24th April: Watch 40 of the world’s greatest opera stars performing from home, “Music industry in figures” – BVMI Yearbook 2019, Bordeaux Opera: curtain down for the season

Friday 24th April 2020

Watch 40 of the world’s greatest opera stars performing from home this Saturday

The Metropolitan Opera will streaming its be At-Home Gala on Saturday, April 25, at 1pm EDT, featuring performances by many of the world’s most prominent opera stars, live from their own quarantines around the world. Hosted by General Manager Peter Gelb in New York City and music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin in Montreal, the programme will feature artists including Renée Fleming, Jonas Kaufmann, Anna Netrebko, Sonya Yoncheva, Roberto Alagna, Christine Goerke, Jamie Barton, Diana Damrau, Angel Blue and many more Met regulars, all performing from their own homes. The event will be streamed for free on the Met’s website.

‘While the Met is famous for its high-definition transmissions into cinemas, this will be a great artistic but low-tech operation,’ said Gelb, noting that the performances will be relayed in real time from the singers’ laptops and transmitted via Skype in what will nonetheless be a complicated exercise in logistics and time zones. ‘We will be providing operatic uplift to our audiences, as well as for our singers, who are eager to connect with their fans.’

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„Musikindustrie in Zahlen“ – BVMI-Jahrbuch 2019 ab sofort abrufbar als kostenfreies E-Paper

Der Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) hat gestern die neue Ausgabe des jährlich erscheinenden Reports „Musikindustrie in Zahlen“ mit den zentralen Marktdaten 2019 veröffentlicht. Neben den Details zu Um- und Absatz, die bereits am 27. Februar gemeldet worden sind, liefert der Bericht jedes Jahr auch Daten zu Musiknutzung, Musikhandel, Repertoire und Charts sowie zu den Profilen von Musikkäuferinnen und -käufern in Deutschland.

„Musikindustrie in Zahlen“ ist der turnusgemäß im Frühjahr veröffentlichte Bericht des BVMI zum vorherigen Branchenjahr. Die Veröffentlichung enthält keine Zahlen zu den Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie auf die Marktentwicklung.

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“Music industry in figures” – BVMI Yearbook 2019 now available as free e-paper

Yesterday, the German Music Industry Association (BVMI) published the new edition of the annual report “Music Industry in Figures” with the central market data for 2019. In addition to the details on turnover and sales, which were already reported on 27 February, the report also provides data on music usage, music trade, repertoire and charts as well as the profiles of music buyers in Germany every year.

“Music Industry in Figures” is the BVMI’s report on the previous year in the music industry, which is published in spring. The publication does not contain any figures on the effects of the Corona pandemic on market development.

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Opéra de Bordeaux: baisser de rideau pour la saison

“Annulé”, “annulé”, “annulé”. Aucune représentation prévue sur le calendrier n’y échappe.
Depuis le 13 mars l’Opéra National de Bordeaux (ONB) a suspendu son activité en raison de la pandémie qui a finalement eu raison de la saison 2019-2020 puisque celle-ci ne reprendra pas. Au total 81 représentations sont suspendues dont des spectacles qui annonçaient complet comme la trilogie des opéras de Mozart. “Il est toujours très difficile de devoir renoncer à une levée de rideau. C’est une décision rarissime dans l’histoire de notre maison, le Grand-Théâtre avait réussi à maintenir son activité quasiment sans interruption depuis 1789”, explique Marc Minkowski, le directeur général. Au total, les pertes pourraient s’élever jusqu’à 2,5 millions d’euros pour l’établissement et ce sont 40 000 billets que le guichet devra rembourser à ses spectateurs.

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Bordeaux Opera: curtain down for the season

“Cancelled,” “cancelled,” “cancelled.” There are no performances scheduled on the calendar.
Since 13 March the Opéra National de Bordeaux (ONB) has suspended its activity due to the pandemic which finally got the better of the 2019-2020 season as it will not resume. A total of 81 performances have been suspended, including shows that were sold out, such as Mozart’s trilogy of operas. “It is always very difficult to have to give up a curtain call. It’s an extremely rare decision in the history of our company, the Grand-Théâtre had managed to maintain its activity almost without interruption since 1789,” explains Marc Minkowski, the general manager. In total, the losses could amount to as much as 2.5 million euros for the establishment and the box office will have to reimburse 40,000 tickets to its spectators.

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