29th March: BBC Proms announce dates for 2021 season, Performance is a “summit for every artist” – 150 years of the Royal Albert Hall, Olympic Games 2021 – Russian anthem replaced with Tchaikovsky?

Monday 29th March 2021

BBC Proms announce dates for 2021 season

The BBC Proms has announced that it will run from Friday 30 July to Saturday 11 September at the Royal Albert Hall, with additional coverage on BBC Radio 3, BBC TV and online.
‘We hope to welcome live audiences back to our glorious home this summer, in line with government guidance,’ says a statement from the BBC Proms.

Last year’s Proms season predominantly took place online with a series of reruns of previous concerts. The last fortnight of the season took place in the Royal Albert Hall, with no audience.

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Auftritt als «Gipfel für jeden Künstler»: 150 Jahre Royal Albert Hall

Es gibt wohl nicht viele Namen, bei denen Künstlern wie Besuchern schon vorab die Vorfreude wie ein Schauer über den Rücken läuft. Die Carnegie Hall in New York, Musikverein Wien – und die Royal Albert Hall. Dabei sticht die 1871 eröffnete Halle in London noch einmal heraus, denn die Bandbreite der Konzerte und Events sucht ihresgleichen.

«Es gibt keinen anderen Platz auf der Erde, der Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein und Emmeline Pankhurst ebenso willkommen heißt wie die Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald und Adele», sagt der Chef der Veranstaltungshalle, Craig Hassall. An diesem Montag feiert die Royal Albert Hall ihren 150. Geburtstag.

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Performance is a “summit for every artist”: 150 years of the Royal Albert Hall

There are probably not many locations whose names send shivers of anticipation down the spine of both artists and visitors alike. Carnegie Hall in New York, Musikverein Vienna – and the Royal Albert Hall. The location in London, which opened in 1871, stands out once again because of its unparallaled range of concerts and events.

“There is no other place on earth that could welcome Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Emmeline Pankhurst as much as the Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald and Adele,” says the venue’s chief executive, Craig Hassall. This Monday, the Royal Albert Hall celebrates its 150th birthday.

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JO 2021 : Une œuvre de Tchaïkovsky pour remplacer l’hymne russe ?

Le Tribunal Arbitral du Sport a décidé en 2020 d’exclure deux ans pour dopage les fédérations russes de toute compétition internationale, dont les JO 2021 qui se tiendront du 23 juillet au 8 août. La sanction du TAS a banni par la même occasion « tout hymne lié à la Russie », les athlètes autorisés à concourir sous bannière neutre se cherchent donc un nouvel hymne !

L’œuvre en question de Tchaïkovsky est son Premier Concerto pour Piano, dont l’ouverture pourrait servirait d’hymne à ces sportifs privés de leurs couleurs et leur drapeau. 

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Olympic Games 2021: Russian anthem replaced with Tchaikovsky?

The Court of Arbitration for Sport decided in 2020 to exclude Russian federations from all international competitions for two years for doping – including the 2021 Olympics, which will be held from July 23th to August 8th. The CAS sanction also banned “any anthem linked to Russia”, so the athletes authorised to compete under a neutral banner are looking for a new anthem!

The work in question is Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto, the opening of which could serve as an anthem for those athletes deprived of their colours and flag.

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