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We are very pleased to be working with Paul Kirkpatrick, who will release his second album ‘The Fermi Paradox’ under his pseudonym ‘Paul K’ in November 2018.

UK-based composer, producer and musician Paul K is hailed as “one of the best writers of atmospheric electronic instrumentals”, Paul was inspired by post-punk bands such as The Cure and Joy Division in his teenage years, and is now compared to giants of the progressive rock genre such as Pink Floyd and electronic artist Vangelis. One-half of the electro rock due Glitch Code, Paul’s previous album solo album Omertà was released to critical acclaim, described as “rolling in melodic invention and cutting edge arrangements ripe with sonic imagery and intrigue”. Paul combines electronic music with strings and samples, as well as conventional drums and guitars in his own unique style, drawing fans from a wide audience.

‘The Fermi Paradox’ explores the theme of isolation, asking “are we alone in the universe?”, and examining the perspective of isolation through social media. The album’s title refers to the physicist Enrico Fermi’s concept of existential life, in his theory of evidence vs. non-evidence of extra-terrestrial life, and features sampled speech from Cosmologists Joe Silk, Mario Livio and Frank Drake, as well as poetry from Abraham Sutzkever.

Earlier tracks on the album consider the fact we may be the only planet with living organisms in the universe and we may also be at a unique time in the history of the cosmos. As the album progresses, the song title suggest a shift from an inward looking, nihilistic approach to an outward gaze to the stars in an effort to answer questions posed by the Fermi Paradox.

Paul K will be releasing his new album on 9th November 2018 and will be touring the UK with his instrumentalists in late 2018 and early 2019.

(Written on August 24, 2018 )

The Piano Showcase: Die türkische Komponistin und Pianistin AyseDeniz Gokcin präsentiert am 30. Juni 2016 in Berlins neuer Event-Location silent green Kulturquartier Teile ihres aktuellen Albums „Nirvana Project“ sowie weitere Klassik-Rock Mashups.

Virtuoses klassisches Tastenspiel verschmolzen mit Motiven aus dem Progressiven Rock, gewürzt mit elektronischen Beats – dafür steht AyseDeniz Gokcin. Gerade mit dem Donizetti Classical Music Award als „Pianistin des Jahres“ ausgezeichnet, sorgt ihr aktuelles Album „Nirvana Project“ sowohl in der Klassik-Szene als auch unter Rockfans für Aufsehen.

Das Album erreichte die UK Top 10 Classical Charts auf iTunes und wurde in der Presse bereits hochgelobt. Den offiziellen Teaser zu „Nirvana Project“ können Sie hier sehen.

Photo credit: Nicholas Koon

Photo credit: Nicholas Koon

Das silent green Kulturquartier Berlin ist ein neuer unabhängiger Veranstaltungsort im Wedding, in dem zahlreiche kulturelle Projekte und kreative Experimente eine einzigartige Heimat gefunden haben. Die Kuppelhalle ist prädestiniert für die Veranstaltung von Konzerten, die sich vor allem als unplugged-Formate mit der atmosphärischen Intimität des Raumes zu einem akustisch-visuellen Erlebnis verbinden.

AyseDeniz Gokcin —The Piano Showcase

30. Juni 2016 20.00 Uhr, Einlass ab 19.30 Uhr

silent green Kulturquartier Berlin, Gerichtstraße 35

Reservierungen unter, Online-Tickets über Eventim, Abendkasse 12 Euro

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf AyseDeniz’ Website oder unter ihrem Facebook oder Twitter Account.

(Written on June 8, 2016 )

The Guardian

BuzzFeed president: ‘We feel strongly that traditional media have given up on young people’

Jon Steinberg tells MIPCOM audience that his site is ‘bringing more hard news on a relative basis than a lot of the traditional television networks’

London Live TV channel to recruit 50 editorial staff ahead of Launch

Local television channel, an extension of the London Evening Standard, to hire producers and presenters before March launch

Classic FM Online

Breaking Bad opera to premiere in 2014

The hit US TV show is making its mark on the world of classical music just one week after the series finale

Pianist performs concert of Pink Floyd classical covers

AyseDeniz Gokcin, the pianist who turns Pink Floyd songs into classical arrangements, has recorded an entire concert of Pink Floyd material, taking inspiration from Chopin and Rachmaninov

David Garrett reveals new video with Nicole Scherzinger

Violinist David Garrett and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger collaborate in an impressive new classical song, Io Ti Penso Amore


What Is Classical Music’s Women Problem?

Anastasia Tsioulcas discusses the subject of women in classical music following the Marin Alsop controversy

LA Times

In the L.A. classical music scene, the music comes first

Critic’s Notebook: New York and Minnesota’s financial issues and cancellations stem from a lack of vision and commitment. L.A. is a different story

Limelight Magazine

Pop-up concert in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Orchestra rallies a pop-up success story after Carnegie cancellation

Gerard Willems: On the value of healthy competition

Why do musicians put themselves through the grueling process of competitions and is it ever worth it?

