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Intendant der Dresdner Sinfoniker erhält Erich-Kästner-Preis

Der Mitbegründer und Intendant der Dresdner Sinfoniker, Markus Rindt, hat am  2. Dezember 2018 den Erich-Kästner-Preis des Dresdner Presseclubs erhalten. Damit ehre man das vielfältige Engagement des Musikers gegen Nationalismus, Fanatismus und Abschottung sowie dessen Einsatz für eine bessere Verständigung der Völker. Die Auszeichnung ist mit 10.000 Euro dotiert, die der Preisträger dem sozialen Musikprojekt “Musaik – Grenzenlos Musizieren” in Dresden-Prohlis stifte.

In seiner Dankesrede sagte Rindt:

“Die Kunst ist in der Lage, die Herzen der Menschen zu erreichen, uns emotional zu berühren. Sie kann Türen öffnen, die der Politik verschlossen blieben. Diese großartige Fähigkeit der Kunst sollten wir Interpreten uns immer bewusst machen. Wir sollten sie einsetzen, um mit unseren Mitteln auf Probleme hinzuweisen, die zur Lösung Hilfe benötigen.”


Bundeswettbewerb Gesang kürt Siegerinnen und Sieger

Im Finalkonzert des Bundeswettbewerb Gesang traten elf junge Sängerinnen und Sänger in der Komischen Oper um die begehrten Preise an.

“Die elf Finalisten im Bundeswettbewerb Gesang haben nur wenige Minuten, um sich dem Publikum vorzustellen. Um zu gewinnen, müssen sie allerdings die Jury überzeugen. Und die hat sie bereits während der letzten Tage genauestens beobachtet. 200 Nachwuchskünstler hatten sich beworben, zwei Finalrunden galt es zu überstehen, um – besonnen und feinfühlig begleitet von Axel Kober und dem Orchester der Komischen Oper, präsentiert von Annette Dasch – die Chance zu bekommen, auf der Bühne in der Behrenstraße ein letztes Mal zu punkten.”

Den ersten Platz belegte die Schwedin Ylva Sofia Stenberg, die “Glitter and be gay” aus “Candide” sang und so die Jury überzeugte. Der zweite Preis ging an Slávka Zámecníková, die mit ihrem vollen Sopran sehr präzise und klar „Nun eilt herbei“ aus Nicolais „Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor“ gesungen hat. Als dritter Sieger ging Konstantin Krimmel hervor.


Violinist Lizzie Ball included in Daily Mail’s Inspirational Women Awards

Violinist Lizzie Ball has been included in the Daily Mail’s ‘Inspirational Women Awards’. Lizzie was selected as one of 50 inspiring women for being a ‘maverick musician’, eager to bring classical music to a ‘wider audience’ in a ‘more down-to-earth environment’.


Winners of the British Composer Awards announced

The winners of the British Composer Awards have been announced, including composers Judith Weir, Trevor Wishart, Harrison Birtwistle and Sally Beamish. Birtwistle has now won eight awards in the Awards’ 14-year history, making him their most celebrated composer. BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting the Awards on Sunday 9 December at 9.20pm.

New composers took centre stage this year, with 70 per cent of the winners receiving their first British Composer Awards. Improving the accessibility of music was an issue addressed by two first-time winners: Liam Taylor-West and Oliver Searle, who won in the Community or Educational Project and Amateur or Young Performer categories respectively.


(Written on December 7, 2018 )

Bundesverband Musikindustrie criticises YouTube campaign against Article 13

Germany’s music industry association BVMI criticizes the YouTube campaign against Article 13 of the planned EU copyright reform. 

“The current version of Article 13 is the result of intense dispute. In recent years, all stakeholders have had their say and have been heard. YouTube suddenly reacting in the final stages and spreadig panic gives the impression that the company is not really ready to take responsibility”, says Florian Drücke, chairman of the BVMI.


BBC newsreader Richard Baker dies aged 93

Richard Baker, who introduced the first BBC television news bulletin in 1954 and became a leading news presenter, has died at the age of 93.

Known for his rich, deep tones and calm, avuncular manner, Baker was closely associated for many years with the BBC’s classical music coverage. He presented the annual Last Night of the Proms and hosted programmes on Radio 2 and Radio 4, beginning his broadcasting career in 1950 on the Third Programme, later to become Radio 3.

