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In today’s news: Cellist Daniel Pezotti has died, Rome’s opera house increases it’s intake and number of visitors, and composer Unsuk Chin wins “Wihuri-Sibelius-Prize”. Can classical music give people with Alzheimer’s a new lease of life, and Soho radio gets its first classical music show courtesy of Manners McDade’s Harriet Moss.

Classic FM

Was Mozart’s sister actually the more talented sibling?

On ‘International Day of the Girl’, Classic FM celebrate Nannerl Mozart, the oft-forgotten sister of the eminent Wolfgang.


Can music give people with Alzheimer’s a new lease of life?

Whether it’s singing, humming or playing the piano, for people with dementia music really can be the key to memory.

M Magazine

Tileyard Education announces Women in Music Now event

Tileyard Education has announced details of Women In Music Now (WIMN) – a one-day all-female event which will host talks, panels, networking and workshops for women aspiring to work in music.

Soho Radio launches classical music show

London community channel Soho Radio is launching its very first classical music programme, with Manners McDade’s global creative manager Harriet Moss presenting.


Adelaide Festival to host Akram Khan’s final solo performance

The dancer-choreographer will appear in XENOS in 2018, a fitting bookend to his Australian appearances.

Klassik Heute

Bewerbungsphase für Festivalorchester 2018 beim SHMF beginnt

In der kommenden Woche startet die Bewerbungsphase für das Festivalorchester 2018 des Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festivals.

Schweizer Cellist Daniel Pezzotti gestorben

Der Schweizer Cellist Daniel Pezzotti ist tot.


Roms Opernhaus steigert Einnahmen und Besucherzahlen

Das Opernhaus der italienischen Hauptstadt meldet für den Zeitraum 2014 bis 2016 ein Plus von 51 Prozent bei den Einnahmen.

France musique

La compositrice sud-coréenne Unsuk Chin a été récompensée du Prix Sibelius de Wihuri.

Décerené en Finlande par la Foundation Jenny et Antti Wihuri, il est doté de 150,000€.


@Archivist_Liz So is digging a hole and here’s what was found and now has pride of place in the Hall’s Archive

© Getty/Unsuk Chin

(Written on October 12, 2017 )

Manners McDade have landed a sync deal for the latest Vodafone Campaign ‘The Call’. The ad features music from Tom Hodge and Max Cooper in its raw and emotional campaign featuring real firefighters in their true, heroic environment.

Ad agency Grey said of the music choice: ‘This was a tricky brief. We were looking for something that was emotional, but not sentimental. Stirring but not melodramatic. Tom and Max’s track captures the quiet heroism of the spot beautifully.’ Vicki Maguire – Creative Director

Catherine Manners, Director at Manners McDade said, ‘We knew that the DJ/electronica artist Max Cooper was open to collaborative work with a composer as he had worked with Michael Nyman in the past. We introduced him to Tom Hodge during the Summer of 2013 and the EP Fragmented Self was released in October last year. We hope that this is the first of many collaborations between these two exciting artists – and also many synchronisation opportunities’.

Watch the ad below and on Campaign here.

Max Cooper 1

Max Cooper


Tom Hodge

(Written on March 27, 2014 )

Considering the artistic crowd of professionals in the creative and publishing industries who attended the launch of Nils Frahm’s new book SHEETS last night, you would have been forgiven for thinking that the event was an elitist one; but last night’s launch, hosted by management agency & music publisher Manners McDade, truly celebrated inclusiveness in music.

SHEETS is a deluxe artefact containing the sheet music to ten of Nils Frahm’s piano works, beautiful pieces of visual art, illustrated instructions on how to modify your piano to achieve Nils’ signature ‘Felt’ sound, and a digital pass to download audio copies of the titles featured in the book. Pages from the book were strewn across the wall of the Gallery Different last night, a contemporary art gallery in Fitzrovia, for spectators to get a taste of the SHEETS ethos. In producing a book of sheet music, Frahm’s aim is not to dictate how his music should be played, rather to provide his fans with a template to help them express their own creativity.

