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This week cellist and pianist David Finckel and Wu Han have been in Europe. The weekend saw a concert in Berlin where the “Power Couple” performed at Kammermusiksaal Berliner Philharmonie on Sunday 16th. Repertoire was the complete cello Sonatas, and the concert was a fantastic event for all who attended.

Live on BBC Radio 3 In Tune on Monday, Sean Rafferty introduced the Chopin piece that David and Wu Han played together on air (Largo from the Chopin cello sonata in G minor) as the first piece that David and Wu Han played together. Professional musicians to the core, the duo performed a beautiful, sensitive and technically perfect rendition of the piece despite having only flown in from Berlin the night before speaking and performing on BBC Radio 3 In Tune.

“Who’s running chamber music in New York while you’re away then?” A playful question from Sean Rafferty, however with some truth in the joke. The Lincoln Centre is the core of American chamber music and is largest performing arts complex in America. As joint artistic directors of The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, David remarked that it is their “duty to represent chamber music”. Alongside this, David and Wu Han discussed the opportunities that Radio opened up for them over seas and the acheivements that followed in their careers, long days, a love for music, and exceeding their own expectations of what they would achieve for themselves as musicians.

A fascinating, hardworking and very musically gifted pair, it is worth having a listen to the show. You can listen again to their performance and discussion on BBC Radio 3 In Tune  and catch them live at Wigmore Hall on 14th April with The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.


(Written on February 21, 2014 )

The Guardian

Polish tenor hits back after a ‘fanatical minority’ boos La Scala production

Piotr Beczala says he will not take another role in Italy after section of audience boos new production of La Traviata

Limelight Magazine

What’s the value of sacred music in a secular age?

Is sacred music past is sell-by? Religious leaders, musicians and non-believers share their views

Classic FM Online

Joseph Calleja hangs out with Snoop Dogg at Kennedy Center Honors

Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja performed an aria from Verdi’s Aïda last night at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony

Andrea Bocelli Foundation donates $500k to MIT

Tenor Andrea Bocelli’s charity foundation has donated a sum of around $500,000 to aid MIT in researching new technology products for the blind


New Directions – Conference 2014

In 2014, after a break of 25 years, the ABO Conference returns to the capital for three days of crucial debate and discussion, networking and learning, and analysing of the future of the orchestral sector in the UK and around the world

Manassas Patch

Holiday Flash Mob: Manassas Cellist Leads First-Ever By Air Force Band

The flash mob took place in the middle of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Drowned in Sound

Drowned in sound reveal their Top 20 albums of this year

A mix of genres and styles for the ‘ listmas’ of 2013

Der Tagesspiegel


Hat der 32-jährige Gustavo Dudamel das Zeug dazu, 2018 Sir Simon Rattles als Chefdirigent der Berliner Philharmoniker zu beerben? Jetzt war der Dirigent aus Venezuela mit Werken von Schubert, Beethoven und Strawinsky bei dem Orchester zu Gast

The Guardian

The Guardian

(Written on December 10, 2013 )

Classic FM Online

Pharrell Williams to collaborate with Hans Zimmer for new Spiderman score

Movie composer Hans Zimmer will collaborate with Pharrell Williams for the soundtrack to the new Spiderman film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Want to Get Rid of Teenage Loiterers? Blast Some Beethoven

In the city of Anchorage, authorities are setting up speakers and blasting Bach and Beethoven at all hours of the day to keep difficult teenagers in check

Classical Music Magazine

Royal Philharmonic launches ‘RPO Rewards’ mobile ticketing

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has announced a new mobile app for Apple and Android smartphones which allows users to purchase tickets and earn points to contribute towards rewards when they buy tickets through the app


Three Ways YouTube Plans to Dominate the Music Industry

YouTube is poised to become the most dominant force in music worldwide, wisely making strategic moves to expand its already massive footprint with the industry and audience

The Guardian

Girls allowed? The women on top in the music industry

After Sinead O’Connor’s open letter of concern to Miley Cyrus, sexism in the music business has never been more discussed. But what do the women behind the scenes, from video directors to artist managers, think?

PR Week

Hatch PR campaign puts charity twist on Halloween

Hatch PR is helping a charity to persuade people to carve hearts rather than scary faces into pumpkins for Halloween

Neue musikzeitung

Musik als Erinnerung an nie Erlebtes

Der junge Pianist und Komponist Alexander Maria Wagner geht seinen Weg

PR Week

PR Week

(Written on October 31, 2013 )

WildKat is pleased to announce that Raymond Yiu, award-winning composer, is going to be speaking at an event in September in the Barbican, London.

‘Battle of Ideas’ will take place on Monday 27 September. It forms part of a series of events held by the Institute of Ideas, consisting of two days of high-level, thought-provoking, public debate.

The event, ‘Hipster International? Music in a Global Age’, will focus on the presentation of classical music in a modern world and will centre its debate around the ever-changing digital age versus traditional, cultural music; Is anything lost in translation? Has the digital age realised a dream of music without borders? Does it make sense to talk about musical cultures in nationalist terms?

These questions, alongside others, will be discussed at length by Raymond, along with musician and teacher Cara Bleiman, and music critic Paul Kilbey, in what will be a fascinating and thought-provoking event.

For more information about the event and to get tickets click here

Raymond Yiu 'Room 101' 2012

(Written on August 21, 2013 )

After a weekend at Glastonbury Festival, we felt there was a little something missing. For a festival which strives to showcase all art forms, a classical music presence was sadly lacking.

So, we would like to know where else you think classical music SHOULD be present, or where you have seen a classical event outside of the concert hall which has worked really well?

We’d really like to hear your thoughts and opinions, and also your stories, so leave a comment below and get discussing!

If you need some food for thought, there is an interesting article here about classical vs popular festivals in the UK, and an introduction to 3-day classical festival, Serenata, here.

(Written on July 2, 2010 )