The BBC director general, Tony Hall, said Baker was “at the forefront of the creation of the modern news presenter”. He said: “Later, he became a great advocate for classical music, presenting many much-loved programmes. But more than that, he was quite simply a lovely and charming man. Our sympathies are with his many friends and family.”

[The Guardian]

Bells ring for climate change

Church bells will be chimed across Europe in the first week of December to protest climate change, coinciding with World Climate Day and the Climate Change conference in Katowice, Poland.

Turmglockenspiele are the loudest and furthest sounding musical instruments in Germany. An initiative wants to use them to encourage people to tackle climate change.

World Climate Day this year coincides with the start of the World Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland, on December 3. Protesters are expected to ring bell chimes (Carillons) throughout Germany. The occasion is the demonstration of environmental protection associations under the motto “Stop coal! Climate protection now!” in front of the Chancellery, as part of the  Klimaglocken 2018  initiative on Wednesday, 21. November, announced in Berlin. The same melody will be played everywhere, and it comes from the 96-year-old German composer Klaus Wüsthoff, whose idea for the “climate bell” was already implemented last year.


Levine Andrade, founding member of the Arditti Quartt, has died

The Indian-born British violinist, violist, conductor and composer Levine Andrade died this morning, aged 64. He had been unwell for some time and was taken into hospital on Monday night, where he spent the next few hours with family.

Andrade, who was tutored by Yehudi Menuhin at the legendary violinist’s school and continued his training at the Royal Academy of Music, was well known in the field of contemporary music. He was a founder member of the Arditti Quartet, with whom he played for 16 years, before retiring in 1990 to spend more time with his violinist wife Frances and their children.

Andrade leaves behind four children, Joshua, Olly, Jacob and Lola, and three grandchildren. The family has set up a fund to help with funeral costs and to place in trust for Lola Andrade, who is just 15.

[The Strad]

The Vienna State Opera receives the Tourism Prize by the Vienna Economic Chamber

Die Wiener Staatsoper wurde von der Wirtschaftskammer Wien mit dem jährlich vergebenen Tourismuspreis geehrt. Laudatorin Elisabeth Gürtler betonte in ihrer Ansprache, die Staatsoper sei ein wesentlicher Anziehungspunkt für den Qualitätstourismus in dieser Stadt und sorge für einen großen ökonomischen Effekt mit über 600.000 Opernbesuchern pro Jahr.

The Vienna State Opera was awarded the annual Tourism Prize by the Vienna Economic Chamber. In her speech, laudator Elisabeth Gürtler emphasised that the State Opera was a key attraction for quality tourism in this city and ensured a great economic return with over 600,000 opera visitors a year. The award was accepted by Opera Director Dominique Meyer.

[Pizzicato Magazine]

(Written on November 23, 2018 )

Pavel Šporcl wins ‘Torch-Bearer Award’ for his services to music

The Czech violinist Pavel Šporcl is in New York to receive a special prize that recognises those who have made an outstanding contribution to their cities, communities and countries.

The ‘Torch-Bearer Award’, which is often given to sports personalities, honours the work Šporcl has done to bring society together through music. It was presented outside the United Nations building last weekend in front of fellow luminaries and UN national delegates.

Receiving his award alongside fellow winner, Broadway and film actor Richard Kind, Šporcl said ‘I am deeply proud to receive the Sri Chimnoy Torch-Bearer Award. It means a great deal to me and gives me strength to continue my work, not only as an artist, but as one of a community of artists around the world who believe that art can change lives — that this is our gift and our responsibility.’

Chinese violinist Sheng Zhongguo dies aged 77

China’s best-known violinist Sheng Zhongguo, who was famous for his musical interpretation of “Butterfly Lovers,” died of heart disease at the age of 77.

As a national level soloist of the China National Symphony Orchestra, Sheng was among the first to win honors for China on international stages.

In 1980 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation listed him as one of ‘the world’s greatest artists’ after he performed a twelve-date concert tour in six Australian cities. He was recognised as a cultural ambassador by the government of Japan following the disastrous Kobe earthquake of 1995, when he toured the worst-hit areas to offer encouragement and inspiration to those affected.