Don’t be bothered with being overly exact. Do you feel like changing a note or skipping another one? Does a pause seem too long or too short for your ears? Change it then! Be brave! [Nils Frahm, SHEETS]

To illustrate this ethos of inclusivity, guests at the launch were entertained by twelve performances of Frahm’s music by a wide variety of musicians: six fans who had won a competition set by Frahm (one coming from as far as Copenhagen!), a journalist, an award winning composer and a nine year old girl. At the end of the night the maestro himself modestly came to the piano, but making clear that his performance should not be treated as any more valid than anyone else’s.

I want to encourage you to see this book rather as an inspiration than a task. It’s like a colouring book: Here are the shapes and outlines. It’s up to you to pick your favourite colours.

To find out more about SHEETS or to buy a copy, please see Faber Music‘s website.

sheets on wall

Nils & dude at piano

sheets piano picture

(Written on February 6, 2014 )

In London on Wednesday 5th February at Nils Frahm‘s private launch Party for his book SHEETS, which is published by Manners McDade, one lucky winner of an exciting competition will have the opportunity to perform one of his pieces from the book live at the party.

The entry requirements are simply for candidates to be available to play in London on the evening of the Wednesday 5th of February 2014, and to answer the following questions:

How old you were you when you first started playing the piano?
Can you remember where you were when you first heard Nils’s music?
Which is your favourite track of his?

Answers must be sent to by Tuesday 14th January.

The winner get to perform at the party on a beautiful grand piano.

For any further information, contact Nils Frahm’s publisher via Twitter @mannersmcdade, and you can also follow Nils’s Facebook and Twitter page for updates.

Get entering and good luck!

(Written on January 10, 2014 )

On air this Saturday on BBC Radio 6 Music, will be Nils Frahm who has been described as ‘One of the finest pianists in the world’. The German musician and composer will be joining Mary Anne Hobbs for the show at 7:00am for some heartbreaking, beautiful piano and synth pieces from the Erased Tapes label.

Now based in Berlin, Frahm was taught in his childhood to play by Nahum Brodski, a student of the last scholar of Tchaikovsky. His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, has won him many fans around the world. For a musician this early in his career, Frahm displays an incredibly developed sense of control and restraint in his work, catching the ear of many fans.

Nils Frahm has also recently produced art and music book SHEETS, published by Manners McDade. The book features sheet music from ten of Nils Frahm’s piano pieces taken from his albums: Felt, The Bells and Wintermusik, now available in print for the first time in the form of a hardback art & music book.

The book includes specially commissioned photographs from London-based artist, Stuart Bailes, and Frahm has written a personal introduction to each piece with diagrams and instructions explaining how to convert your piano to achieve his signature Felt sound.

Tune into BBC Radio 6 Music with Mary Anne Hobbs on Saturday 11th January at 7:00am to listen live, and you can take a look at Frahm’s book SHEETS with Faber Music.

For more information visit:

(Written on January 10, 2014 )

Manners McDade to publish exclusive art & music book SHEETS by Nils Frahm

The sheet music for ten of Nils Frahm’s piano pieces taken from his albums Felt, The Bells and Wintermusik are now available in print for the first time in the form of a hardback art & music book to be released this December.

The book includes specially commissioned photographs from London artist Stuart Bailes and will be launched at an exclusive press event in London in February when the artwork will be exhibited and Nils Frahm will perform.

In the book, Frahm has written a personal introduction to each piece and includes diagrams and instructions explaining how to convert your piano to achieve his signature ‘Felt’ sound.

Says Frahm,”If you are like me and have a hard time reading sheet music, don’t be sad.  You can still be a good pianist.  It might be a bit painful to memorize it bar by bar, but when you have committed it all to your memory and know it by heart, you will be able to put the book away and focus on the expression of the piece.  And if even that does not work, don’t be sad either.  I’m sure you are very good at something else.”

