International Wimbledon Music Festival’s Musicians on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune

Tuesday 20th November 2012

This week and last, BBC Radio 3’s In Tune has welcomed world-class musicians who will be performing at the International Wimbledon Music Festival. Last week, Mikhail Rudy provided listeners with a glimpse of ‘Petrushka’, which was performed the following night at St. John’s, along with works by Prokofiev. The New Zealand String Quartet appeared on the show yesterday, to discuss the festival and perform a selection of the music they will be performing this evening. Along with the works by Mendelssohn and New Zealand composer, Jack Body, the quartet will play Beethoven’s Quartet in C Sharp Minor at the concert at St. John’s, Spencer Hill.

To listen again to The New Zealand Quartet on In Tune, click here.

For more information on tonight’s concert, and other events at the International Wimbledon Music Festival, visit the website here.

Tune in to Radio 3 at 4:30pm today, as Christine Brewer will be appearing on In Tune.

Image Credit: Maarten Holl