In 1979 he performed the Bach ‘Double’ Violin Concerto with Yehudi Menuhin, during the latter’s first visit to China; of all Menuhin’s performing partners during the visit, he said that the best was Sheng, who subsequently became known as the ‘Chinese Menuhin’.

Wie künstliche Intelligenz die Klassik neu erweckt

Die Gegenwart ist laut. Die Gegenwart ist hässlich. Der isländische Neoklassikstar Olafur Arnalds arbeitet an ihrer Verschönerung. Seit Neuestem mit künstlicher Intelligenz und drei Klavieren. Könnte klappen.

Jetzt endlich kommt Olafur Arnalds ins Spiel. Der Isländer, 1986 in Mosfellsbaer geboren, dem Heimatort von Halldor Laxness, ist abgebrochener Highbrow-Klassiker und inzwischen mit seinem Kumpel Nils Frahm, mit Hauschka und Max Richter einer der Helden der sogenannten Neoklassik, ohne die es in den Kinos und unter Fernsehserien (Arnalds schrieb unter anderem die Musik zu „Broadchurch“) doch ziemlich still wäre.

Zu der hatte Arnalds mit seinem schwerphilosophischen Noirgedudel „Eulogy for Evolution“ vor elf Jahren einen der Startschüsse gegeben. Arnalds tat sich zusammen mit dem elektronischen Feinmechaniker Halldór Feldjárn und entwickelte ein musikalisches Softwareprogramm namens Stratus.

Arnalds, ein begnadeter Kleinmotivmelodiker, wollte herausfinden, „wie man den kreativen Prozess durch das Verändern des eigenen Klavierspiels manipulieren kann“. Mit Stratus ist es möglich, von einem zentralen Klavier aus zwei selbstspielende weitere Klaviere anzusteuern, künstliche Intelligenz quasi zum Teil des Spiels zu machen, Kreativität in Teilen an den Computer abzutreten.

Artifical intelligence is rekindling is sparking a revival in classical music. Icelandic artist Ólafur Arnalds, known for his work on the “Broadchurch” soundtrack, has teamed up with Halldór Eldjárn to create a musical software program called Stratus. 

The award-winning artist uses his new software to turn the piano into a very different instrument. The Stratus Pianos are two “self-playing, semi-generative player pianos” – and, augmented by strings, electronics, and beats (which were co-produced by Bngrboy), they sit at the centre of Arnalds’ new compositions.

Gewandhausorchester Leipzig und Staatskapelle Dresden gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Das Gewandhausorchester Leipzig und die Staatskapelle Dresden geben gemeinsame Konzerte für ein friedliches Miteinander. Damit reagieren die beiden großen sächsischen Orchester auf die zunehmende Intoleranz und Aggression gegenüber anders aussehenden oder anders denkenden Menschen, eine Entwicklung, die die Musiker « mit großer Sorge“ beobachten, wie sie mitteilten.

Herbert Blomstedt, Ehrendirigent beider Orchester, wird die beiden Konzerte am 15. September in Leipzig und am 12. November in Dresden leiten.

Im Gewandhausorchester und der Staatskapelle wirkten Menschen aus 20 Nationen « respekt- und achtungsvoll“ zusammen, erklärten die Orchester. « Wir vertreten mit Nachdruck zwischenmenschliche Werte wie Achtung, Toleranz und Weltoffenheit.“ Nur durch das Wiedererlangen eines respektvollen Umgangs miteinander sei eine angstfreie und lebenswerte Gesellschaft möglich. Für diese Botschaften sollen die Konzerte ein Zeichen setzen.

Two orchestras from Leipzig and Dresden are coming together to perform two joint concerts promoting peaceful coexistence. The two major Saxon orchestras react to the increasing intolerance and aggression towards people who look or think differently – a development that the musicians observe “with great concern“.

Herbert Blomstedt, Honorary Conductor of both orchestras, will conduct the concerts on 15 September in Leipzig and on 12 November in Dresden.

In the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Staatskapelle, people from 20 nations work with great respect for one another. The orchestras said “we emphatically represent interpersonal values ​​such as respect, tolerance and cosmopolitanism.” 

