15th August: Euromillions, Black-outs and Crowd-pleasers

Wednesday 15th August 2012

Classic FM

Nigel Kennedy: Classical Artists only last ‘five years’

Nigel Kennedy has lashed out at the music industry and says that they do not develop their artists anymore.

James Rhodes’ unusual practice habits

Rock star concert pianist James ‘Jimmy’ Rhodes is glad London 2012 is over so he has more time to practice.

EuroMillions winners to expand music shop 

The couple that won £148m in his week’s Euromilions jackpot plan to put some money into their music shop business.

World Soundtrack Award nominees announced 

Nominations for soundtrack composers are announced for the 12th annual World Soundtrack Awards.

Arts Journal- Slipped Disc

Horror: young Houston Opera singer killed in car smash

Laura Botkin dies at age 27.

Rachmaninov’s Bells blacked out in Edinburgh Festival embarrassment 

Disaster strikes for London Philharmonic at Edinburgh performance.

Hot News from the Heimat: Classical sales and subscriptions up across Germany 

The German Orchestra Society has just reported a record season for ticket sales.


Royal Opera House endorses longer runs of popular classics 

Crowd-Pleasers to become standard programming alongside lesser-known works.

BBC News

Stars attend Marvin Hamlisch funeral 

Friends of Marvin Hamlisch have gathered in New York to pay respects to the composer,who dies last week.

One-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthy ‘an inspiration’

Nicholas McCarthy graduates from the Royal College of Music.