13th September: Nobel prize, 20th anniversary of Operalia, and Ray Dolby dies

Friday 13th September 2013


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Gramophone discuss the instrumental, orcehstral, early, baroque vocal and opera winners, which is now available to stream or download

The Independent

‘A true visionary’: Sound pioneer Ray Dolby dies aged 80

American inventor Ray Dolby, the audio pioneer and founder of Dolby Laboratories, has died at 80.

Musical Instrument Professional

Barnado’s in Guinness World Record-breaking ocarina ensemble bid

As part of Barnado’s Young Supporters Concert, school children and audience members will attempt to break the Guinness World record for the world’s largest ocarina ensemble.

The Guardian

Ig Nobel prize for discovery that opera is good for a mouse’s heart

Mice given heart transplants survived 20 days longer if they listened to La Traviata

Medici TV

Operalia, 20 years of operatic passion

The famous opera competition Operalia has reached an important milestone, its 20th anniversary. Founder and world renowned Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo takes pride in searching for the voices of tomorrow

BBC Music Magazine

BBC launches vote for the greatest film soundtrack of all time

The BBC has invited audiences to vote for their favourite film soundtrack of all time as part of its Sound Of Cinema season


Alban Gerhardt: Bach am Bahnhof

Um klassische Musik den Menschen näherzubringen, reist der Weltklasse-Cellist durch Deutschland. Mit dem Zug. Er konzertiert an Bahnhöfen, im Trubel des Reiseverkehrs

The Guardian

The Guardian