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This week, the classical music news has been dominated by articles concerning arts funding. Here is a summary of the latest developments and who has been talking about the changes which could have such a great impact on the creative industries.

Earlier in the week….

The BBC reported George Osborne’s announcement, “Culture is one of the best investments we can make.”

The Department for Culture Media and Sport’s (DCMS) overall budget is to be cut by 5% – far less than some feared; the administration budget will be cut by 20% and entrance to national museums will remain free.

Arts Professional declared that Arts Council England’s grant is expected to rise by between 1-2% over the next five years.

The settlement will enable the Arts Council to invest in it’s 684 national museums, galleries, theatres, dance, opera and ballet companies at the same level until at least 2018.

Classical Music Magazine reports that the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure, Carál Ní Chuilín, has announced the reinstatement of funding for arts and sports in Northern Ireland.


Classical Music Magazine is concerned that the BBC’s funding will be cut again.

The BBC is the biggest employer of professional musicians and spends approximately £125m per year on music including musicians, composers, orchestras and collective management organisations. Isabelle Gutierrez writes that the licence fee remains the most effective way of maintaining funding. Many jobs in the creative industries are put at risk with each funding round, which does not increase the licence fee in line with inflation. The latest funding deal, agreed in July 2015, reduces BBC funding by making it responsible for the costs of free TV licences to the over-75s, cutting £750m a year from income by 2020.

On a positive note….

Arts professional discussed the UK Cities Culture Report 2015, which demonstrates that cities view culture as key to high quality of life; it also boosts tourism.

The report notes that cities are increasingly committed to using culture as a catalyst for regeneration, either because culture is “an engine for skill enhancement” or because it can “create a ‘sense of place’ which will encourage companies to relocate and enable a city to attract talent”. They are also recognising the value of culture in promoting “tolerance, equality and diversity”. As we head towards devolution, cities are collaborating with their cultural sectors in order to source funding.

Sign the #LetItBe campaign to protect the wonderful music services provided by the BBC!

(Written on November 27, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, St. John’s Smith Square joins REMA, a report finds that cities are recognising the benefits of culture and the Vienna Philharmonic is funding a home for asylum seekers. Also, Classical Music Magazine discusses concerns that the BBC’s funding will be cut again

Classical Music Magazine

St John’s Smith Square joins REMA

St John’s Smith Square is now a member of REMA (the European Early Music Network)

Arts Professional

Cities recognise benefits of culture, report finds

Local authorities envisage a shift away from direct provision of cultural services, but are preparing to lead by articulating a vision, brokering partnerships, and sourcing new funding

Classic FM

One of the world’s greatest orchestras is funding a home for asylum seekers

The Vienna Philharmonic is one of the world’s oldest orchestras, best known for its performances of great classical music. But now it’s announced a project to create a home for refugees in Austria

Classical Music Magazine

All who love music should campaign to save the BBC

The Conservative government is preparing its policy on the BBC’s future. The Green Paper published by government raises concerns that the BBC’s funding will be cut again, or that it will be significantly downsized. The effect that this might have on employment opportunities for musicians could be catastrophic

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Avantgardist der Klänge

Der Komponist Helmut Lachenmann wird 80 Jahre alt. Er hat verschiedene Geräusche in seine Arbeiten integriert. Seine Oper “Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern” gilt als eines der Hauptwerke unserer Zeit

Drei Musikprojekte mit Junge Ohren Preis ausgezeichnet

Drei Musikproduktionen und -projekte sind am Donnerstagabend in der Villa Elisabeth in Berlin mit dem Junge Ohren Preis ausgezeichnet worden


Hontvári Gábor gewinnt 7. Dirigierwettbewerb der Mitteldeutschen Musikhochschulen

Der Weimarer Musikstudent Gábor Hontvári hat den 7. Dirigierwettbewerb der Mitteldeutschen Musikhochschulen gewonnen. Damit habe bereits zum siebten Mal infolge ein Student der «Weimarer Dirigentenschmiede» den Wettbewerb der drei Hochschulen für sich entscheiden können