Patrice Chéreau has died

Iconic director of Wagner’s centenary Ring cyle at Bayreuth passes at 68

Die Welt

“Wir sind schändlich mit Verdi umgegangen”

“Die Welt” überträgt am Freitag früh ab 2.30 Uhr als Livestream aus Chicago das Festkonzert zum 200. Geburtstag von Giuseppe Verdi. Ein Gespräch mit Riccardo Muti, der das Requiem dirigiert

Classic FM Online

Classic FM Online


(Written on October 10, 2013 )

The Telegraph

Proms 2013: Poles no longer apart

Early Polish music is being celebrated both in concert and on record this summer – something long overdue, says John Allison

Why Doctor Who is at the cutting edge of British music

Ahead of the annual Doctor Who Prom, Matthew Sweet salutes the weird innovations of the BBC One show.

The New York Times

Wrist Injury Sidelines Marin Alsop

Marin Alsop, the music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and chief conductor of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, has canceled her conducting schedule for July because of a wrist injury, Baltimore Symphony officials said Wednesday. Ms. Alsop, 56, apparently sprained her right wrist in an accident Monday night in São Paulo.

NPR, Deceptive Cadence

The Innovative Mosaic Of American Symphonies

Our country’s culture is a vast conglomeration of more than 200 years of influences from all over the world. We have taken what began as an extraordinary European tradition and expanded that legacy on American soil.


Is Pandora Really Short-Changing Songwriters?

It’s been a rough week for Pandora, which is taking a beating from the likes of Pink Floyd and David Lowery of the band Cracker over how much — or, to hear the musicians say it, how little — it pays in royalties for the tunes you’re streaming.

Music Week

Deutsche Grammophon launches new imprint Panorama

Deutsche Grammophon has announced the launch of a new imprint with the aim of expanding the classical music genre.

radiophonic1_2603361bThe Telegraph

(Written on July 4, 2013 )

The Telegraph

Janina Fialkowska caps amazing recovery with BBC award

Pianist Janina Fialkowska, who was left paralysed in her left arm after cancer, has won the Best Instrumental CD award in the 2013 BBC Music Magazine Awards, for her critically-acclaimed disc Chopin Recital 2.


The Times

Opera Live in HD at the cinema isn’t the same as being there

Earlier this year the General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera, New York, Peter Gelb, made a revealing admission. Attendance in the house had been dropping, which he attributed to a “cannibalisation” of the audience by the Met’s Live in HD cinema transmissions.


Classic FM

AyseDeniz Gokcin in our Wednesday Web Chat 

Pink Floyd and Liszt? Classical piano meets… Michael Jackson? Pianist AyseDeniz Gokcin is joining us for our Wednesday Web Chat from 9am on 10 April – get your questions in!



DG to celebrate 100 years of recording the Berlin Philharmonic with 50-CD set

Public invited to vote on what it contains.


Classical Music Magazine

Hallé victorious at BBC Music Magazine recording awards

The BBC Music Magazine awards for new classical recordings were held today at a ceremony at Kings Place, London.


Classical Source

Ludovic Morlot Named Chair Of Orchestral Conducting Studies At University Of Washington School of Music

Appointment Further Expands Partnership Between University of Washington and The Seattle Symphony.



Classic FM

(Written on April 10, 2013 )

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 17.47.16

Today is WildKat PR’s fifth birthday and we have been reflecting in the office on some of the many highlights – events and concerts we have attended, as well as musicians and organisations we have been privileged to work with.

An almost impossible task would be to narrow these past years down to just five highlights, as there have been so many, but we have done our best:

Kathleen: Blogging with Ivor Bolton

One of my earliest clients was the conductor Ivor Bolton. We were working with him over a particularly busy season at Salzburg Festival and encouraged him to keep a behind the scenes blog while he was there. At the time, no-one else was doing this, and Ivor  received so much interest and positive feedback for his writing – it opened him up to a much wider, international audience and led to press coverage across Europe.

Vesna: Working with AyseDeniz Gokcin

When we began working with AyseDeniz, she had very little press in the UK, but since working with her, her classical reworking of Pink Floyd pieces have gone viral online and helped draw a huge ‘non-classical’ audience to classical music, and she’s shown that projects can be unusual and innovative without being gimmick-y. AyseDeniz is an example of a brilliant classical artist who happens to love her instrument and other musical styles so much that she tried to extract all possible sounds from it.

Fleur: Visiting the IAMA Conference 

When I began working with WildKat PR as an intern I was fortunate to be able to attend some of the networking events at the IAMA Conference. I was able to meet leading members of the industry, and to talk about WildKat. It was nerve-wracking but enjoyable and opened up a whole new world to me, making me even more eager and inspired to pursue a career in the classical music industry.

Victoria: Attending a performance of Don Giovanni in Baden Baden

In 2011 I was lucky enough to attend one of the performances of Don Giovanni in Baden Baden which was recorded and later released on Deutsche Grammophon. There are so many reasons that this concert sticks out as one of the highlights of my WildKat career, firstly because of its incredible cast: Ildebrando D’Arcangelo, Luca Pisaroni, Rolando Villazon, Joyce DiDonato, Mojca Erdmann and Diana Damrau conducted by Yannick  Nézet-Séguin. This was also the first time I’d travelled outside of the UK for work, Don Giovanni is my favourite opera of all time, AND afterwards I met my idol, Joyce. It’s the first and only time I have been professionally speechless.

