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In today’s news, have you ever wondered why people don’t clap between movements in a symphony? Classic FM investigates. Lang Lang relies on his assistant to lend a hand mid-performance, and a Welsh opera company is under fire for its racist casting. Orchestra carries on without a conductor, and Delnon and Nagano extend their contracts in Hamburg.

The Guardian

Assistant lends a hand to Lang Lang

Pianist plays Gershwin at the New York concert hall with a 14-year-old protege literally his left-hand man.

Classic FM

Why don’t we clap between movements?

There’s a bit of a tradition in classical music that you only clap after a piece has finished – and never in between movements. But why does this ‘rule’ actually exist?

The Stage

Welsh opera under fire for racist casting

Industry figures, including the artistic director of Yellow Earth Theatre Kumiko Mendl and actor Daniel York, have slammed “yellowface” casting in the touring production.

The Sun

Writer of hit BBC drama ‘Doctor Foster’ has plans to make it into an opera

Playwright Mike Bartlett has written 17 works for the stage, including hits in the West End and on Broadway.

Codex Flores

Delnon und Nagano verlängern ihre Hamburger Verträge

Der Aufsichtsrat der Hamburgischen Staatsoper hat die Verträge mit dem Schweizer Georges Delnon und Kent Nagano an der Hamburgischen Staatsoper um fünf Jahre zu verlängert.

Broadway World

Shortlist Announced For The 2017 BroadwayWorld UK Awards; Voting Now Open!

Today, the shortlist is announced for the 2017 BroadwayWorld UK Awards, celebrating the best long-running West End productions and best new productions from around the country.


Klang der Revolution – Orchester spielen ohne Dirigent

So klang die Oktoberrevolution: Im Jubiläumsjahr der russischen Revolution von 1917 ist in Düsseldorf das Experiment des «herrschaftsfreien Musizierens» neu zu erleben.


@TrinityLaban  is today! Find out why ballet is good for everyone!

@BBCIntroducing Think Introducing only supports indie music? Think again. 

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(Written on October 5, 2017 )

Classical News

In today’s news, Berlin State opera concert angers Israel, dead woman named as Norwegian pianist Natalia Strelchenko and violinist Gil Shaham gives a Mozart masterclass. Also, Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 tops Classic FM Hall of Fame poll.


Berlin orchestra’s planned Tehran concert angers Israel

Israeli-Argentinian conductor Daniel Barenboim in talks to take Berlin State Opera to Iran, but Israel wants Angela Merkel to block performance


Dead woman named as concert pianist Natalia Strelchenko

A woman found with fatal head injuries in Manchester has been named by police as Norwegian concert pianist Natalia Strelchenko.

Classic FM

Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 tops 20-year poll of classical music

Star Wars composer John Williams is named most popular living composer in Ultimate Classic FM Hall of Fame, which combines 20 years’ worth of polling data from annual Hall of Fame poll.

Classical Music Magazine

Whitechapel Gallery hosts experimental music season

Whitechapel Gallery is hosting a season of experimental performances, ranging from live contemporary performances to multi-sensory visuals and immersive electronic mixes.

The Strad

Violinist Gil Shaham gives Mozart masterclass

‘Can you play that with twice as much bow? OK, now twice as much again!’

Der Tagesspiegel

Vom Gleiten über den Saiten

Er ist die Geige hinter dem berührenden Violinensolo aus “Schindlers Liste”: Itzhak Perlman. Wir gratulieren dem Ausnahmegeiger zum 70. Geburtstag.

Die Welt

Der berühmteste Geiger der Welt

Er spielte die Melodie von “Schindlers Liste”: Der israelische Geiger Itzhak Perlman feiert seinen 70. Geburtstag. Kein Wunderkind, aber ein früh Vollendeter, ein Meister des vollen Tons.