The New York Times

Andrew Norman on Loving ‘Star Wars’ and Pushing Musical Boundaries

When Andrew Norman was growing up, “Star Wars” was the only film his family owned on video. Fascinated by John Williams’s classic score, Mr. Norman decided when he was young that he wanted to be a composer


El Centro de Investigación y Documentación Musical de la UCLM se asocia al CSIC

La Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) cuenta con la primera Unidad Asociada al Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) en el ámbito de la Música y la Musicología


Top Classical News:  ‏@topcmnews Soprano Hannigan shatters classical music’s glass ceiling – Malay Mail Online  #ClassicalMusic

BBC Radio 3:@BBCRadio3  Music in Time: JS Bach never wrote an opera, but the St. Matthew Passion comes pretty close #EssentialClassics

Classical Orchestras:@OrchestrasToday  BBC Radio Christmas highlights 2015

Cities recognise benefits of culture

Cities recognise benefits of culture

(Written on November 27, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, Chancellor George Osborne has promised to increase funding to Arts Council England in his Spending Review and PRS for Music Foundation has announced the the latest recipients of its Beyond Borders funding programme. Also, the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure has announced the reinstatement of funding for arts and sports in Northern Ireland


Spending Review: Arts Council protected despite DCMS cuts

Chancellor George Osborne has promised to increase funding to Arts Council England and national museums and galleries in his Spending Review

Classical Music Magazine

PRS for Music Foundation announces latest Beyond Borders funding recipients

PRS for Music Foundation has announced the latest organisations and music groups to receive funding through its co-commissioning and touring programme Beyond Borders


Hans Abrahamsen wins the 2016 Grawemeyer Award

Abrahamsen’s ‘let me tell you’ earns the composer $100,000 in prize money

Classical Source

Leif Ove Andsnes launches the Rosendal Chamber Music Festival, West Norway [11-14 August]

This summer, Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes looks forward to launching a new chamber music festival in his homeland

Classical Music Magazine

Northern Ireland arts organisations to have funding restored

The Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure, Carál Ní Chuilín, has announced the reinstatement of funding for arts and sports


Keine Angst vor Klassik – ARD lädt Schulen zu Vivaldi-Experiment ein

Nach Dvorák und Gershwin stellt sich der Komponist Antonio Vivaldi bundesweit an Schulen vor. Das Musikvermittlungsprojekt der Hörfunkwellen der ARD geht 2016 in die nächste Runde


Scala: Pereira macht Zugeständnisse an Gewerkschaften

Die Mailänder Scala hat sich mit den Gewerkschaften über Personalanstellung geeinigt und konnte so einen drohenden Streik verhindern

Geschenkt: Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra erhält 10 Millionen US-Dollar

Das Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra erhält eine Spende von 10 Millionen US-Dollar von der Lilly Endowment Stiftung, eine der größten privaten Stiftungen der USA. Nach Angaben der Stiftung werden insgesamt 14 Institutionen mit einer Gesamtsumme von 100 Millionen US-Dollar gefördert


La Fundación Scherzo celebra 20 años de su Ciclo de Grandes Intérpretes

Un total de 11 conciertos – nueve recitales de piano y dos extraordinarios con Lang Lang o el contratenor Philippe Jaroussky-, además de 3 clases maestras a cargo, por ahora, de Paul Lewis y Till Fellner para los alumnos del Real Conservatorio Superior de Música, celebran los 20 años del ciclo Grandes Intérpretes de la Fundación Scherzo, patrocinado por El País

El Mundo

Theremin, el instrumento invisible

Se cumplen justo 95 años del invento del Theremin, el sonido que Alfred Hitchcock utilizó por sorpresa en ‘Recuerda’, un diabólico instrumento inventado por un ruso genial llamado Leon Theremin


The StradLongtime concertmaster John Ferrell has died at the age of 90

ArtsProfessional: Fears of cuts dispelled in

Classic FM: Is this a rare portrait of the Baroque maestro?

