13th August: Closing Ceremonies, World’s Bravest Orchestra and New Musical Centres

Monday 13th August 2012

Classic FM

Classical Music Features at the Olympic Closing Ceremony 

Julian Lloyd Webber, the London Symphony Orchestra and others featured alongside pop and rock artists in the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

‘Hip-Hop violinist’ Phantom video is online hit 

Californian violinist’s new Youtube video has become an instant viral hit.

Kayaking is ‘like Mozart,’ says Olympic coach 

Guiglelmo Guerrini says that his wife’s performance was comparable to conducting and performing classical music.

Arts Journal- Slipped Disc 

Breaking: A mighty organist has died 

Carlo Curley has died at age 59.

Nobody wants to audition for Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 

At a recent Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Audition only one-third of the usual number of candidates appeared.

Manchester Leader gets a Strad on Loan 

Giovanni Guzzo, concertmaster of the Manchester Camerata has been given a month’s loan of a Strad by a local philanthropist.

The Independent 

‘World’s bravest Orchestra’ defies the bombers

Iraqi musicians make their international concert debut in Britain.

Opera News

Moving to the Center 

Jennifer Melick visits Manhattan’s brand-new National Opera Center.