3rd October: Classical Music bar hopping, Stagehand Strike, and Einaudi’s passion

Thursday 3rd October 2013

The New Yorker

Classical Music’s Hell Week

Crisis in classical music across America

Calgary Herald

Classical music goes bar-hopping at Bison Noir

This weekend, music lovers can go from classical to post-classical in a single $6 cab ride

The Daily Star

Classical Music workshop at Bengal Café

Bengal-ITC SRA Classical Music Festival, held last year at Dhaka’s Army stadium, created a stir among artistes, music connoisseurs and enthusiasts

Arts Beat

Carnegie Hall Opening Gala Canceled Because of Stagehand Strike

Carnegie seems to have decided to take a stand against powerful union, refusing in contract talks to let the stagehands extend their sway to an educational wing to be opened next year above the hall

Music Week

German live entertainment ticket sales dropped 16% in 2012 

Across many genres including classical music, Germany’s live entertainment market saw a 16% decline in income in 2012 according to a new report


Einaudi shares his passion for music

Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi shares his talent that allows him to perform at sell-out shows worldwide

The New Yorker

The New Yorker