„Die hergebrachte Distanz zum Künstler überwinden“

Neun Jahre erlebte die Klassikszene im Rheinland Ilona Schmiel als Intendantin des Beethovenfests Bonn. Im Interview mit Opernnetz spricht sie über Innovationen der ersten Spielzeit und und die Pflicht, junge Leute für die klassische Musik zu begeistern.


How the ‘Now’ Generation Caused the Death of Sheet Music Retail

The encroaching “paperless society”, while stubborn and elusive, has stepped forward to deliver a devastating blow. Frank Music, the last devoted sheet music retail store in New York City, has closed down.

The Globe and Mail

Russell Smith: I don’t have to meditate, I have art

A lot of contemporary art is deliberately boring. Endurance is a feature of viewing it. It involves spectacles that unfold over hours, changing minutely (videos on loops, projected to empty galleries; artists sitting still in boxes, etc.). A lot of this sort of thing fails because one is not forced to endure it…


The Amati Magazine : Amati goes to…the Gstaad Menuhin Festival

BBC Proms Team : Listen to @murraygold‘s ‘Albatross – Reunion’ performed by @BBCCO conducted by @jeremyhs1

Classic FM : Ever wondered how fast a pianist’s fingers move in Rach 2? We got @ValLisitsa in for this experiment:

Classic FM

Classic FM Hall of Fame results
Credit: Classic FM

(Written on September 1, 2015 )

Classical News

The Telegraph

Concert pianist Nicholas McCarthy on music education and the Paralympics

The first left-hand only pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music tells Lucinda Everett why he’s glad he was a late bloomer in the world of music.

The Guardian

Why is the Arts Council punishing ENO for innovation and imagination?

With a 29% funding cut and a new commitment to produce musical theatre – never ENO’s strength – the future looks bleak for the Coliseum.


Principal Guest positions for Vänskä and Stenz

German Marcus Stenz heads for the US while Osmo Vänskä returns to Reykjavik.

The Japan Times

Composer Sakamoto has cancer, cancels all engagements

Globally acclaimed composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto said Thursday that he has throat cancer and is canceling all professional commitments to focus on treatment.

Boston Classical Review

Honeck and Gardner to replace Dohnanyi at Tanglewood

Christoph von Dohnanyi has cancelled his Tanglewood concerts this month with the Boston Symphony Orchestra due to illness in his family.

Die Welt

Friedrichs Kapaunfrikassee mit Klangsauce

O wie herrlich ist’s zur Sommerszeit in Potsdam: Die wie immer hinreißenden Musikfestspiele entführen dort in ein tönendes Mittelmeer-Märchenland, wo die Goldorangen an den Opernbäumen glüh’n.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Bariton Christian Gerhaher im Gespräch Die übertriebene Träne ist nicht richtig

Er ist der beste und der vielseitigste Bariton unserer Tage, weltweit gefragt für Lied und Oper. Gerade hat Christian Gerhaher ein neues Album herausgebracht. Ein Gespräch über das Liedersingen und die prinzipielle Unschärfe der Kunst.

Die Zeit

Eine Liebe aus der Grundschulzeit

Die Pianistin Lise de la Salle wird mit Schumann erwachsen.

Klassik Akzente

Kreative Kollaboration: Die Videopremiere von Max Richter und Woodkid

Was passiert, wenn ein französischer und ein britischer musikalischer Tausendsassa alle kreativen Kräfte zusammenwerfen? Es entsteht ein künstlerisches Meisterstück!


„Ich will ein Sänger auf der Trompete sein“

Gábor Boldoczki, der legitime Nachfolger der Trompetenlegende Maurice André, will mehr als strahlende Töne. Hier spricht er über reine Schönheit.


Christine Southworth: String Quartets

Merging ensembles with electronics, Christine Southworth is controlling a 21st century overload of data streams.


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Nicholas McCarthy at home in Colchester with his pomeranian Binnie

Photograph: Maria Spann


(Written on July 11, 2014 )