14th April: Barbican announces return of audiences from May 17, Ticket Sales for Berlin Stages Crashed, Posters in Bordeaux create discord

Wednesday 14th April 2021

Barbican announces return of audiences from May 17

London’s Barbican has today announced the return of live audiences to the Hall when restrictions ease from May 17. To comply with continuing Covid measures, the hall will be reduced to 50 per cent capacity.

Prior to May 17, performances will be available as live stream online concerts – these include such performances as the LSO conducted by Sir Simon Rattle in Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde, with mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená and tenor Andrew Staples on May 9, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra performing with its Creative Artist in Association Jules Buckley and singer-songwriter Paul Weller on May 15.

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Kartenverkäufe für Berliner Bühnen abgestürzt

Die 36 öffentlich geförderten Bühnen und Orchester Berlins haben 2020 wegen der Corona-Pandemie erheblich weniger Tickets verkauft als zuvor. Insgesamt konnten nur 917.843 zahlende Besucher die Vorstellungen besuchen, teilte die Kulturverwaltung am Dienstag mit. 2019 waren es 3,3 Millionen Zuschauer.

„Für unsere Bühnen war 2020 ein extrem hartes Jahr“, sagte Kultursenator Klaus Lederer (Linke). Die Pandemie und die notwendigen Schutzmaßnahmen hätten geschlossene oder nur begrenzt offene Häuser, Unsicherheiten und oft persönliche Nöte gebracht. „Dennoch haben die Bühnen der Stadt Lebenszeichen gesendet, kreativ die Formate geändert, auf Digitalisierung gesetzt. Nicht unterkriegen lassen – dieses Motto nötigt mir Respekt ab“, erklärte Lederer.

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Ticket Sales for Berlin Stages Crashed

Berlin’s 36 publicly funded theatres and orchestras sold considerably fewer tickets in 2020 than the years before, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As the Cultural Administration announced on Tuesday, a total of 917,843 paying visitors were able to attend the performances. In 2019, there were 3.3 million spectators.

“2020 was an extremely hard year for our institutions,” said Cultural Senator Klaus Lederer (Linke). The pandemic and the necessary precautions that were put in place resulted in closed or only limited open houses, uncertainties and often personal hardship. “Nevertheless, the city’s cultural institutions have remained hopeful for life to reopen again, despite having to make creative changes, and rely heavily on digitalisation. Holding their heads up – this attitude commands my respect,” explained Lederer.

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« Artiste, c’est un métier ? » : à Bordeaux, les affiches de la discorde

La mairie écologiste voulait susciter le débat sur sa politique culturelle. Mission accomplie, mais certainement pas dans le sens escompté.

Si la politique culturelle des mairies écologistes ne manque pas de susciter quelques inquiétudes, la campagne d’affichage lancée il y a quelques jours par la ville de Bordeaux, devenue verte au printemps dernier, ne risque pas d’apaiser les esprits. « Artiste, c’est un métier ? » ou « La culture, ça coûte trop cher ? », peut-on lire en gros caractères dans les rues de la métropole girondine : une vraie provocation pour la plupart des professionnels d’un secteur à l’arrêt depuis plus d’un an.

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“Is being an artist a profession?“ – Posters in Bordeaux create discord

The ecologist mayor aimed to provoke a debate on cultural policy and they succeeded, but certainly not in the expected direction.

The cultural policy of the ecologist town halls managed to raise some concerns: a poster campaign launched a few days ago by the city of Bordeaux is not likely to calm the spirits of the already distressed cultural industry. “Is being an artist a profession?” or “Is culture too expensive?” can be read in large letters in the streets of the Gironde metropolis. This seems like a provocation for most professionals caught in a sector that has been at a standstill for over a year.

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