Maak & Albertz


Anna-Maria Maak and Sef Albertz are an artist couple in an unusual combination in today’s music scene. He is a composer and writes the music for her, the pianist, who considers her primary task to present his artistic work to a wide audience: An artistic symbiosis that, in a very particular way, continues the tradition of creative collaboration a la ‘Clara and Robert Schumann’ (“…a very appropriate comparison”-LVZ, May 18 2018).

“A great composer…a fantastic performer…a powerful work!” is the opinion of the Estonian-American conductor Kristjan Järvi, with whom Maak & Albertz have already successfully worked together. Maak & Albertz have consciously and consistently expanded their artistic ideas: from the conception and realization of multimedia projects, to the creation and implementation of the Ibero-American music festival “Con Guitarra” (“A fine festival…a jewel”, reported the Leipziger Volkszeitung), which has had the support of national and international institutions such as UNESCO, the University of Leipzig and the Cervantes Institute of Spain. All these projects have been based on unique concepts. The talents of the duo have become increasingly evident throughout this process, not only as musicians (interpreter and composer), but also in the area of video and sound design, photography, and the conception and dramaturgy of programs.

Interested in new challenges and collaborations, Maak & Albertz performed in late March 2019 the world premiere of ‘Aria, Ciaccona & Vivace’ the result of an exciting collaboration with composer Krzysztof Penderecki. This was the last premiere in the lifetime of the renowned composer, and a year after his passing, his first solo piano music appears on the musician couple’s new release, giving it symbolic significance. On the coming album In the Secret of the World (Sept. 17, 2021), she performs a programme of all world premiere recordings that includes both the work of the Polish creator as well as the interculturally influenced music of the German-Venezuelan composer Sef Albertz.

In the Secret of the World spans a wider dramaturgical arc and rounds off an overall concept that began with the previous 2018 production Resplendences around Bach: “…a recording that brings both interesting and innovative ideas”(PIANONews, June 2019). It is a creative approach to exploring identity and truthful perception of the artistic. The influences of Bach, Beethoven and other composers have a place, as well as Ibero-American culture, pop and electronic music. Thus, the artistic-creative discourse is transformed into a cosmopolitan vision.

“With our music, we move in the secret of the world without the urge to unveil a secret, but in the perceptual realm of inexplicable, deep sensations that enrich the experience of life and interpersonal connections”, according to Maak & Albertz.


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