(Written on September 11, 2018 )

In today’s news: BASCA announces election results. Nadine Sierra explores American opera and song in new album. Musicologist Robert Pascall has passed away. Cambridge Live has announced details of its 29th orchestral series. Ricardo Muti stops Chicago Symphony Orchestra mid-performance after cough from audience member. Richard Strauss Orchestra Academy cancelled this year. Bach reinvented: the Bach music festival with musical saws and nyckelharpa. Music Festival Krzyżowa – how a music festival transformed a sleepy village in Poland.


Nadine Sierra to release album with Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Gold

Soprano Nadine Sierra has made her first album for Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Gold, having signed a contract with the labels last year.


Board and Committee Election Results Announced

Over the past few weeks, Professional and Standard members have been voting for BASCA members to represent them on the BASCA Board, and our Classical, Songwriter and Jazz Committees.


Cambridge Orchestral Concert Series 2018-19 announced

Cambridge Live has announced details of its 29th orchestral series at the Corn Exchange.

The Guardian

Robert Pascall obituary

Robert Pascall, the musicologist and Brahms scholar, has died aged 74. His dedication to Brahms (and slight resemblance to him) was lifelong, from his DPhil at Oxford to the crowning glory of his career: new critical editions of the Brahms Symphonies for the complete edition of the composer’s works published between 1996 and 2012.

The Herald

Obituary: Joyce Blackham, opera singer

Joyce Blackham, who has died aged 84, was a mezzo-soprano who was renowned for her singing of the fiery cigarette girl in Bizet’s Carmen. At the beginning of her career she sang it with Sadler’s Wells Opera (SWO) and joined another young singer, Placido Domingo, in regional opera houses in America and at the New York City Opera.


Riccardo Muti stops mid-performance after audience member coughs

The famously stern maestro brought the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to a halt after noise from the audience interrupted a quiet moment in the music.

The Violin Channel

Prizes Awarded at United States’ 2018 Washington International String Competition

Violinist Youjin Lee, violist Muriel Garnet Razavi and cellist Tony Rymer have been awarded 1st prizes at the 2018 Washington International String Competition

Richard-Strauss Orchesterakademie muss abgesagt werden

Die “Internationale Richard-Strauss-Orchesterakademie”, die als eine Säule der Neuausrichtung des Richard-Strauss-Festivals junge Musiker an das Werk von Richard Strauss heranführen sollte, kann in diesem Jahr nicht stattfinden.


“Stelzenfestspiele”: Bach mit Obertongesang und Schlüsselfidel

Johann Sebastian Bach bleibt eine unerschöpfliche Inspirationsquelle für Musiker: Bei den “Stelzenfestspielen bei Reuth” im Dreiländereck von Bayern, Sachsen und Thüringen wurden am Samstag Werke des Komponisten in ungewöhnlicher Ausführung geboten – verjazzt oder klassisch, mit Obertongesang und auf Instrumenten wie Schlüsselfidel und Singender Säge.


Musikalische Begegnungen

Erst 2015 wurde das Festival Krzyżowa-Music gegründet und hat schon jetzt ein schlesisches 200-Seelen-Dorf zu einem kulturellen Hotspot gemacht.


Riccardo Muti conducting the Australian World Orchestra. Photo © David Collins

(Written on June 26, 2018 )

In today’s news: Sharon Corr performs for only embryos, Bavarian State Opera hosts ‘From the House of the Dead,’ National Sawdust celebrates Hildegard Month, Daniel Hyde becomes new Music Director of Kings College Cambridge, Pianist Siegfried Mauser was sentenced to almost 3 years due to sexual coercion, interview with Andrea Zietzschmann, the new Intendant of the Berlin Philharmonie’s foundation, and Roderick Cox wins Sir Georg Solti Conducting Award.

Irish Times

Sharon Corr performs to audience of embryos

The Corrs musician plays an ‘emotional’ gig at a fertility clinic in Barcelona.

Classical Music

JAM on the Marsh returns this July

JAM on the Marsh festival returns to Romney Marsh in Kent for its fifth year, running from 5-15 July.

Financial Times

From the House of the Dead, Bavarian State Opera, Munich — grim but absurdist

Frank Castorf intriguing, chaotic staging of Janáček’s opera threatens to overwhelm the music’s subtlety.

