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Today marks the first day of Kimiko Ishizaka’s one-month Kickstarter campaign Libre Art of the Fugue. Kimiko is known for her beautiful interpretations of Bach, and through Kickstarter and the support of her fans, she has been able to raise enough money to record two of J.S. Bach’s finest works: The Open Goldberg Variations and The Open Well-Tempered Clavier projects. She has published them under public domain so that her recordings are available for anyone to listen to.

In her new project, Libre Art of the Fugue, we will see a new and exciting interpretation with Kimiko composing her own end to Bach’s unfinished Art of the Fugue. Kimiko’s own composition will be published as part of the Open Score project, making it the very first piece by a living composer to join the project.

Unlike other artists, Kimiko Ishizaka doesn’t use traditional record labels, preferring to have direct contact with her fans. The money that Kimiko has raised through Kickstarter enables her to record her new album at the famous Teldex Studio in Berlin, playing on the brand new Bösendorfer Vienna Concert 280. The venue will give her full opportunity to unfold her musical creativity, and maintain an artistic level of the highest standard.

If you would like to find out more about Kimiko Ishizaka’s project, and support her, here is the Kickstarter campaign for more information.

We wish Kimiko a very successful campaign, and are very much looking forward to the release of her new album!










(Written on August 8, 2017 )

We’re delighted to be working with Kimiko again. This campaign will see us supporting her exciting new Kickstarter project, which will finance her recording of J.S. Bach’s Die Kunst der Fuge.

Kimiko is not new to Kickstarter, her former project recording the Goldberg Variations was a tremendous success. called her a “music activist“ for having published not only an online stream of her recordings but also her sheet music under Common License. As a result, Kimiko’s project was picked up all around the world and established her as a key interpreter of Bach’s repertoire.

Kimiko Ishizaka

For her new project, Kimiko chose another demanding work by Bach: The Art of Fugue, a piece which was left incomplete by Bach when he died.  The question of how to bring the performance to an end has kept generations of pianists busy. Some end the performance abruptly when there are no more notes to play, like Glenn Gould, who would play the last note “like a pistol shot”, as Kimiko’s manager Robert Douglass interprets it, to mark the interruption and the ‘unfinishedness’. Dissatisfied with all of these choices, Kimiko thought: “This music, so miraculously crafted, can’t end like that, unfinished. It’s wrong. It can’t be accepted.“
So she wrote her own completion of the work. In March she presented her own solution, Die Kunst der Fuge, komplett, in Cologne, Germany. The concert ended with tremendous applause and the feedback from the audience was that they did not notice the transition from Bach’s composition to Kimiko’s addition, as it was composed and executed so flawlessly.

Now we’re delighted to support Kimiko in taking this project to the next level. The fundraiser for the CD release of Die Kunst der Fuge will start this Spring. The CD will be recorded in 2018 at Teldex Studio, Berlin. Stay tuned for Kimiko’s unique version of The Art of Fugue!


Kimiko Ishizaka

(Written on May 8, 2017 )

WildKat PR is extremely proud to announce our partnership with the Academy of Ancient Music, one of Britain’s foremost period-instrument ensembles.

Founded over 40 years ago, AAM boasts a discography of 300 recordings, and has been an associate ensemble of the Barbican Centre since 2012. It is led by Music Director Richard Egarr—who celebrates 10 years at the helm during the 2016-17 season—and regularly collaborates with celebrated scholars and performers including Robert Levin, and Alina Ibragimova.


AAM and Egarr are known for their vibrant playing—‘transmitting the kick of an energy drink’ (Financial Times)—alongside the informed and crafted approach they bring to all they do. Its principal players (including Pavlo Beznosiuk, Bojan Čičić, and Joseph Crouch) take a leading role, giving the AAM its distinctive character, with many experienced voices adding to the mix.

AAM remain at the forefront of the historically-informed performance movement, and pride themselves on sharing little-known gems with a wider audience, evidenced in their latest release, the sonatas of Dario Castello.


We look forward to working with AAM over the coming months as they look ahead to the launch of their 2017-18 season, and performances of Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s St John Passion, and Purcell’s opera King Arthur.

See Academy of Ancient Music’s website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as WildKat PR Blog, for their latest news.

(Written on October 13, 2016 )

Classical News

Today’s news, Colorado Symphony introduces its new Music Director, Polish instrument-maker created a music instrument dreamt by Leonardo da Vinci. Also, ARD Music Competition 2016 announced the winners of its double bass, string quartet, harp and horn sections.