For more information on SHEETS including an exclusive video by Nils Frahm, as well as photos of this beautiful book, visit the website here.

Nils Frahm has just released a series of live dates to promote SHEETS and his new album SPACES.

29/11/13 : Villa Kamogawa – Kyoto (JP)

01/12/13 : Meguro Persimmon Hall – Tokyo (JP)

02/12/13 : Sonorium – Tokyo (JP)

07/12/13 : P6 Beat Rocker @ Koncerthuset – Copenhagen (DK)

30/01/14 : Atelier Babylon – Bratislava (SLO)

31/01/14 : Festival Spectaculare – Prague (CZ)

22/02/14 : Societaetstheater – Dresden (D)

05/03/14 : Mutek – Barcelona(ESP)

08/03/14 : 5 Days Off – Amsterdam (NL)

09/03/14 : Schauspiel – Leipzig (D)

10/03/14 : Berliner Philharmonie (Kammermusiksaal) – Berlin (D) (tickets available early December)

25/07/14 : Jardins Efemeros – Viseu (PT)

15-17/08/14 : Dockville Festival – Hamburg (D)

29/10/14  : Barbican – London (UK)

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 17.56.20

(Written on November 27, 2013 )

BBC News

Titanic violin could reach record price at auction

The violin that was played as the Titanic sank in 1912 has gone on public display before it goes up for auction this weekend. The guide price for the violin is £300,000, making it the single most valuable piece of Titanic memorabilia.


Signed and handwritten letter by Richard Wagner to be auctioned in Barcelona

A handwritten letter by Richard Wagner, dated 1881 to a Spanish newspaper editor, is due to be auctioned on October 24 at Barcelona auction house, La Suite. It includes a discussion of the character of Lohengrin.

Riccardo Chailly to be new music director of La Scala

Unofficial reports are emerging in the Italian press that Riccardo Chailly will be the next music director of the world-renowned opera house in Milan when Daniel Barenboim steps down in January 2017

BBC Music Magazine

New study reveals link between musical taste and age

Researchers at Cambridge University have identified five categories of taste over a lifetime and discovered that people are likely to disengage with certain genres as they grow older.

South Florida Classical Review

Pianist Kuerti stricken while performing in Coral Gables

Near the end of the first work in an all-Beethoven recital in metro Miami, the 75-year-old Canadian began playing the same phrase over and over. Kuerti showed increasing disorientation and  eventually left the stage and was taken by ambulance to South Miami Hospital. It has not been confirmed whether this onstage neurological incident was a stroke.

PR Week

WildKat PR wins work from music management agency Manners McDade

Management agency and music publisher Manners McDade, which has clients including media composers and instrumental album artists such as Tom Hodge, Poppy Ackroyd, Noel Fielding and Chris Morris, has appointed WildKat PR.

Brand Republic News

WildKat PR wins work from music management agency Manners McDade

The music PR agency will be working with Manners McDade’s entire roster of clients.








(Written on October 18, 2013 )

WildKat PR is excited to welcome Manners McDade to our client roster.

Manners McDade Management & Agency has represented some of the finest composers working in film, television, games and advertising since their beginnings in 2001.

Manners McDade Music Publishing Limited is a UK music publisher established in 2006. Their catalogue includes the work of top film and TV composers as well as a select roster of European composers. They specialize in sync.

Recent ventures include extending the company’s international reach: Manners McDade Management & Agency have forged a relationship with Berlin-based agency schneider+ to ensure their clients have representation in continental Europe. Accordingly, Manners McDade’s most recent signing is Berlin based musician-composer Nils Frahm, who describes them as, “simply some of the most charming people I’ve met, devoted to art in music.”

WildKat PR are lucky enough to be working with their entire roster of clients, which includes eminent names such as Noel Fielding and Chris Morris and exclusive rights to labels such as One Little Indian (Bjork). With their reputation for professionalism, honesty and an unparalleled attention to detail, we look forward to working with Manners McDade in their continuing strive for excellence.


(Written on October 14, 2013 )