Broadway World

Toronto Symphony Orchestra to Celebrate Peter Oundjian

June 2018 is a month-long tribute to Peter Oundjian, celebrating 14 remarkable seasons as Music Director, with stellar guest artists, powerful music, a free midday concert, and many emotions.

National Sawdust Celebrates Women & Gender Non-Binary Artists with Hildegard Month

National Sawdust, the artist-led nonprofit incubator and venue, announces June 2018 as Hildegard Month at the Williamsburg space that serves as a dynamic home for artists and new music of all kinds.


King’s College Cambridge names Daniel Hyde as new music director

Daniel Hyde will succeed Stephen Cleobury in one of the world’s highest profile choral posts, it has been announced today.

Die Zeit

Ziemlich unheilige Allianzen

Wo bleibt der Rabatz? Der Pianist Siegfried Mauser soll wegen sexueller Nötigung für fast drei Jahre ins Gefängnis.

neue musikzeitung

Optimale Rahmenbedingungen schaffen

Ein Gespräch mit der neuen Stiftungsintendantin der Berliner Philharmoniker, Andrea Zietzschmann.



Muss es denn schon wieder „Die Zauberflöte“ sein? Die sommerlichen Opernfestivals sind so mutlos wie selten. Doch es gibt Ausnahmen.

El País

Varios países de la UE piden crear un ‘Erasmus de la Cultura’

La iniciativa facilitaría la movilidad de los jóvenes artistas a partir de 2020.


Roderick Cox wins Sir Georg Solti Conducting Award

The Solti Foundation U.S. announced that Roderick Cox, 30, is this year’s winner of the Sir Georg Solti Conducting Award.


Sharon Corr performs in fertility clinic © Irish Times

(Written on May 24, 2018 )

In today’s news: war-child Kajtazi wins Glyndebourne prize, Alfie Boe joins classical music festival By The River, Glyndebourne Opera Cup finalists announced, Radio 3 announces change to weekend schedule, McDonalds uses classical music to deter anti-social behaviour, Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine says streaming services are ‘too similar’, the conductor, pianist and activist José Abreu who created “El Systema” died, the promotion prize of Rheingau Musik Festival goes to Austrian violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian and the New German Jazz Prize was awarded to Vincent Eberle Quintett, Alexandra Lehmler and Maximilian Hirning.

The Sunday Times

War child who sang to quell fear wins at Glyndebourne

Mail Online

Alfie Boe joins line-up for new classical music festival

Singer Alfie Boe is to join composer and musician Sir Karl Jenkins and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the line up for the brand new classical music festival By The River

Glyndebourne Opera Cup finalists announced

The ten finalists for the inaugural Glyndebourne Opera Cup have been announced, following the competition’s semi-final on 22 March. The singers will compete in the final on 24 March for the chance to win £15,000 and the guarantee of a role within five years at one of the opera houses represented on the competition’s jury.

BBC News

Welwyn McDonald’s uses classical music to deter anti-social behaviour

A fast-food restaurant said it has seen a decrease in anti-social behaviour from customers, since it started playing classical music, which police say ‘seems to be working’

Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine says streaming services are ‘too similar’

Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine says streaming services are too similar – and need to diversify to survive. “The streaming services are all charging $9.99 and everyone has the same music,” he told the BBC.

The New York Times

Olly Wilson, 80, Dies; Composer Meshed African and Western Music

Olly Wilson, an adventurous composer who integrated African, African-American and electronic rhythms, riffs and sounds into Western classical music conventions, died on March 12 in Oakland, Calif. He was 80.


Adelaide Cabaret Festival announces its 2018 program

For her last hurrah as AD, Ali McGregor has programmed the most diverse line-up yet at the world’s biggest cabaret festival.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

José Abreu gestorben

Der Dirigent, Pianist und Aktivist José Antonio Abreu schuf “El Systema”, das berühmte Musikerziehungs-Programm seines Heimatlandes Venezuela. Er war ein zierlicher Mann von großer, oft unbeugsamer Willenskraft.