Colorado Public Radio

Colorado Symphony Introduces New Music Director Brett Mitchell

Conductor Brett Mitchell, the 37-year-old associate conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra, will be the next maestro to lead the Colorado Symphony.

Classic FM

Leonardo da Vinci’s forgotten musical invention – and it sounds incredible

The viola organista was dreamt up by Leonardo da Vinci but until recently it had never been built. Now, a Polish instrument-maker has painstakingly created the first ever example and it sounds remarkable.

International Arts Manager

Generation of young musicians celebrate Armenia’s Independence Day

Hundreds of young musicians from across Armenia will come together this month to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the country’s independence.

The Strad

ARD International Music Competition 2016 names double bass and string quartet winners

The 65th annual ARD International Music Competition, which took place in Munich, Germany from 29 August to 10 September 2016, has named the winners of its double bass, string quartet, harp and horn sections.


How to Get Kids to Fall (and Stay) in Love with Music

As school swings back into session — and along with it music lessons for a number of students — WQXR spoke to Brooklyn Youth Chorus founder and artistic director Dianne Berkun Menaker about how to get kids to love music.


Ragnar Bjerkreim: Håpets komponist i en urolig tid

Bjerkreim dyrker det melodiøse, vakre og sakrale på sitt nye album, som gir et sug av velbehag.


Berliner Staatsballett gegen Sasha Waltz als neue Intendantin

Gegen die Ernennung von Sasha Waltz an der Spitze des Berliner Staatsballetts gehen die Tänzer der Compagnie auf die Barrikaden. Sie vermuten ein Wahlkampfmanöver des Regierenden Bürgermeisters.

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Warum Oper und Theater in der Innenstadt bleiben müssen

Frankfurts Oper und Schauspiel sind ein architektonisches Juwel der sechziger Jahre. Aber sie sind auch ein Sanierungsfall. Nun muss die Stadt alle Szenarien durchspielen – bis hin zum Neubau.

RBB Kulturradio

Endgültiger Freispruch für Fazil Say

Der Pianist Fazil Say kann aufatmen. Seit einigen Jahren wird er in der Türkei wegen angeblich spöttischer Äußerungen zum Islam juristisch verfolgt.


Top Classical News @topcmnews Religious fervour: La Fura dels Baus dramatic interpretation of Bellini’s Norma at Covent Garden #ClassicalMusic

Classical Music News @ClassicalMusic The room where Abbado died is now a bed-and-breakfast #ClassicalMusic

Classical Music News @ClassicalMusic The pianist who completed Bach’s final fugue #ClassicalMusic


Conductor Brett Mitchell, next Music Director of Colorado Symphony (Photograph: Colorado Symphony)

(Written on September 13, 2016 )

Ein Dortmunder Unternehmer und Bach-Liebhaber hat 2014 bei einer Versteigerung ein Porträt von Johann Sebastian Bach erworben. Seit jeher rätseln er und die Kunstszene, ob das Bild wirklich zu Lebzeiten des Komponisten entstanden ist. Es wäre damit erst das zweite Kunstwerk, bei dem das zweifelsfrei feststeht.

Das wurde jetzt von Forschern an der Technischen Universität Dortmund mit naturwissenschaftlichen Methoden untersucht um dessen Alter festzustellen. Die Universität hat bereits mehrere dieser wissenschaftlichen Tests bei angeblichen Bach-Porträts durchgeführt, die jedoch immer negative Ergebnisse brachten.

Einige Zeichen deuten darauf hin, dass das Porträt tatsächlich aus der richtigen Zeit stammt, wie zum Beispiel die Bezeichnung „Joh. Sebast. Bach 1737“ die auf der Rückseite der Gouache zu erkennen ist. Bisher konnte nur das bekannte Bach-Porträt von Elias Gottlob Haußmann aus dem Jahre 1748 nachgewiesen werden.

Das Gemälde, das den Komponisten Johann Sebastian Bach zeigen soll, wird im Zentrum für Synchrotronstrahlung an der Technischen Universität in Dortmund untersucht/Foto: dpa

Das Gemälde, das Bach zeigen soll, im Zentrum für Synchrotronstrahlung an der Technischen Universität in Dortmund/Foto: dpa

Die Forscher der Universität untersuchten mit dem Röntgenspektrum der in einem Teilchenbeschleuniger erzeugten Synchrotronstrahlung die atomaren Bestandteile der Farbzusammensetzung. Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass einige Stoffe der Farbe erst ab dem 19. und 20. Jahrhundert verwendet wurden, somit kann eine frühe Entstehung des Porträts mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit ausgeschlossen werden.

