Ensemble BPM

Multimedia performance specialists

Founded in 2010 by Nick Sutcliffe, Ensemble BPM specialises in the creation of contemporary musical multimedia, embracing the inseparability of musical and theatrical thought. Collaborating with both emerging and established artists, they create vivid, accessible and immersive works of art that reflect the pace and flux of modern cultural life. Their work aims to illuminate the sights and sounds of an increasingly complex world.

Ensemble BPM presented the first ever opera staged live at an IMAX theatre in 2015 with performances of Pulitzer-prize winning composer Steve Reich and video artist Beryl Korot’s Three Tales at the London Science Museum’s IMAX Theatre. Incorporating live orchestra and singers, sampled audio, re-processed historical film and interviews with prescient cultural thinkers, Three Tales is a video opera that examines man’s deepening relationship with technology. The production was presented in association with a conference at the Institute of Historical Research entitled Being Modern: Science and Culture in the early Twentieth Century. The first performance, on 22 April 2015, marked the centenary of the first use of chemical weapons in warfare.

Ensemble BPM is only the second group to stage Three Tales since the work’s 2002 premiere. The production was conducted by Artistic Director Nick Sutcliffe, directed by Matthew Eberhardt and produced by Amanda Carrick. It was supported by the London Science Museum, Arts Council England, AHRC and The Hinrichsen Foundation.


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