19th March: Prodigy Pianist, Child Cellist and Battle Over Opera

Tuesday 19th March 2013

The Guardian

Debate: have modern opera singers got the wrong attitude?

Antonio Pappano, the director of music at the Royal Opera House, has criticised contemporary opera stars for their ‘weakness’. Is he right? Peter Conrad and Christopher Gillett debate the matter

The Telegraph

Unseemly battle over opera in the park

They make for unlikely opponents but residents in one of the capital’s most sought-after neighbourhoods have been pitched into an unseemly battle against opera lovers over plans to stage music events there.

BBC News

Press regulation: Papers seek legal advice

A number of national newspapers are taking “high-level legal advice” about whether to co-operate with a new press watchdog established by royal charter and backed by legislation.


The Tallis Scholars release digital single by Eric Whitacre today

Sainte-Chapelle has been composed for the group’s 40th anniversary – hear an excerpt on the Gramophone Player!

Classic FM

Five-year-old pianist to play Carnegie Hall

A talented young prodigy is preparing to perform in New York and Italy – even before his feet can reach the pedals.

Huffington Post

Malik Kofi, 11-Year-Old Child Prodigy, Becomes The Star Of An Upcoming Documentary, ‘Little Music Manchild’

At a height of just over five feet tall, an instrument like the cello nearly eclipses the body of 11-year-old child prodigy Malik Kofi.

Music Week

£4.5m made available for music organisations working with young-people

UK charity Youth Music has announced plans to fund new opportunities for children and young people, granting over £4.5m in funding to 108 music organisations that span all genres.

Opera-Holland-Park_2511149b The Telegraph