Zudem fanden die Forscher heraus, dass an dem Bild großflächig Restaurationen vorgenommen sein müssen. Es konnten Spuren von Barium und Zink gefunden werden, die auf den Einsatz von Lithoponen oder Zinkweiß hindeuten. Diese Stoffe wurden der Farbe erst im Laufe des 19. Jahrhunderts zugesetzt. Die Wissenschaftler raten aber zur Vorsicht: Es könne sich auch zufällig um Stellen handeln, die später einmal restauriert wurden. Das vorläufige Resultat müsste deshalb durch eine großflächige Untersuchung überprüft werden.

Johann Sebastian Bach im Jahre 1746, mit Rätselkanon (Ölgemälde von Elias Gottlob Haußmann aus dem Jahre 1748)

Bach im Jahre 1746, mit Rätselkanon (Ölgemälde von Elias Gottlob Haußmann aus dem Jahre 1748)

Johann Sebastian Bach ist am 21. März 1685 in Eisenach geboren und wurde nach dem frühen Tod seiner Eltern von seinem älteren Bruder Johann Christoph, einem Organisten, musikalisch unterrichtet. 1723 wurde er dann als Nachfolger von J. Kuhnaus zum Thomaskantor nach Leipzig berufen und blieb bis zu seinem Tode (am 28. Juli 1750) als Lehrer an der St. Thomae und als Musikdirekter der Kirche tätig.

Seine Werke beeinflussten nachfolgende Kompositionsgenerationen und inspirierten Musikschaffende zu zahllosen Bearbeitungen. Sein kompositorisches Schaffen umfasst mehrere Kirchenkantaten, Motetten und Passionen, darunter die Johannes- und Matthäuspassion. Außerdem verfasste er mehrere Instrumentalwerke wie „Das musikalische Opfer“, die „Brandenburgischen Konzerte“, „Das wohltemperierte Klavier“ und „Die Kunst der Fuge“.

(Written on November 30, 2015 )

Classic FM

Star mezzo Joyce DiDonato to sing at baseball World Series after social media campaign

Online petition promoted rethink by Major League Baseball, and the opera singer is now due to perform on her home turf.


David Trendell, Director of Music of King’s College London chapel, has died

A 16th century specialist, though his most recent recording was a well-received disc of music by Desenclos

Slipped Disc

Decline of the West: Carmen-ban opera house loses its artistic heads

West Australian Opera, which made headlines by banning Carmen on health grounds, is losing artistic director Joseph ­Colaneri and chorus master ­Joseph Nolan after the current Trovatore.


A Violin Concerto Back From Beyond The Grave

Classical music meets Halloween and the paranormal Thursday night when the National Symphony Orchestra plays the Schumann Violin Concerto, a work buried for nearly a century and recovered — or so the story goes — by a message from the beyond.


Steven Isserlis nennt Frau Bach-Theorie « pure rubbish »

Die in einem neuen Film vom australischen Wissenschaftler Martin Jarvis aufgestellte Theorie, wichtige Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach seien von seiner zweiten FrauAnna Magdalena komponiert worden, werden vom britischen Cellisten Steven Isserlis widerlegt.

Armida-Quartett erhält Ensemblepreis der Konzertreihe “Junge Elite”

Das Berliner Armida Quartett ist im Rahmen der Konzertreihe “Junge Elite” der Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mit dem Ensemblepreis geehrt worden.

Das Orchester

Peter Gülke wird neuer Chefdirigent der Brandenburger Symphoniker

Er tritt sein Amt 2015 in Brandenburg an der Havel an und folgt damit auf Michael Helmrath, dessen Vertrag zum Sommer 2015 endet.

Codex Flores

Mozarts Clavichord wird in Wien ausgestellt

Bis 10. November 2014 präsentiert das Mozarthaus Vienna in einer Kooperation mit der Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg das Original-Clavichord von Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, das normalerweise in Mozarts Geburtshaus in Salzburg ausgestellt ist.

El Mundo

Jordi Savall y María de Alvear, premios nacionales de la Música

Jordi Savall y María de Alvear han obtenido el Premio Nacional de Música 2014, en las modalidades de Interpretación y Composición, respectivamente, que concede el Ministerio de Cultura y que está dotado con 30.000 euros para cada galardonado.


