetRev bows

Eaton Square Concert@EatonSqConcerts We are looking forward to welcoming @JoyfulCompany tonight. And hearing Rachmaninov “All-Night Vigil”, what a treat!

BBC Music ! The are coming to you on December 10th! Find out more here:

Capriccio performed at Grange Park Opera...Capriccio perfomed by Grange Park Opera Sara Fulgoni ( Clarion ) Bryony Perkins ( A Dancer ) Roderick Williams ( Olivier ) The Telegraph Photo: Alastair Muir

Capriccio performed at Grange Park Opera
Sara Fulgoni, Bryony Perkins, Roderick Williams 
The Telegraph
Photo: Alastair Muir



(Written on October 22, 2015 )

Yesterday evening the No Hunger Orchestra opened a concert at Expo Milan to raise awareness of the fight against undernutrition in lieu with World Food Day, which is today!

The concert was organised by the European Commission’s humanitarian department, along with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Almost 800 million people are still undernourished, 51 million are children under the age of 5. No Hunger Orchestra plays instruments made from the non-edible parts of food from one part of the world, to communicate what is missing in the other part of the world.

The instruments were created by the European Commission and the NGO Action Against Hunger for World Food day 2013.

The idea is that music is a universal language. More than 150,000 people watched the 2013 concert via online streaming and 752 people created instruments made of non-edible parts of food and uploaded their videos.

In this video, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, presents the orchestra.

(Written on October 16, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, ROH has won two Lovie Awards and The New York Times reports that tenor Placido Domingo has had to withdraw from several performances of Puccini’s “Tosca” at the Met. Also, composer, performer and Gramophone critic Duncan Druce has died

Classical Music Magazine

ROH wins at the Lovie Awards

The Royal Opera House has won two Lovie AwardsThe Opera Machine and the live stream of Monteverdi’s Orfeo (presented in association with the Roundhouse/BBC Arts) both won prizes

The Strad

University of Michigan to launch chamber music competition with $100,000 first prize

Sphinx Organisation founder Aaron Dworkin (pictured) is launching a new chamber music competition with a $100,000 grand prize

The New York Times

Domingo to Miss Several Met Performances

Plácido Domingo, the globe-trotting tenor-turned-baritone and conductor, has been hospitalized with an inflamed gallbladder that doctors plan to remove next week, forcing him to withdraw from several performances of Puccini’s “Tosca” that he was scheduled to conduct this month at the Metropolitan Opera, the company announced Wednesday


Duncan Druce, composer, performer and Gramophone critic, has died

Duncan Druce, who has written for Gramophone since 1997, has died at the age of 78

Arts Council England

Arts Council England launches Cultural Education Challenge

Arts Council England today urged all those working in the arts and education industries to work together in offering a consistent cultural education for all children and young people


Jeder Musikhochschule ihr Landeszentrum – aber in fünf Jahren werden die Karten in Baden-Württemberg wohl wieder neu gemischt

Es war ein wenig überraschendes Ergebnis, das Wissenschaftsministerin Theresia Bauer in Stuttgart verkündete: An jeder der fünf baden-württembergischen Musikhochschulen wird es künftig ein so genanntes „Landeszentrum“ geben


“Please help!” Says The Montreal Chamber Orchestra

The Montreal Chamber Orchestra has twittered an outcry to save the orchestra which is in a deep financial crisis that may threaten its future. Most of the orchestra’s funding comes from private donations

El Pais

La fotografía retrata el arrebato del jazz

Jazz jazz jazz es la crónica visual de la edad de oro del género musical que es, también, la del arte fotográfico

San Francisco Classical Voice

Free Fun for the Kids at Crowden Community Music Day Free Fun for the Kids at Crowden Community Music Day

This is one of the great annual events in the East Bay. Held every fall, the Crowden School in Berkeley opens its doors to children of all ages, but particularly younger children. This year, music day will be held this Sunday, October 18


 Arts Award: @ArtsAward Taking part in this year’s @FamilyArtFest? Check out @ArtsAward‘s new resource for families

The Journal of Music@journalofmusic Sebastian Adams Appointed 2016 RTÉ Lyric FM Composer in Residence.  @RTElyricfm @KirkosEnsemble

Norman Lebrecht@NLebrecht German singer shares home with 6 Syrian refugees  via @sharethis

Opera Machine, ROH Classical Music Magazine

Opera Machine, ROH
Classical Music Magazine

(Written on October 15, 2015 )

Classical News


In today’s news, Classical Music Magazine announces the winner of this year’s Sonning Music Prize, The Strad reports the death of a young violinist who was killed in a car crash & The Huffington Post discuses the importance of classical music in the up-bringing of children

Classical Music Magazine

Thomas Adès wins the 2015 Sonning Music Prize

The prize, which is given annually to a musician, was first awarded in 1959. Laureates are selected by the directors of the Léonie Sonning Music Foundation

The Strad

Young violinist and her sister killed in Florida car crash

A young violinist and her sister have been killed in a head-on collision while driving to their mother’s home in Pompano Beach, Florida