Photo: XtraxArts/Arts Professional

(Written on November 26, 2015 )

The findings of the Panic! survey published by Create this week painted a bleak picture as they confirmed what has already been suspected – that the arts are dominated by the middle class, as people from working class backgrounds aren’t given the same opportunities to work in cultural industries.

Create London

Create London

The survey revealed some shocking statistics: on average men working in cultural industries earn 32% more than women working in the sector and nearly 90% of respondents have worked for free at some point in their career. This suggests that it is essential to have parents who are able to lend financial support, just to get a foot in the door of the arts industry.

So how can the arts sector broaden the diversity of its workforce? Schools could play a pivotal role in encouraging and educating children in culture. Many parents don’t have the time or inclination to do so themselves and arts organisations and classes outside of school are expensive.

Indeed, all children should have the right to an education in the arts. Not only can it bring happiness, but music, drama and art classes are also linked to emotional and social development, as well as academic achievement. Apart from this, if state educated children are never offered an education in the arts, they may never be able to consider employment in cultural industries. Surely diversity is essential for the arts to progress?

There are organisations which do a fantastic job promoting diversity and exposing less privileged people to culture. JazzUK, focuses on learning and participation, and aims to reach out to young people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, particularly those who are disadvantaged. Opera North sets a great example; it believes in giving all young people access to opera and always ensures children from poorer areas have priority. James Rhodes’ Instrument for every child initiative has put over 7000 instruments into the hands of Britain’s children. If schools can’t afford to offer such opportunities, such initiatives are vital.

Opera North, Children's Chorus/ Opera North

Opera North, Children’s Chorus/ Opera North

At a later stage in our education, universities play an important role in encouraging young people to explore the arts industry; internships in the cultural sector can be organised and funded by universities during summer holidays. All too often students are unaware of opportunities in the arts, as universities focus almost purely on promoting careers in non-arts sectors, such as law and accounting. 

A career in the arts should not just be for those who can afford it. Talent is everywhere so the opportunities to use it, should be everywhere too. Not only does everyone deserve to benefit from and experience the joy of working in the cultural sector, diversity in the workforce is essential to the future of originality in the arts. 




(Written on November 25, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, Classical:NEXT has opened registration for its fifth edition, Soprano Elizabeth Watts has embarked on a five-year quest to discover and record Scarlatti’s finest arias, and The Observer interviews Proms founder Sir Henry Wood as he celebrates 50 years as a conductor

The Guardian

Sir Henry Wood interview: ‘Painting is my real love’

2 October 1938: in a classic interview from our archive, The Observer meets Proms founder Sir Henry Wood as he celebrates 50 years as a conductor

International Arts Manager

Classical:NEXT 2016 open for registration

Classical:NEXT has opened registration for its fifth edition, which takes place in Rotterdam next May


The Boston Symphony’s Joseph Silverstein has died

Born March 21, 1932; died November 22, 2015

The Guardian

Searching for Scarlatti: my mission to rehabilitate the Baroque daddy

He’s the father of modern opera but nowhere near as celebrated as he should be. Soprano Elizabeth Watts decided it was time to change that, and embarked on a five-year quest to discover and record Scarlatti’s finest arias

International Arts Manager

ISPA announces 2016 award winners and fellows

International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) has announced the recipients of its 2016 Awards as well as its 2016 Fellowship programme


Skurril: ‘Ode an die Freude’ öffentlich laut zu singen ist strafbar

Als die rechtspopulistische AfD-Partei am vergangenen Samstag eine Kundgebung auf dem Mainzer Gutenbergplatz durchführte, haben die Mitarbeiter des Mainzer Staatstheaters vom Balkon des Hauses herab Beethovens ‘Ode an die Freude’ gesungen. Deswegen wurden sie jetzt angezeigt, nicht von der AfD, sondern … von der Polizei


