16th May: David Robertson, Leonard Cohen and Jorma Silvasti

Wednesday 16th May 2012

The Telegraph

Pop stars like Damon Albarn finally understand classical music

After decades of risible fusions, artists today like Damon Albarn really know how to mix the old and new.


Cellist wins 2012 BBC Young Musician contest

Fifteen-year old Laura van der Heijden takes the £2000 prize.

David Robertson appointed Sydney Symphony artistic director

Conductor signs up to a five-year term from 2014.

Why so many conducting Finns?

An extraordinary one-off project reveals a lot about a small country’s podium prowess.

ArtsJournal – Slipped Disc

Iran marks Mahler Day 

Press TV, official outlet of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has announced a concert tomorrow at Jalil Shahnazi Hall in Tehran for what is described as ‘the 101th death anniversary ceremony’ of Gustav Mahler.

Good man: Leonard Cohen gives away the rest of his prize – to the arts

There were those who muttered when Leonard Cohen won the Glenn Gould prize last year that the poor fellow was going to need the case after being cleaned out by a fraudster.

Singer appointed chief of major opera festival

The  Finnish tenor Jorma Silvasti, 53, is to be the next artistic drector of Savonlinna, a festival that trusts performers to run it more than suits.