Duo Morat – Fergo

Classical Guitarists

Known for their inventive arrangements and interpretations of 19th Century piano music, the critically acclaimed Swiss-Danish guitar duo have established themselves as one of the most exceptional guitar duos to emerge in recent years. Duo Morat-Fergo was founded by classical guitarists Raoul Morat and Christian Fergo in 2014, following a mutual enchantment for Franz Schubert’s music, which inspired them to start performing the Austrian composer’s masterpieces. Bewitched by Schubert’s music, the duo released their debut album ‘A Sentimental Moment’ on Challenge Classics in 2018, which consisted of transcriptions of Schubert’s piano music for the guitar duo. Previously, the pair studied together at the music academy of Lucerne with classical guitarist Frank Bungarten. Christian and Raoul have performed as a duo and soloists in a variety of countries including Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Ireland, and China.

The classical guitar duo, Duo Morat-Fergo, have just released their second CD, ‘Mozart Piano Sonatas for Guitar Duo’, with Challenge Classics (release date 8 October 2021). The release consists of four lively yet delicate arrangements of Mozart’s Piano Sonatas for Viennese guitars, with Mozart’s Sonata No. 10 in G Major, Sonata No. 5 in C Major, Sonata No. 4 in G Major, and Sonata No. 11 in D Major. The inspiration behind the release stems from the duo’s curiosity as to how Mozart might have expressed his genius on the Viennese guitar and the duo’s certainty that the romantic guitar and the fortepiano are alike in qualities. Previously, the duo’s debut album ‘A Sentimental Moment received glowing reviews, being labeled as “enchanting” (Tagesspiegel) and a “wonderful new recording” (SRF2, Swiss Radio 2). 


Wildkat is delighted to be working with Duo Morat – Fergo on a UK PR campaign for the release of ‘Mozart Piano Sonatas for Guitar Duo’.



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