Rheingau Musik Festival: Förderpreis geht an Emmanuel Tjeknavorian

Der österreichische Violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian hat in diesem Jahr den Förderpreis des Rheingau Musik Festivals gewonnen. Mit ihrer Dotierung von 15.000 Euro ist die Auszeichnung einer der am höchsten dotierten Nachwuchskünstlerpreise in Deutschland.


Mannheim: Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis Mannheim 2018 – Gewinner stehen fest

Am 23. und 24. März 2018 fand in der alten Feuerwache in Mannheim zum dreizehnten Mal der Neue Deutsche Jazzpreis statt. Am Freitag wählte das Publikum den Gewinner des Neuen Deutschen Kompositionspreises, am Samstag die Gewinner des Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreises.
(Gewinner des L-Bank-Bandpreises in Höhe von 10.000 Euro wurde das Vincent Eberle Quintett, Gewinner des Neuen Deutschen Kompositionspreises in Höhen von 2.000 Euro wurde Alexandra Lehmler und Gewinner des SIGNUM-comunication-Solistenpreises in Höhe von 1.000 Euro wurde Maximilian Hirning.)


José Abreu (c) Reuters Photo

(Written on March 26, 2018 )

In today’s news: Anne-Sophie Mutter honoured by Bavarian State Foundation prize, ECM Records commences streaming, The Sixteen to present Marco Galvani premiere, Conductor Justus Frantz cut his fingertip, Diapason d’or Award for 2017 announced.

Royal Society of Arts

Bringing Classical Music to a New Audience

In 2017, you still have to look very hard to find any diversity within the big companies in almost every industry.


Egyptian singer detained for four days for eating banana in music video

Pop star Shyma could face three years in prison for ‘inciting debauchery’ in racy video

Music Teacher

National Open Youth Orchestra announces new partners

The Barbican and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama are the new official partners for the National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO), the world’s first disabled-led national youth orchestra.

Bromsgrove School to open new Performing Arts Centre

Bromsgrove School is to open the doors to its new Performing Arts Centre this evening (22 November)

Rhinegold Publishing

The Sixteen to present Marco Galvani premiere

The Sixteen and Harry Christophers will present the world premiere performances of Marco Galvani’s On Christmas Morn as part of Classic FM’s 25th anniversary celebrations

Classic FM

Jessica Curry’s tips for aspiring composers

Our High Score presenter – and BAFTA Award-winning composer – shares some pieces of advice for young composer

The Strad

Anne-Sophie Mutter honoured by Bavarian State Foundation prize

Violinist recognised for artistic and philanthropic activity by grant-giving body

The New York Times

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Silver-Maned Baritone From Siberia, Dies at 55

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the charismatic Siberian baritone who won critical acclaim and devoted fans around the world for his burnished voice, uncanny breath control and rueful expressivity, died on Wednesday in London. He was 55.

Limelight magazine

ECM Records commences streaming

Iconic indepdendent record label ECM Records has announced an expanded partnership with its long-standing distribution partner Universal Music Group (UMG) in order to bring the entire ECM music library to the digital world via streaming.

Welt N24

Dirigent Justus Frantz schneidet sich Fingerkuppe ab

Ob als Dirigent oder als Pianist: Musik ist elementarer Bestandteil des Lebens von Justus Frantz. Doch nun könnte ein Haushaltsunfall die Karriere des Hamburgers beenden.


Wo Herkules noch in den Noten steckt

In ein paar Tagen ertönt in ganz Deutschland wieder Bachs Weihnachtsoratorium. Höchste Zeit, dass die concerti-Redaktion das Werk einmal genauer betrachtet


Josep Pons stays as Music Director of the Liceu until 2022

The Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barelona has extended the contract of its Music Director Josep Pons (*1957).

Musik Heute

Trauer um Bariton Hvorostovsky – Putin: “Sehr schwerer Verlust”

Bei dem weltbekannten Sänger war 2015 ein Gehirntumor festgestellt worden. In der Folge sagte er Opernauftritte und die meisten Konzerte ab.

France musique

Palmarès 2017 des “Diapason d’or” de l’année

Mercredi 22 novembre se déroulait l’édition 2017 des “Diapason d’Or” de l’année, récompensant les meilleurs enregistrements d’opéras, de pièces pour piano, ou encore de musique de chambre, selon le mensuel spécialisé “Diapason”.

