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Marc Shelkin
The Social Shop

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WildKat PR

Katy Howell
Immediate Future

Last night’s Noted event hosted by WildKat PR and Sane & Able took a creative look at the world of social media, with three professionals from the industry. These speakers were Marc Shelkin – founding director of The Social Shop - Kathleen Alder – founding director of WildKat PR - and Katy Howell – CEO of Immediate Future.

As with previous Noted events, last night the WildKat PR and Sane & Able offices were full of people from a variety of professions, students and enterprising individuals hoping to learn from the experience of the speakers and meet like-minded people. This event was particularly helpful to those aspiring to or already working in social media – whether they were managing the social media for a company, a charity, an artist or another individual. The speakers shared their experience of leading social media and communications agencies and gave advice relevant to people just beginning to use social media and those already seasoned in the area.

All of the speakers agreed that the results of social media can be long term and difficult to monitor. For businesses, good social media does not necessarily translate into monetary value, at least not in an immediate sense. The behaviour pattern of using different sources before making a purchase decision and the increasing rarity of a ‘direct sale’ was discussed – with Katy Howell providing the example of discovering a book in a high street book shop, reading the reviews online and then buying it for her kindle. Given that this is typical of this day and age, the speakers agreed that it is vital for brands to embed their social media into their sales system to help ensure that consumers turn to them when it is time to make a purchase. Kathleen Adler described a problem with integration of social media into classical music PR campaigns – the classical music industry tends to regard a social media campaign as a separate entity to a press or ticket sales campaign and artists could do with embedding their social media as much as brands and businesses.

There was a discussion about how social media has changed over time. Smart phones have had a tremendous impact on patterns of posting and have helped to make social media truly 24/7. The profile of social media users has widened – with the number of users aged 40 to 65 increasing faster than any other age bracket. Katy Howell and Marc Shelkin disagreed about the future of social media: Marc believes that social media does not have a long lifespan as it currently stands whereas Katy thinks that although the platforms of social media may change, social media won’t disappear at all as we have fundamentally changed as people because of it.

There was an interesting audience-lead discussion on individuals, such as celebrities, who do not want to promote themselves on social media but take negative content concerning them off social media. There was a consensus that it is very difficult to control what is said about an individual on social media, but the law is catching up, in terms of libel, concerning what people write on twitter. Katy Howell said that every individual’s priorities are different, but she suggests it is a good idea for celebrities to have a platform to respond to comments made on social media.

Take a look at the next events Noted events on their website.  You can follow Noted on twitter or like their facebook page for more information.Check back soon for a video blog from last night’s guests & speakers!

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(Written on March 27, 2014 )

This week our Founder and Director, Kathleen Alder was a guest speaker at the New Entrepreneur Foundation networking event. Speaking to the next generation of young, female entrepreneurs, Kathleen spoke of how and why she set up WildKat PR at such a young age, as well as the highs and lows of her journey along the way. Her first question was: ‘What gets you out of bed in morning?’ to which Kathleen told the audience that she jumps at the chance to change the industries she works in, hoping to change the world in which ever way she can.

Inspiring her audience, Kathleen spoke of the importance of ’surrounding yourself with happy people to create a happy successful environment’ and advocated employing the young and enthusiastic. Noting the gender of her keen audience, Kathleen really advocated that being a great businesswoman and having a family and relationships do not have to be separate entities, and that you can make possibilities out of what it is you want, if you truly go for it; with her top tip of the night being: ‘never stop taking risks as an entrepreneur’.

The evening was a great success, and WildKat PR spoke to some really inspirational young people who will truly be bright stars of the future. Read a round-up of the event and more information on the other panelists here.


Bright Network
Bright Network
WildKat PR

(Written on December 12, 2012 )

Kathleen Alder, WildKat PR’s Founder-Director, will be appearing at the global classical music conference, Classical:NEXT in Munich at the end of May. She has been selected to be one of four specialist mentors discussing different aspects of the classical music industry. Kathleen will be discussing PR and social media tools with her mentorees in pre-booked fifteen-minute sessions. Other mentors will include Penny King, of Arts Council England, Philip Krippendorff of Artefakt Classica and Michaela Ludyk of Monogenuss Records / Andy K. Productions oHG.

For more information on Classical:NEXT and its mentoring program, please click here


(Written on May 16, 2012 )

Kathleen Alder, WildKatPR’s founder and director was interviewed in FeaturesExec’s Media Bulletin. She talks about WildKat’s strategy and techniques and the relationship between PRs and journalists, as well as her ‘dream list’ of clients and her view on social networking sights.

You can read the interview here.

(Written on December 20, 2011 )

Kathleen Alder is featured in today’s RSA Fellowship newsletter talking about what inspires her and why she is passionate about being an advocate for the arts. You can read her profile on the RSA’s website here: In Your Network – Kat Alder FRSA.


(Written on December 13, 2011 )

Kathleen Alder, founder and Managing Director of WildKat PR, has been named in PR Week‘s prestigious “29 under 29″. The award highlights her as being amongst the brightest and most inspirational young talent in the UK PR industry today.

The judging panel for the award included Facebook’s head of PR and comms Sophy Tobias, Everything Everywhere’s brand comms director Stuart Jackson, Ketchum Pleon’s CEO Avril Lee and Tom Watson, professor of PR at Bournemouth University’s Media School.

Kathleen formed WildKat PR to bring fresh insight to the promotion of the performing arts, applying commercial strategies and utlising online developments and social media to create unique and engaging campaigns. WildKat PR Berlin opened in 2009 to offer its services across Europe.

Kathleen is also a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.

(Written on November 11, 2011 )

Founding Director of WildKat PR, Kathleen Alder will be speaking at the 2011 Influencer Conference on the 6th October.  The conference is a content platform designed to bring together tastemakers and influencers in technology, marketing & advertising, arts & music, philanthropy and entrepreneurship to discuss the current and future landscape of Influencer culture.

Kat will be joined on the first of the two-day talks by Jonathan Fren.  The event called ‘The Art of Storytelling – Defeat, Triumph and the Journey.’ Jonathan dropped out of school, aged 14 but went on to become a prolific entrepreneur. His primary interests lie in Internet and media and span the UK, USA, Paris and Israel.

The talk is aimed to be a unique look at the stories that detail professional failures, but, with the twist of determining what the best practices were that eventually developed into success and reward. What were the vital takeaways that allowed for the eventual success of future business endeavors?

Kathleen formed WildKat PR at the tender age of 24, and, due to hard work and a passion for classical music and PR, the company has gone from strength to strength with international offices and some of the most prestigious clients in the industry.

Click here to buy tickets for the event

Good Luck Kat!

(Written on September 30, 2011 )