23rd December: Best classical music of 2013 & City of Culture leaves Derry with a £900,000 legacy

Monday 23rd December 2013

The Observer

The best classical music of 2013: Fiona Maddocks’s choice

“Marin Alsop made history while some of her male counterparts made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. And you couldn’t move for Rings and Albert Herrings,” says Fiona Maddocks.

The Celebrity Cafe

Vienna Philharmonic orchestra strips honors from former Nazi leaders

The Vienna Philharmonic has announced that it has stripped honors bestowed upon six former Nazi officials. The move is being welcomed by many as the Philharmonic is seen as too secretive.

The Vancouver Sun

Mozart Effect a myth, say researchers

The idea that music can make a child smarter is based on one subsequently debunked study published in the journal Nature that found subjects performed better on spatial tasks after listening to music. In a new study which focuses on cognition, four-year-olds who attended visual arts classes performed comparably on vocabulary and numerical tasks to those who received musical training.

The Globe and Mail

Beyonce’s lesson? In a streaming world, marketing music takes serious creativity

The launch of Beyoncé was a pop-culture event in itself, quite apart from the actual music.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Symphony raises $1 million of $5 million emergency goal

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has received more than $1 million in donations and pledges since announcing its $5 million emergency fundraising campaign earlier this month, the organization’s president and chief executive said Friday.

Classical Music Magazine

Derry launches £900,000 legacy plans as City of Culture year comes to an end

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Derry City Council have launched a £900,000 legacy fund ‘to continue the cultural transformation of the city’ as its year as the first UK City of Culture comes to an end.

Classical Music Magazine

Classical Music Magazine