12th June: Helmut Lachenmann, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and Jason Vieaux

Tuesday 12th June 2012

The Guardian

A guide to Helmut Lachenmann’s music

Ever wondered what a beetle on its back sounds like? Try opening your ears to the virtuosity of Lachenmann’s music.

Jessica Duchen

My first night shift

Full marks to the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment not just for magnificent playing but also for creative thinking; and for their willingness to experiment with the new, as well as resuscitating the old.

LA Times

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Diamond Jubilee royal tribute top charts

Andrew Lloyd Webber has another hit single — this time fit for a queen.

Arts Journal – Slipped Disc

Tel Aviv Wagner concert is cancelled again as hotel pulls down shutters

The ice-break Wagner concert that Tel Aviv University turned down after protests from Holocaust survivors has now been shut out by its substitute venue, the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel.

Famous US orchestra may go part time

It was founded in 1959 as an economic alternative to the Big Beast Five and has flourished ever since as America’s only full-time chamber orchestra. But hard times have hit St Paul, Minnesota, and the orchestra needs to trim $1.5 million off next year’s budget.

Orchestra arrested at London Gatwick Airport

The opening concert of this year’s Spitalfields Festival almost had to be cancelled last night because of the over-zealous Border Agency officials at Gatwick, and possibly lax ones in Holland.


Jason Vieaux launches online Classical Guitar School

Guitarist Jason Vieaux launches an online Classical Guitar School on June 14, the first of its kind for the instrument.

The Times

A burst of opera takes library users by surprise

Standing on top of a carousel of large-print books, a lovestruck librarian is singing her heart out to her suitor, a gawky young fellow who for years has admired her from afar.

Musical suicide? The opera about a London bomb plot

By presenting Edward Rushton’s Babur in London the company seems determined to be not just provocative but incendiary.