Harriet: Silent Opera

As far as transport to concerts go, being taken by boat from Festival Pier to deepest darkest East London was a lovely experience and a great way to have a collective buzz from the whole audience before the show had even begun. The views down the Thames were breath taking and a hassle free trip meant for huge excitement for all when we finally arrived at the mysterious venue.



(Written on April 5, 2013 )


Love Song Dedications for Valentine’s Day: 10 Classical Muses

A Valentine’s Day tribute to the women (and men) who inspired the great composers.

The Times

French baroque opera: a hard game for hard men

Extortion, beatings, sexual violence, musical fatwas and calls for composers to be burnt at the stake: the opera stage was a dangerous place in 17th-century France.


Gustavo Dudamel and LA Philharmonic take up residency at London’s Barbican

March events include three concerts of 20th and 21st century music and an international symposium focusing on education

Classic FM

Watch: Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ meets Liszt

Watch our incredible performance video of AyseDeniz Gokcin performing Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ in the style of Liszt at Steinway Hall, and a fascinating interview with Classic FM’s John Brunning.

Steve Reich and Max Richter talk Radiohead and Radio Rewrite

Musical masterminds Steve Reich and Max Richter’s latest projects have seen them both ‘re-imagine’ other people’s work – Vivaldi for Richter, and Radiohead for Reich. The two composers explore what it means to take inspiration from a wide range of musical styles, from rock to Baroque.


Classical Source

The Royal Opera House Heads To Brazil

The Royal Opera House is expanding its international links, creating a long term education, audience engagement and skills programme in Rio de Janeiro designed to strengthen and develop links between the ROH, Theatro Municipal and the arts education communities in both countries.

The Wagnerian

Leipzig Celebrates its Famous Son Richard Wagner in 2013

Leipzig is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner, who was born here on 22 May 1813.

Music Industry News Network

The Music Sales Group Launches Its New Digital Education Division

The Music Sales Group today announced the launch of its new digital education division, MusicFirst™, offering teachers and students easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based music education services and related activities.

Music Week

Sarah Brightman signs licensing deal with Universal Music Germany 

Soprano singer Sarah Brightman has signed a licensing deal with Universal Music Germany’s KOCH/Universal imprint.



Classic FM



(Written on February 14, 2013 )

The Times

Daniel Harding on the truth behind the La Scala ban of an opera critic

For a top-flight classical conductor, Daniel Harding is surprisingly well-versed in coping with savage criticism.

BBC News

The Turkish pianist ‘Lisztifying’ Pink Floyd classics

Turkish pianist Aysedeniz Gokcin’s love of classical music – and classic rock – has inspired her to release an album which features Pink Floyd songs reworked into the style of 19th Century Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.

Classic FM

The Sixteen announce Choral Pilgrimage 2013

The Voices of Classic FM are bringing choral music back to sacred buildings around the UK and Ireland in a programme of 34 concerts.

Music Teacher Magazine

Cardiff and Newport music services face losing funding

Cardiff City Council is proposing to end its subsidy of music lessons in schools by cutting its £151,000 grant to the Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service.

Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music & Ballet Blog

Trifonov signs with DG

Daniil Trifonov, 21-year-old winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition and general piano marvel of the best kind, has been signed by DG.

Music Week

iTunes launches Classical Essentials campaign

iTunes has launched a classical ‘Essentials’ campaign providing a list of 30 must-own albums from the genre.

Streaming music subscriptions hit 500k in France

Half a million people now pay for a streaming music subscription in France, with streaming now accounting for more than a third of digital music revenues in the country.

The Guardian

Pirate sites are raking in advertising money from some multinationals

Illegal music download sites pocket large sums of ad revenue without investing in the content’s development


Classic FM

(Written on February 6, 2013 )

The London-based Turkish pianist AyseDeniz Gokcin released an EP album towards the end of 2012, uniting her love for rock and classical music. The young pianist transformed three Pink Floyd songs in the style of Franz Liszt and performed her arrangements on a classical piano – no electronics involved.

She wanted to pay homage to Liszt and celebrate his 200th anniversary as well as Pink Floyd’s music-making – ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Hey You’ all feature on her EP.

Following an article on her release on Prog Rock Magazine Online, which can be read here, AyseDeniz has received worldwide recognition. First published on 26th December 2012, the piece has been shared on Facebook nearly 300 times and tweeted directly from Prog Rock Magazine Online by many a reader. The feature has continued to spread; first translated into Hungarian for Hard Rock, followed by a translation into Spanish for Esquiz Ofrenia. AyseDeniz’ article was then shared on major music websites in Finland, Brazil, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey and many more. And so her Lisztified interpretation of Pink Floyd has gained fans worldwide.

You can download her album here

AyseDeniz will be performing at St James’, Piccadilly on 25th April.

And for more information about AyseDeniz – visit her website or follow her on twitter


(Written on January 16, 2013 )