Josef E. Köpplinger bleibt Intendant des Gärtnerplatztheaters

Josef E. Köpplinger bleibt Intendant des Staatstheaters am Gärtnerplatz in München. Der bayerische Ministerrat verlängerte am Dienstag den Vertrag des Österreichers bis zum 31. August 2023

Codex Flores 

Wiener Philharmoniker sammeln für Flüchtlingsheim

Die Wiener Philharmoniker nutzen die Schweizer Crowdfunding-Plattform Wemaekit, um ein «Haus für Asylsuchende» einzurichten. Den Betrieb des Hauses, das das Orchester in Niederösterreich gefunden hat, will es mit einer aktiven Patenschaft begleiten

El Pais 

“No quiero ser una japonesa que baila: quiero ser bailaora, sin más”

Yoko Tamura recorrerá su país junto a artistas españoles con el espectáculo ‘Miradas’. Asia aprende a taconear


Acuerdo entre el Teatro Real y la Fundación Albéniz

Ayer firmaban en Madrid un acuerdo el Teatro Real y la Fundación Albéniz mediante el cual la Cátedra de Canto “Alfredo Kraus” Fundación Ramón Areces de la Escuela Reina Sofía, ampliará su programa docente con el elenco de cantantes y directores de escena que participan en las temporadas del Teatro Real


Classic FM: This little guy is REALLY unhappy about learning his scales:

ArtsProfessional : launches fund worth £80k for Scottish community arts and culture projects

Classical Music: Hans Abrahamsen has won the 2016 Grawemeyer Award for ‘let me tell you’. Here’s on the song cycle:

International Arts Manager

(Written on November 25, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, The Telegraph tells the history of classical music in 50 short pieces, BBC Music Magazine talks to the composer of their 2015 carol and Gramophone reports that the Finish composer Jouni Kaipainen has died. Also, The Irish Times announces the winner of the 2015 Fr Frank Maher Classical Music Award

The Telegraph

A history of classical music in 50 short pieces

50 masterpieces of classical music, each the length of a pop song

The Irish Times

Cog Notes: Young pianist wins Fr Frank Maher Classical Music Award

Eoin Fleming (17) a sixth- year student at St MacDara’s Community College, Templeogue, has won the 2015 Fr Frank Maher Classical Music Award, Ireland’s largest classical competition for secondary schools

BBC Music Magazine

We talk to the composer of the 2015 BBC Music Magazine carol

Cheryl Frances-Hoad is one of the UK’s leading contemporary composers. This year, we asked her to compose a Christmas carol especially for the readers of BBC Music Magazine


The composer Jouni Kaipainen has died

The Finnish composerJouni Kaipainen has died at the age of 58 following a long illness

The Guardian

Middle class people dominate arts, survey finds

The UK’s creative industries are dominated by middle class people, according to a survey that reveals the extent to which gender and ethnicity continue to influence careers in the arts

Klassik Akzente

Das Label ist ein Wunschkonzert – “Manufacture on Demand” geht in die fünfte Runde

Das Konzept der Deutschen Grammophon ist so einfach wie genial: Vom Markt verschwundene hochwertige Aufnahmen erscheinen seit einiger Zeit in neuem Glanz und sind nun auf Wunsch in handverlesener Auflage wieder verfügbar


Tonhalle Zürich führt Rush-Hour-Konzerte ein

Das Orchester der Tonhalle Zürich erweitert ihr bisheriges Konzertangebot um ein neues Format: An drei Donnerstagen in dieser Saison veranstaltet es Rush-Hour-Konzerte um 18.30 Uhr


Universität Dortmund prüft Bach-Porträt mit Röntgen-Strahlen

Ein Bach-Porträt aus der Zeit des Musikers? Das wäre eine Sensation. Die Kunstszene rätselt, seitdem der Dortmunder Unternehmer und Bachliebhaber Wolf-Dietrich Köster das Kunstwerk 2014 bei einer Versteigerung gekauft hat