The Huffington Post

In the digital age, young kids need classical music more than ever

Parents have heard about the specific benefits of classical music for developing minds and calming babies for decades — imagine a mother playing Mozart through headphones stretched over her pregnant belly — but the scientific debate has continued to rage

Die Zeit

Dänen lügen nicht

Sie nennen sich Girls In Airports, obwohl kein Mädchen mitspielt. Ansonsten ist ihre Musik durch und durch wahr. Über eine Kopenhagener Band der Stunde

Das Konzert Theater Bern will sich erstmals im Rahmen eines Musiktheaterwerkes dem Thema Demenz widmen. Das Stück mit dem Titel “Alzheim” soll in der Saison 2017/18 uraufgeführt werden und Schauspiel- und Opernelemente vereinen


Der Chefdirigent der Nürnberger Symphoniker, Alexander Shelley, gibt seinen Posten zum Ende der Spielzeit 2016/17 ab. Der 35-Jährige werde seinen Vertrag nicht verlängern

El Pais

Antes de revolucionar las redes sociales con un videoclip sobre el papa Francisco, el boliviano Américo Estévez, Saxoman, solía instalarse en las avenidas más concurridas de la ciudad de La Paz con un saxofón o una guitarra

La Monde

Angélique Kidjo ne demande pas de grâce, pas de faveurs. L’Américain Philip Glass a composé pour elle trois longues pièces chantées, sur des poèmes qu’elle a écrits pour l’occasion


BBC Radio 3: @BBCRadio3 Learn about Schubert’s ambitious, inspiring, beautiful Symphony No. 9, the ‘Great’

Arts Council England: @ace_national Missed this? Tell us what makes your heart beat faster!

Philharmonic Society: @RoyalPhilSoc Professional musicians or advanced students aged 28 & under can apply to join next year’s Lucerne Festival Academy.

Thomas Adès Photo: Brian Voce

Thomas Adès
Photo: Brian Voce




(Written on October 6, 2015 )

In today’s news, Peter Gelb facing controversy, Radio 3 is not only a classical music station, young Brit named as conductor of Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León and singing Black Hole discovered.

The Guardian

Not only in New York – how the most powerful man in opera took the Met to the world

Peter Gelb, general manager of New York’s Metropolitan Opera, has faced controversy, even death threats. But he has also turned the Met into the world’s local opera house by bringing its productions to cinemas around the globe

The Telegraph

Radio 3 controller: we’re not a classical music station

Alan Davey says Radio 3 is a cultural channel offering more than just music as he unveils new drama slate and plans for regional accents on air


Benjamin Britten’s ‘lost’ Malaysian anthem

The great English composer Benjamin Britten once wrote Malaysia a national anthem – only for it to be rejected it in favour of a cabaret tune. Did the government make a horrible mistake, asks Alex Marshall, author of a new book on the history of anthems

BBC Music Magazine

Conductor Andrew Gourlay takes top Spanish post

Young Brit appointed music director at Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León


BBC Music film to introduce pupils to classical music

BBC Music will release a film, called Ten Pieces II, specially made for secondary schools to introduce a new generation to classical music which will feature Scots violinist Nicola Benedetti.


Sounds of Space: Chandra X-Ray Discovers Black Hole Singing in the Key of B-Flat

The principles of music are already applied to more aspects of life than perhaps they have a right to, but certainly none so vast and all-encompassing as the foundations of the universe itself

Die Zeit

So surreal wie das Nordlicht

Mit auratischen Klangwelten hat sich die Isländerin Anna Thorvaldsdottir international einen Namen gemacht. Inspiriert von Grönlands Natur, komponiert sie nun für die Opernbühne – in Trier ist Premiere

Die Welt

Der Deutsche, der einmal Opernkönig der Welt war

Giacomo Meyerbeer war einst der berühmteste Opernkomponist der Welt. Heute werden seine Riesenwerke um Mord, Totschlag und Wahnsinn kaum noch gespielt. Nun plant Berlins Deutsche Oper sein Revival

Barenboim: Werde solange spielen wie die Zuhörer kommen

Der Dirigent und Pianist Daniel Barenboim (72) will auftreten, solange das Publikum es vom ihm wünscht, bittet aber seine Zuhörer um etwas mehr Geduld bei der modernen Musik

El Mundo

Melodías de integración

El Teatro Real presenta Aula Social, un nuevo proyecto que se desarrolla dentro de su programa dedicado a la infancia. El Teatro Real ha presentado un programa para la integración niños con capacidades diferentes que, gracias a la música, pueden aprender y expresarse a través de instrumentos o participando en un coro


Classical: NEXT @ClassicalNEXT Thank you so much for hundreds of proposals! will be a blast looking at all the programme possibilities

Cicero Online @cicero_online Henning Mankell ist im Alter von 67 Jahren gestorben. Ein Interview über Mankells große Leidenschaft

Classical Music @ClassicalMusic_ . director Kate Anderson offers a look behind the scenes in her blog for CM:


Andrew Gourlay

Photo: Andrew Gourlay, Conductor/

(Written on October 5, 2015 )