Ensemble Nouvelles Portées


Ensemble Nouvelles Portées was founded in December 2014 by Marc Hajjar and Victor Jacob. From the friendship of these two young conductors, graduates of the Masters in Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London, came the idea of a unique ensemble, for which they share the artistic direction.

Their shared vision is rooted in showcasing young musical talent, trained at the finest French and European conservatoires. The Ensemble Nouvelles Portées regularly calls on soloists to contribute to their success. At the heart of the orchestra’s twofold ambition is the defense of a rarely performed repertoire, including young contemporary works. The aim, for instrumentalists and conductors alike, is to bring these musical works to the attention of the public, to astonish the initiated and convert the uninitiated.

They are now offering a new version of the symphony concert based on a dual artistic and sonic vision of the orchestra and the repertoire performed, giving audiences a unique musical experience. Two flagship projects bring together all the qualities and originality of this extraordinary ensemble: “L’Orchestre à Votre Portée”, a new symphonic concept, and “Un Orchestre, Deux Chefs”. The ensemble has also commissioned its first piece for two conductors from composer Karol Beffa.

WildKat Paris is thrilled to help ENP promote its concerts in Ground Control (Paris) in December and to help it on its socials.


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