Known for his ingenious fusions of lyrical melodies and electronic atmospheres, Brazilian composer Corciolli offers a synthesis of musical textures, genres and world cultures in his music. These themes are demonstrated in the composer and instrumentalist’s new album, No Time But Eternity, to be released on November 12, 2021. The Brazilian composer’s work portrays his fluid musical writing with a rare understanding and sense between acoustic and electronic components, using the piano to intertwine analog and digital worlds together.

No Time But Eternity consists of twelve tracks that encapsulate Corciolli’s unique compositional universe, where boundaries are crossed with great sensitivity. The album also navigates aesthetics from a multitude of world cultures, with special appearances by Armenian duduk player, Arsen Petrosyan. The single “Ulimwengu” also features Kenyan singers Eric Wainaina and Vini Ngugi, further demonstrating Corcioli’s desire to intertwine an array of musical influences and cultures into his musical craft. Mixed by award-winning American sound engineer Alan Meyerson and directed by Brazilian director and photographer Fábio Knoll, the project captures both Corciolli’s compositional talent but also his interest in the wonders of the planet and its vulnerability.

We are delighted to be working with Corciolli on a public relations campaign for the release of his album No Time But Eternity


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