1st October: Edible Opera Algae, Revived Vivaldi Violin Sonata, and Politicians at the Opera.

Monday 1st October 2012

BBC Music Magazine

Mendelssohn’s statue returns to Düsseldorf

A reconstruction of a statue, that was removed in the Nazi era, is unveiled in Düsseldorf

Deceptive Cadence, NPR

In Ohio, A Three-Way Musical Marriage Of Convenience

Symphony orchestras across the country are in turmoil. Musicians in Chicago are on strike, their counterparts in Atlanta have been locked out, and contracts for both the Minneapolis Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra expire Sunday and all sides seem to be at an impasse.

Financial Times

Orchestral manoeuvres

The LSO marks the centenary of its pioneering transatlantic tour

Hero Complex, LA Times (found on Arts Journal)

For composers, video games are the surreal land of opportunity

Ramin Djawadi always dreamed of composing a film score, and the Berklee College of Music graduate has done plenty, including 2008’s “Iron Man.”

Wired (found on Arts Journal)

David Byrne Breaks Down How Music Works in New Book

David Byrne’s impressive output over the past four decades reaches far beyond his work as a musician, most famously in Talking Heads and in numerous solo albums and collaborations.

The Telegraph

George Osborne and Michael Gove book a return ticket to the opera

George Osborne will return to the Royal Opera House for the third and fourth epic operas in Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle after watching the second part this week.

io9 (found on Musical Chairs)

Opera singer grows algae on her face by feeding it with her breath and then the audience eats it

No, what you’re looking at is not some kind of lost prop from an old Alien movie. Rather, it’s part of an After Agri performance that was showcased at the recently concluded Digital Design Weekend at the V&A.


Work to be performed for the first time in 250 years at the Foundling Museum

Slipped Disc

UK composer says Mexico City is safer than London streets

Michael Nyman has sounded off in his former local newspaper, in the North London borough of Islington.