16th November: Trainee Teacher Thief, Superhuman Speed Violinist, and Opera for Babies

Friday 16th November 2012


Sound and Music launches public consultation

New music body asks composers, arts organisations, educators and audience members to help shape its renewed vision

Classic FM

Placido Domingo to be named UNESCO ambassador

The world famous tenor is to be appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador on 21 November.

Evening Standard

Trainee teacher who stole £500,000 violin jailed

A trainee teacher who stole a rare 18th-century violin worth £500,000 has been jailed for eight months.

The Guardian

Opera for babies

Norwegian composer and performer Maja Ratkje has worked with classical groups and metal bands. But it is her opera for babies that has brought her international fame

The Telegraph

World’s Fastest Superhuman title awarded to speed violinist Ben Lee

Violinist Ben Lee, who can play Flight of the Bumblebee at an average of 15 notes per second, is declared the quickest human on the planet.

Slipped Disc

One of Europe’s biggest music libraries is about to be demolished

As part of the Dutch government’s plans to dismantle the Broadcast Music Centre in Haarlem – plans that also involve the abolition of an orchestra and chorus – one of the biggest sheet music libraries in western Europe is going to disappear.

Opera Now

Jubilee Opera presents new Lord Nelson show this weekend

Hip Hop Horatio is a new music theatre work by Michael Hurd, staged by Jubilee Opera this weekend

Limelight Magazine

Crossover queens, opera imposters: “keep off our turf!”

Let this be a warning to pop singers who want to dabble in opera, but haven’t done the hard yards.

The Guardian