Professor Frankie Flood Develops New Hand for Disabled Viola Player Shea Stollenwerk

Taking a step forward for the biomedical community, a professor at the University of Wisconsin is applying technology to classical music. Frankie Flood, an art teacher, has used a 3-D printer to help develop new “hands” for a 10-year-old seeking to be a professional musician

The Washington Post

Anonymous 4 calls it quits

After this season, the glorious female vocal quartet Anonymous 4 is closing up shop as an ensemble, the singers going their separate ways


Agence France-Presse: @AFP #BREAKING French entertainment industry demands 50 million euros in government aid over Paris attacks

Royal Academy:@royalacademy 1 week left to apply to the #RASchools postgrad art course – no fees, & bursaries available

LauraWright:@thelaurawright  If you’re in the music industry like me, start your day by reading this: big up @laurenlaverne

Cheryl Frances-Hoad BBC Music Magazine

Cheryl Frances-Hoad
BBC Music Magazine

(Written on November 24, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, James Rhodes’s autobiography reveals his sexual abuse as a boy and his subsequent battles with mental illness, Xian Zhang has been appointed as the next music director of the New Jersey Symphony and Ludovico Einaudi answers 10 questions. Also, JazzUK relaunches with community festival and music director Emmanuel Villaume extends his contract in Dallas

The Guardian

Gilbert and Sullivan: are their women a joke too far?

The cruel misogyny of many of G&S’s plots make their operas increasingly unpalatable – and unfunny – in today’s age. Ahead of the return of The Mikado and its monstrous Katisha to the Coliseum, a fan wonders what is to be done

The Times

James Rhodes: ‘You can’t just erase my past’

It is almost exactly half a year since an author and musician was able to walk out of the Supreme Court and reveal his real name and the autobiography that chronicled, in unflinching detail, his sexual abuse as a boy and his subsequent battles with mental illness

Classical Source

New Jersey Symphony appoints Xian Zhang as music director

Xian Zhang has been appointed as the next music director of the New Jersey Symphony, starting with the 2016-17 Season and succeeding Jacques Lacombe

The Arts Desk

10 Questions for Composer Ludovico Einaudi

What are the elements that make up Einaudi’s music?

International Arts Manager

JazzUK relaunches with community festival

Heulwen Phillips, project director at JazzUK, on bringing the company out of the ashes and what its new #4Jazz Festival is doing for the community

Hamburger Museen starten am 27. November erste Instaswap-Aktion Deutschlands

Vom 27. November bis zum 1. Dezember besuchen sich die Instagrammer der Hamburger Museen gegenseitig und schauen hinter die Kulissen

Will Liverman gewinnt Stella Maris-Wettbewerb

Der US-amerikanische Bariton Will Liverman hat den internationalen Gesangswettbewerb “Stella Maris” gewonnen. Er erhielt sowohl den mit 15.000 Euro dotierten Publikumspreis als auch ein Aufnahmeprojekt bei einem renommierten Plattenlabel

Codex Flores

Cottet Solocellist des Symphonieorchesters des BR

Der 28-jährige Genfer Cellist Lionel Cottet, ein Absolvent des Mozarteums Salzburg und der New Yorker Juilliard School, wird laut dem Musikjournalisten Norman Lebrecht Erster Cellist des Symphonieorchesters des Bayerischen Rundfunks


Emmanuel Villaume Extends Contract in Dallas

The Dallas Opera has announced contract extensions for Music Director Emmanuel Villaume and General Director & CEO Keith Cerny as well. Both contracts have been extended to June 30, 2022

El Mundo

Una invitación al relax con tintes de África y Brasil

Para Juan Llamas, la guitarra “se convirtió en una obsesión” y presenta su música como una mezcla de flamenco y jazz


Top Classical News @topcmnews :  Facing the music: Esa-Pekka Salonen

Royal Collage Music @RCMLondon : Great to hear RCM musicians and on Friday’s : (from 58.45)

Classic FM @ClassicFM :  It’s not too much to ask, isn’t it?
Screen shot 2015-11-23 at 11.43.35

James Rhodes at the Classical Brit Awards in 2009 Stuart Mostyn/ Redferns/ Getty Images

(Written on November 23, 2015 )




With the #NirvanaProject, AyseDeniz brings to life the power of music that gave Kurt Cobain the will to live. The album is released today exclusively with iTunes or you can purchase signed hard copies on AyseDeniz’s website.