Le Figaro

Orchestre en fête à la Philharmonie de Paris

La salle accueille la neuvième édition d’Orchestres en fête. Un événement que ne pouvait manquer Julien Clerc, rédacteur en chef du dernier numéro du Figaroscope.

Platea Magazine

La familia del barítono ruso Dmitri Hvorostovsky confirma su fallecimiento

Su última aparición en público tuvo lugar hace unos meses en el Metropolitan de Nueva York, en el marco de una gala lírica.


France Musique @francemusique : Palmarès 2017 des “Diapason d’or” de l’année

Bayerischer Rundfunk @BR_Presse : Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Mariss Jansons: Am Freitag bekommt der Chefdirigent des BR-Chores und die Goldmedaille der verliehen.

Anne-Sophie Mutter ©Deutsche Grammophon/Harald Hoffmann

(Written on November 23, 2017 )

WildKat PR is excited to welcome Lizzie Ball to our roster. A truly gifted artist, Lizzie Ball is a classical trained violinist and vocalist. She is known for creating Classical Kicks, a series of shows that was established at London’s famous Ronnie Scott’s, as well as a number of other exciting collaborations. The series centres on broadening peoples’horizons for classical music by combining classical music performances at the highest level with a down-to -earth approach that allows everyone to engage with the genre.

This sums up what Lizzie is all about: She thinks outside the box to create opportunities for people to listen to stunning music while looking past all the usual conventions. She is always open to fresh and different approaches and thus her performances are always one of a kind.

Her exceptional musical skills are paired with an exuberant energy that immediately captivates the audiences. Her sounds are a combination of jazz, world, folk, bluegrass, rock and, of course, classical music. She delivers a modern and creative touch, combining all the musical impacts in her life and sharing it with the audiences. Through this she is rejuvenating the fundamentals of the classical genre. Her skills, her improvisation, her expression are the driving factors of finding a new sound, and a new perception. To quote Lizzie:

“I love creating an experience. It’s about connecting the music with the audience always. Whether it’s through my violin, my singing or when producing concert performance formats.”

Lately she has been working on a new show Viva la Vidacon Frida. This multi-media presentation is a musical journey through the life, times, art of Frida Kahlo which consists of part-concert, part talk, part imagery. Together with Mexican guitarist Morgan Szymanski, the duo play Mexican folk songs, jazz songs and classical compositions, that relate to the life of Frida Kahlo. The show also includes a live specially curated film that shows Frida Kahlo’s art, and images of the female icon aswell as Mexican imagery and illustration.

Besides her own projects, Lizzie has also been featured extensively as a classical performer with the BBC Proms, the Berliner Philharmonie and at Wigmore Hall. She has worked extensively with Nigel Kennedy, becoming the concertmaster of his orchestra of life. Her experiences in the world of rock and pop have earned her collaborations with artists, such as Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson. As a session musician, she has worked with a number of artists including Seal, Adele, Kylie Minogue and Kanye West.

She can transition between genres and styles like no other artist and through those abilities she is creating something new and exciting every step of the way.

Lizzie Ball ©Silvia Cruz



(Written on October 16, 2017 )

In today’s news: 3 reasons why you should be excited for Rattle’s return, Leading musicians protest St Sepulchre’s ban on secular bookings, and Spotify and Warner sign multi-year licensing deal. Orchestra from Schwerin wins Youth Orchestra Prize, Amazon Music and Deutsche Grammophon join for internet radio, and da Vinci’s instrument has been built for the very first time!

M Magazine

PPL hosts classical music seminar

PPL, the UK collecting society for record companies and performers, is staging a classical music seminar next month.

BBC Music Magazine

3 reasons why you should be excited for Rattle’s return

As the British maestro prepares to pick up the baton on home turf, we look at what lies in store…

Classical Music Magazine

Leading musicians protest St Sepulchre’s ban on secular bookings

More than 50 leading figures from the classical music world have signed a letter urging St Sepulchre-without-Newgate to reverse its decision to ban ‘non-religious hiring’ of its facilities.

