13th January – Brahms discovery, Anthony Hopkins and Mark-Anthony Turnage

Friday 13th January 2012

The Times

Mark-Anthony Turnage: A Constant Obsession.

Geoff Brown finds ‘these Turnage premiere recordings of recent works bouncing along in superb sound; superb artistry too, with pungent playing from Chamber Domaine, conducted by Thomas Kemp’.

The Independent

Anthony Hopkins: Hannibal Hits The High Notes With A Classic Performance.

The Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins has composed a collection of classical works. Many of the pieces are inspired by memories of his childhood in south Wales, he tells Jessica Duchen.

New York Times

Ringing Finally Ended, But There’s No Button To Stop Shame.

They were baying for blood in the usually polite precincts of Avery Fisher Hall after an iPhone marimba ring tone interrupted a performance of Mahler’s 9th Symphony.

LA Times

Composer Andrew Norman Joins Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.

Composer Andrew Norman will be joining the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra as its new composer-in-residence.

BBC News

BBC Radio 3 To Premiere Unheard Brahms Work.

A recently discovered piano work by the composer Johannes Brahms is to be given its world premiere by Radio 3.

The Guardian

Birmingham’s Symphony Hall Celebrates 21 Years.

The country’s best hall for orchestral music? No contest: Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. And it’s celebrating its 21 years in style writes Tom Service.