Classic FM @ClassicFM: Top conservatoire enrols first-ever rapper on music course: 

Royal Opera House @RoyalOperaHouse: Arts in a hospital school – Why the arts are at the heart of @GreatOrmondSt‘s curriculum: 

Philharmonic Society @RoyalPhilSoc: We’re asking young photographers to go out and shoot musicians! Oy vey!@IdeasTap

The Strad @TheStradMag: How to minimise excessive body movements in your playing 



Joyce DiDonato, Photo: Classic FM



(Written on October 30, 2014 )

Classical News

The Guardian

New York’s Metropolitan Opera labour dispute: a symptom of a company in crisis

The largest performing arts organization in the US is threatening to lock out its musicians on Friday, the latest setback for a company – and an art form – at a dangerous junction.

Classic FM

The Sacconi Quartet on why Beethoven is life-changing

Lights, cameras, and Beethoven – the Sacconi Quartet explain why their Bristol Proms performance speaks to listeners on many levels.

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular to come to the UK

The popular show is set to invade six UK cities in May.

Classic FM

Charles Hazelwood: Terry Riley is like ‘climbing in a lava lamp!’

After he inspired a generation of electronic music in the 1960s, what kind of person might turn up to a Terry Riley concert? Jane Jones and Charles Hazelwood explain…

Classic FM

Ji Liu performs John Cage’s 4’33” live at the Bristol Proms

Ji Liu made a stunning Bristol Proms debut by performing two completely opposing pieces – John Cage’s iconic ‘silent’ piece ‘4’33”, and the complete Goldberg variations by Bach.


Turandot on the Beach, Anyone? Buff Members of Teatro Lirico di Cagliari Perform Puccini for Seaside Crowd

Summer opera takes on a whole new meaning in a recent video of Puccini’s Turandot, presented on the beach and in the water by the well-toned members of Teatro Lirico di Cagliari.

San Francisco Classical Voice

Survival Economics: Small Opera Companies Drive Change

Some companies are reinventing themselves with complex business models. Others are sharing productions as a way to trim costs and increase production values. No matter what model these companies choose, however, they’re all chasing funds to sustain themselves.

Die Zeit

Klassik blüht im Sommer

Von Hitzacker bis Rheingau, Freden bis Nürtingen: Deutschland hat mehr als 300 Festivals für klassische und artverwandte Musik.

Wiener Staatsopernmuseum wird Opfer von Sparmaßnahmen

Das Wiener Staatsopernmuseum soll als Teil einer organisatorischen Umgestaltung der Bundestheater geschlossen werden.

Klassik heute

63. Internationaler Musikwettbewerb der ARD mit Anmeldungsrekord

Für den diesjährigen Internationalen Musikwettbewerb der ARD, der vom 1. bis 19. September stattfindet, bewarben sich 519 Musikerinnen und Musiker sowie Ensembles, das ist die bisher höchste Anmeldezahl in der Geschichte des traditionsreichen Wettbewerbs.

Il Messaggero 

E’ morto Giorgio Gaslini, compositore e pianista: aveva 85 anni

Giorgio Gaslini, morto a 84 anni all’ospedale di Borgotaro (Parma), dove era ricoverato da circa un mese dopo una caduta, è stato uno dei personaggi più conosciuti di quella generazione di musicisti che a partire dagli anni ’50 ha praticamente inventato il jazz moderno in Italia.


BBC Proms Team: @bbcproms Tonight at #bbcproms @BBCSingers @liverpoolphil @VasilyPetrenko perform Strauss & Elgar with soprano Inger Dam-Jensen 

Bristol Old Vic: @BristolOldVic Coming up @BristolProms today: @sinfoniacymru Towards A Staged Concert 6pm, Daniel @HopeViolin 7.30pm, #Unbuttoned 10pm

NPR Classical: ‏@nprclassical With #FiftyShadesTrailer out, it’s time to revisit the book’s boost of #classicalmusic sales (of all things):

MasterclassFoundat’n: ‏@MMFmasterclass find out why a physicist crowd-surfed during the Hallelujah chorus #classicalmusic @bristolproms @guardianmusic

Classical Music Agen: ‏@AClassicalMusic  Audiences should be free to listen to what they want  #classicalmusic


NY met

A rehearsal at the Metropolitan Opera in 2013

Photograph: Ken Howard/AP


(Written on July 31, 2014 )


Revealed: the violent, thuggish world of the young JS Bach

John Eliot Gardiner’s research has shattered ‘sanitised’ versions of the composer’s life


Mozart music best for council calls put on hold

Local authorities use Mozart’s pieces more than those of any other artist when making callers wait in a queue on the end of a phone line, according to a Freedom of Information survey.