AyseDeniz was considered a child prodigy in her native Turkey and made her concerto debut when she was just nine. As a composer and pianist, she is always seeking new ideas. For the #NirvanaProject, AyseDeniz has pulled ideas from the lyrics and motifs of Nirvana’s music to create her own adaptations. She tells the story of Kurt Cobain through her classical piano arrangements and vocals; connecting rock and grunge with classical music, in an authentic intimate and nostalgic way.

At the age of 27, the same age as Nirvana’s front man when he ended his life, AyseDeniz dedicates this project to Kurt Cobain to celebrate his legacy through virtuosic grunge.

The project follows the viral, worldwide success of AyseDeniz’s Classical Pink Floyd project, which caught the attention of classical enthusiasts and rock fans across the globe, also securing an endorsement from Pink Floyd’s official social media pages.

The #NirvanaProject is a curious and eclectic venture, which merges different styles in a genre that is impossible to categorise. Buy now on iTunes or get yourself an exclusive signed CD.


Keep up to date with AyseDeniz’s news via her website, Twitter or Facebook.



(Written on November 20, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, the Three Choirs Festival Association appoints Alexis Paterson as its new chief executive, a girl born without fingers learns to play the viola with a 3D printed hand and the candidates for the 2015 Sibelius Competition are announced. Also, school children in Leeds have the opportunity to work on their own opera

Classical Music Magazine

Three Choirs appoints new chief executive

The Three Choirs Festival Association has appointed Alexis Paterson as its new chief executive. She will take up the position in mid-January 2016, succeeding Dominic Jewel (who will become managing director of the National Children’s Orchestras of Great Britain in December 2015)

The Strad

Girl born without fingers aims to play viola with 3D-printed hand

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Art & Design professor Frankie Flood is helping a 10-year-old girl, born without fingers on her right hand, to play the viola

The Violin Channel

Candidates Announced for Sibelius Competition – Including 7 VC ‘Young Artists’

The 45 candidates have today been announced for the 2015 Sibelius International Violin Competition, to be held in Helsinki, Finland from November 23rd to December 3rd, 2015 – including 7 VC ‘Young Artists’

Yorkshire Evening Post

Kids get to master opera thanks to Leeds teacher’s fund

LEEDS school children will get the chance to work with professional singers to devise their own opera thanks to the arts fund set up to remember murdered teacher Ann Maguire

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Musician claims official neglect

The government does not do enough to support talented classical musicians, award-winning violinist Tseng Yu-chien (曾宇謙) says


Garry Walker wird Chefdirigent der Rheinischen Philharmonie

Der 41-jährige Schotte Garry Walker wird neuer Chefdirigent des Staatsorchesters Rheinische Philharmonie in Koblenz. Er tritt in der Spielzeit 2017/18 die Nachfolge von Daniel Raiskin an

Auswirkungen von CETA und TTIP auf Kultur und Bildung

Die geplanten transatlantischen Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und den USA (TTIP) sowie Kanada (CETA) werden gegenwärtig breit diskutiert – auch im Bereich Bildung und Kultur

Händel-Festspiele: Finanzierung bis 2022 gesichert

Die Händel-Festspiele Halle sind durch eine Vereinbarung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt mit der Stadt Halle bis 2022 finanziell gesichert

El Mundo

Luis Eduardo Aute: ‘Sin cultura somos zombis robotizados’

‘En vez de ir al psicólogo a descargar, pillo un papel y escribo o dibujo y me alivio bastante’ – una entrevista con Luis Eduardo Aute

San Francisco Classical Voice

On the Bench With Leif Ove Andsnes: At Home in the World

Like all A-list touring soloists, pianist Leif Ove Andsnes is a citizen of the world. But he is also a Norwegian, with roots planted deep in the soil of his native country.


