17th January: BBC Music Magazine Awards, Cologne broadcaster WDR draws consequences, ENO diversity

Friday 17th January 2020

BBC Music Magazine Awards 2020

The BBC Music Magazine Awards are an annual celebration of the very best of all the recordings reviewed by the magazine over the previous year. With three nominations to choose from in each of seven main categories, the winners are selected by a public vote. There are also a number of special jury awards each year:

  • Orchestral
  • Chamber
  • Choral
  • Concerto
  • Opera
  • Vocal
  • Instrumental

The expert jury has selected 21 of the finest recordings from a longlist of 175 discs that our critics had awarded five stars in the last 12 months.

The nominations are out and the voting is now open !

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„Umweltsau” Nach Streit um Kinderchor-Lied: Kölner Sender WDR zieht Konsequenzen

Es war eines der großen Themen rund um den Jahreswechsel 2019 auf 2020: Der WDR-Kinderchor Dortmund hatte eine „überarbeitete” Version des Klassikers „Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorrad” veröffentlicht und darin die besagte Oma unter anderem als „Umweltsau” bezeichnet.

Doch was als Satire geplant war, endete in einem Shitstorm im Internet. Unter anderem hatte es Morddrohungen gegen WDR-Mitarbeiter gegeben. Intendant Tom Buhrow entschuldigte sich schließlich und das Video wurde gelöscht. In Köln gab es wiederholt Demonstrationen gegen den WDR (hier lesen Sie mehr), allerdings auch Gegen-Demos.
Jetzt zieht der WDR Konsequenzen aus der Affäre: Wie die „Ruhr Nachrichten” berichten, gab es WDR-intern einen Elternabend, auf dem „kontrovers diskutiert” wurde, wie Jan Boecker, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Dortmunder Chorakademie verrät.

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“Umweltsau” After dispute over children’s choir song: Cologne broadcaster WDR draws consequences

It was one of the big topics around the turn of the year 2019 to 2020: The WDR Children’s Choir Dortmund had published a “revised” version of the classic “Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorad” and described the grandma in question as “environmental pig”.

But what was planned as satirical song ended in a shit storm on the Internet. Among other things, there had been death threats against WDR employees. Director Tom Buhrow finally apologized and the video was deleted. In Cologne there were repeated demonstrations against the WDR, but also counter-demonstrations for the freedom of speech.
Now the WDR is setting up consequences from the affair: As the “Ruhr Nachrichten” reports, there was an internal meeting of the WDR representatives and the parents, at which “controversial discussion” was held, as Jan Boecker, CEO of the Dortmund Choir Academy reveals.

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L’English national Opera présente de nouvelles mesures en faveur de la diversité

Mardi 14 janvier 2020, l’English National Opera (ENO), installé à Londres, a indiqué qu’il allait recruter cinq musiciens et musiciennes d’instruments à cordes issus de minorités ethniques dans le pays. Une annonce qui s’inscrit dans le plan lancé il y a un an par la compagnie en faveur d’une plus grande diversité dans l’industrie lyrique.

Dans le cadre de ce plan, l’ENO avait engagé quatre choristes en 2019, Isabelle Peters, James Liu, Julia Daramy-Williams et Satriya Krisna. Il s’agit donc ici de la deuxième phase de ce plan, « une étape vitale pour rendre l’industrie lyrique plus inclusive », déclare Stuart Murphy, directeur général de l’English National Opera. Des missions annuelles d’observation ont également été lancées.

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English National Opera introduces new measures to support diversity

On Tuesday 14 January 2020, the London-based English National Opera (ENO) said it would recruit five string musicians from ethnic minorities in the country. The announcement is part of the company’s plan launched a year ago to promote greater diversity in the opera industry.

As part of this plan, ENO had hired four singers in 2019, Isabelle Peters, James Liu, Julia Daramy-Williams and Satriya Krisna. This is the second phase of the plan, “a vital step in making the opera industry more inclusive,” says Stuart Murphy, Managing Director of English National Opera. Annual observation missions have also been launched.

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