New York Magazine

Hecklers at the Met Call for Gay Rights in Russia

The opening night of  a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin, conducted by Valery Gergiev, Putin’s kapellmeister, and starring Anna Netrebko, who signed Putin’s election manifesto, was greeted by hecklers inside and outside of the building. Objecting to Putin’s anti-gay laws, four protesters were escorted off the premises of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Los Angeles Times

‘Set Chopin Free’ Kickstarter campaign surpasses its goal

Observing Chopin’s 200th birthday in 2010, composer Aaron Dunn conceived an ambitious project: Raise money with a Kickstarter campaign to hire a professional orchestra to record the 245 works of Chopin and make them available free on his open culture website Musopen. The campaign has surpassed its goal with 31 days remaining.

Classic FM Online

BSO becomes Classic FM’s latest partner orchestra

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has been announced as Classic FM’s Orchestra in the South of England. The new partnership intends to extend the orchestra’s music-making to even wider audiences.

“Mozart fulfils me” says Pope Francis

Pope Francis is known for his love of opera, but now he’s revealed his wide-ranging taste in other classical music in the first major interview of his papacy. “Among musicians I love Mozart, of course,” the Pope said. “The ‘Et incarnatus est’ from his Mass in C minor is matchless; it lifts you to God!”

Classical Music Magazine

Unfit for purpose? Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall in the CS spotlight

The inadequacies of Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall as a concert venue have once again come under scrutiny in a Music Sector Review commissioned by Creative Scotland. This latest report points out that the venue is ‘by its nature, insufficiently flexible and not well suited for many events because as a listed building any major alterations are not possible’.

New York Magazine

New York Magazine


(Written on September 24, 2013 )

The Telegraph

The organ: The king of instruments restored

Rupert Christiansen finds listening to the organ suffocating and depressing, but, he says, he must be missing out on something.

The New York Times (via Arts Journal)

Digital Music, the African Way

The music business recently celebrated a milestone in the form of its first annual revenue growth since 1999, but one region, Africa, was unable to join the party.

WQXR (via Arts Journal)

Does Bach Need ‘Rescuing’ from Period Instruments?

In recent months, symphony orchestras have returned to the music of J.S. Bach with a vengeance.

LA Times

He was transformed by Mozart

The composer’s choral piece ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ becomes a part of Times pop music writer Randy Lewis’ life and leads him to a performance of a lifetime with the Pacific Symphony and Pacific Chorale.

The Economist

Serenading the future

It might sound like a tagline for an upmarket tattoo studio but “Written on Skin” is in fact the title of a new British opera composed by George Benjamin and written by Martin Crimp.

Classic FM

Model aeroplane ‘dances’ to Strauss waltz

A model aeroplane aviator has been filmed using Johann Strass II’s ‘Voices of Spring’ and ‘Tritsch-Tratsch Polka’ and ‘By the Beautiful Blue Danube’ as musical accompaniment for an indoor display.

Oregon Live (via Arts Journal)

Oregon Symphony musicians perform free concerts where you can tweet, text

Week after week the musicians of the Oregon Symphony play in formal wear on a stage in front of thousands of people. Distant and unapproachable, they perform behind an invisible barrier that prevents audiences from getting to know them.



The Economist

(Written on March 26, 2013 )

American flautist Linda Chatteron will be performing in the UK’s longest ever lunchtime concert series, at St Martin in the Fields on 18th March at 1pm. The programme will include works by J.S. Bach, François Borne and William Grant Still, along with Ailís Ní Ríain’s chainstitchembroidered and the world premiere of Brian Ciach’s Kentucky Folk Pieces.

The concert at St Martin in the Fields is Linda’s UK debut; she will also be performing in Dublin on 22nd March at the National Concert Hall. In addition to the repertoire at the London concert, Linda will also be performing works by Edie Hill and Kaija Saariaho. Ailís Ní Ríain’s chainstitchembroidered will receive its Irish premiere at the recital.

For more information, visit the event website here.

Linda Chatterton 300dpi photo 4

(Written on March 15, 2013 )