Dorrit Bauerecker


Dorrit Bauerecker is a German pianist and accordionist in contemporary music. As a “multitasking virtuoso”, she uses multiple instruments as well as her voice in order to create unique performances during which she challenges herself to push musical boundaries.

‘ONE WOMAN BAND – Experimental Music Circus’, Bauerecker’s newest album, was released on 2 April by Kaleidos Musikeditionen and is a co-production with BR-Klassik. Two newly commissioned compositions by Moritz Eggert provide a musical framework for this piece of work. On the album, Bauerecker switches between the piano, toy piano, accordion and many other sound generators to find out the boundaries of what she can play simultaneously as a single instrumentalist.

At a virtual concert experience on 7 May, Dorrit Bauerecker will present selected pieces from the album together with Moritz Eggert. In this stream, she will lead her audience through a course of contemporary compositions and provide them with a new, visual component to her music.

WildKat is happy to be working on Press and PR for the album ‘ONE WOMAN BAND – Experimental Music Circus’.


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