The Violin Channel

Philadelphia Orchestra Announce New Section Violin Appointments

The Philadelphia Orchestra has announced the appointment of violinists Yu-Ting Chen and Jeoung-Yin Kim to their Second Violin Section

The Strad

Highlights from Tarisio October auction: instruments by Santo Serafin and Andrea Guarneri

The online auctioneer’s full catalogue for the London-based auction will be released on 4 October

Music Business Worldwide

Spotify and Warner sign multi-year licensing deal

Spotify has convinced all the major labels to sign up to new multi-year licensing deals.


25th Moritzburg Festival sold 97% of available tickets

On Sunday, the 25th Moritzburg Festival ended with a considerable success. An average of 97% of the available tickets were sold and a total of over 6,600 guests came to the festival.


The Song Company unveils its 2018 season

Highlights include world premieres, an Indigenous dance collaboration, and the chamber version of Fauré’s Requiem.


Schweriner gewinnen Deutschen Jugendorchesterpreis

Das Jugendsinfonieorchester Schwerin hat den Deutschen Orchesterpreis 2016/17 gewonnen.


‘Amazon Music’ und ‘Deutsche Grammophon’ machen Internet-Radio

In Kooperation mit ‘Amazon Music’ präsentiert das Label ‘Deutsche Grammophon’ eine große Auswahl seiner Aufnahmen ab sofort in einem Streaming-Radiosender.

Von Leonardo da Vinci entworfenes Instrument zum ersten Mal gebaut

Der polnische Pianist und Instrumentenbauer Slawomir Zubrzycki hat ein von Leonardo da Vinci in den Jahren 1488/89 entworfenes, jedoch bislang nie in die Realität umgesetztes Instrumenten zum ersten Mal gebaut.


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A bright and beautiful morning to make an early start for pleasures with and ! on our way!










(Written on August 25, 2017 )

In today’s news: David Sulkin to join National Opera Studio in new role, and Joshua Bell and VC Rising Star Yesong Sophie Lee Called to replace Lang Lang. Composer Peteris Plakidis has died, ticket presale for Deutsche Radio Philharmonic begins, and tickets for Elbphilharmonie in high demand.

Opera Now

David Sulkin to join National Opera Studio in new role

David Sulkin OBE is to join the National Opera Studio (NOS) in the new role of director of artist development.

Music Teacher

PMLL and CLA announce arrangement competition

Printed Music Licensing Limited (PMLL) and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) have launched a competition to promote the educational use of printed music.

Early Music Today

Brighton Early Music Festival announces 2017 programme

The 2017 Brighton Early Music Festival (27 October – 12 November) will explore the idea of ‘roots’ over more than 30 events.

The Violin Channel

Joshua Bell and VC Rising Star Yesong Sophie Lee Called to Replace Lang Lang

Lang Lang has withdrawn from his upcoming performance with the Richmond Symphony – and will be replaced by superstar violinist Joshua Bell and VC Rising Star Yesong Sophie Lee.


Selby & Friends unveils its 2018 season

Pianist Kathryn Selby is joined by a raft of old and new friends in an excitingly diverse season.


Plans for a new concert hall in Ekaterinburg

The project of a new concert hall in Yekaterinburg was presented during an architectural conference in Russia.

Komponist Peteris Plakidis gestorben

Der lettische Komponist Peteris Plakidis ist tot. Er starb in der letzten Woche im Alter von 70 Jahren.

Klassik Heute

Kartenvorverkauf für die Jubiläumssaison der Deutschen Radio Phiharmonie beginnt

Am Samstag, 19. August, 9.30 Uhr, startet der Kartenverkauf für die Konzertsaison 2017/18 der Deutschen Radio Philharmonie im „SR-Shop im Musikhaus Knopp“ in Saarbrücken (Telefon: 0681-9 880 880), bei allen proticket-Vorverkaufsstellen und im Internet unter


Hamburger Elbphilharmonie: Tickets heiß begehrt!
Am Montag begann der Vorverkauf für die Tickets der kommenden Saison in der Elbphilharmonie – und viele Konzerte waren bereits nach wenigen Minuten ausverkauft.


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in 1876 FP of ‘s Ring Cycle with Die Walkure, at Bayreuth.


pianist Kathryn Selby, © Limelight Magazine






(Written on August 14, 2017 )