Classical Music:@ClassicalMusic8  Robert Craft | Writer and conductor, 92 –

Gdn Culture Pros:@GdnCulturePros  If you missed any of the #LoveTheatreDay goodness, catch-up with our live blog

Classic FM:@ClassicFM  Weather men say might snow soon!
Anyone got #Snowvember? Here’s the @ClassicFM handy flowsnow chart

Shea Stollenwerk currently holds her bow with the help of an adaptive device The Strad

Shea Stollenwerk currently holds her bow with the help of an adaptive device/ The Strad

(Written on November 19, 2015 )

Classical News

In today’s news, Glyndebourne appoints Sebastian F Schwarz as its new general director and Britten Sinfonia will become Saffron Hall’s orchestra-in-residence. Also, the Association of British Orchestras launches a mentoring programme for future leaders and The Guardian writes Robert Craft’s obituary

The Guardian

Robert Craft obituary

Conductor and writer who devoted much of his working life to the composer Stravinsky

Classical Music Magazine

Saffron Hall and Britten Sinfonia announce partnership

Britten Sinfonia will become Saffron Hall‘s orchestra-in-residence at the start of the 2016/17 season


Glyndebourne appoints new general director

Glyndebourne has appointed a new director. Sebastian F Schwarz, currently deputy artistic director at Vienna’s Theater an der Wien, will take up his new post at Glyndebourne in May

The Guardian

All about that bass: Simon Bainbridge on his jazz concerto

As the composer’s new double bass concerto premieres this week in the London jazz festival, Simon Bainbridge explains how the collaborative work took shape, and why – if it wasn’t for an early morning Manhattan cab ride – it might never have happened at all

Classical Music Magazine

ABO launches mentoring programme for future leaders

The Association of British Orchestras has launched Find Your Way, a mentoring and coaching programme for aspiring leaders of the UK orchestral sector

Berliner Zeitung

Helmut Lachenmann: Revolutionär der Klänge

Bei Menschen, die an neuer Musik nicht interessiert sind, mag der Name Helmut Lachenmann Fluchtreflexe auslösen. Was die verpassen! Das ensemble unitedberlin richtet ihm am Sonntag ein Geburtstagskonzert aus


„Meine Kindheit war ziemlich verwirrend“

Eitelkeit ist ihm fremd: Mag Yo-Yo Ma auch als bester Cellist der Welt gefeiert werden, er schätzt den dezenten Auftritt


Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften stellt Schubert-Archiv online

Die Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften hat mehr als 1000 handschriftliche und gedruckte Quellen des Wiener Komponisten Franz Schubert ins Internet gestellt

The New York Times

Xian Zhang Is New Jersey Symphony’s New Music Director

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s next music director will be familiar to some concertgoers in the region: The orchestra announced on Monday that the role would be filled by Xian Zhang, a rising Chinese-American star

El Pais 

Ara Malikian, el violín trotamundos

Antes de que Ara Malikian (Beirut, 1968) aspirase a un Grammy latino fue un extravagante concertino de la orquesta del Teatro Real


The Classical SourceNews Yuja Wang named 2016-17 Artist-in-Residence of China’s National Center for the Performing Arts

BBC Music MagazineListen to our new podcast on & Alina Ibragimova’s Bach:

South Bank LondonHave you seen our Winter guide yet? Why the heck not?!

18Nov News

Robert Craft, right, with Igor Stravinsky during a recording session at the BBC in London. Photograph: Erich Auerbach/Getty Images/The Guardian

(Written on November 18, 2015 )