16th Feb: Interpreting issues, Erwin Schrott and Schubert’s 215th birthday

Thursday 16th February 2012


A Composer’s conduct 

Should a conductor follow a composer’s manuscript or his recordings when interpreting a work?

BBC Radio 3 presents eight-day Schubert marathon

Station to broadcast 200 hours of music to mark the composer’s 215th birthday

LA Times 

Even Dudamel is wowed by huge Mahler Eighth rehearsal in Caracas

This is going to be big.

NY Times 

Fighting Poverty, Armed With Violins

“From the time they start playing and performing for others, they feel they are proud of what they are doing,” Mr. Méndez said.

The Telegraph 

Erwin Schrott on ‘Don Giovanni’: electrifying Don prepares to switch off 

Erwin Schrott talks to Rupert Christiansen about his return to Covent Garden and his pin-up image .

The Guardian 

Thelma: an opera world premiere

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s opera Thelma is getting its very belated premiere this week. In 2012, the centenary of his death, will Croydon’s most famous musical son finally get the recognition that has so long been denied him?

Musical lives cut short isn’t just a rock’n’roll phenomenon

The pop world is this week mourning Whitney Houston’s early death, but talented musicians have long lived too fast and died too young