Katharina Nohl

Composer and Pianist

Katharina was born in the DDR and studied musicology in England and Italy. Her works reflect her artistic openness, which Nohl shapes with various influences into very melodic, emotional pieces. In recent years the pianist has given international concerts in Russia, England, Switzerland and Germany. This year the composer is releasing her largest orchestrated work to date: a 20-minute rhapsody for piano and orchestra with oriental influences.

Katharina advocates for more opportunities for women composers in the Swiss music scene. On December 5 ansd 6 the “Swiss Female Composers Festival” in Zurich, initiated by Nohl, will take place for the first time, focusing on music by female composers living in Switzerland. The festival offers women composers a unique platform to present their orchestral works together with the chamber orchestra I TEMPI.

In 2016 her album “Creating Childhood” was released on which she performs together with her daughters. The focus of this CD project is the awareness of creating a childhood. Today she lives and works in Switzerland. Among other things she initiates school projects with children in Germany and Switzerland.

This year WildKat supports Katharina Nohl with a press and social media campaign.


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