Ensemble Mini

Chamber Ensemble

Ensemble Mini is a courageous collective of supersonic soloists from German symphony orchestras that repackages super symphonic music for new audiences.

This Spring 2021, Ensemble Mini announced the release of the “unfinished” Mahler’s Symphony No. 10 as a follow-up to the ensemble’s debut disc of Mahler’s 9th Symphony from 2014, also on the ARS-Produktion label.

Often commissioning world premiere arrangements for innovative late-night projects, its mission is to revolutionise the style, sound and setting of classical concerts. This began in 2010 with “mini-Mahler” at Philharmonie Berlin, followed by “Strauss 150: New Perspectives” at STATTBAD Berlin, “From Russia with Soul” at Griessmühle Berlin and “Bartók Beyond Borders” at Musikbrauerei Berlin, from where the recording of Mahler’s 10th Symphony is also taken.

Recreated by Michelle Castelletti for chamber ensemble, Ensemble Mini’s unique approach with the symphony helps to transport us into a new perspective and see Mahler transformed for a contemporary audience.

WildKat is delighted to be working on a PR campaign across UK and Germany for Ensemble Mini’s release of Mahler 10. 


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