Gifts From Crows

Instrumentalist and Composer

The debut album from Gifts from Crows, “Holding a Thought Forever” will be released on all digital platforms from 19 February 2021. The forthcoming album is a hauntingly beautiful collection of piano instrumentals augmented with samples, electronics and string arrangements.

Gifts From Crows has created 13 mythical gifts to be sought, from Intrigue and Transformation to Sorrow and Mercy. These treasures are part of the album as illustrations and descriptive text. Recorded during the enforced lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic, the album addresses our individual and collective relationship with nature in a world where life is increasingly precarious.

Already reaching thousands of listeners on Spotify, Gifts From Crows’ debut album is highly anticipated as a thoughtful and poignant collection of pieces that is particularly resonant in these uncertain times.

WildKat looks forward to working with Gifts From Crows on Press and PR for the release of the new album.


Press and PR