The Belcea Quartet take on Beethoven

Friday 14th October 2011

Audiences and critics alike positively received the first leg of the Belcea Quartet’s Beethoven concerts. The quartet took audiences in Hamburg, London, Liverpool and Gateshead though a personal and intimate interpretation of Beethoven’s coveted string quartet writing.

The program for this, the first concert in the quartet’s year-long exploration of all of Beethoven’s string quartets, consisted of three contrasting and prominent quartets: no.3, op.18, no.10, Op.74 and no.13, Op.130, the Belcea String Quartet’s interpretations were skillfully devoid of any over indulgence.

it was immediately clear from the opening phrases of this evening’s concert of Beethoven quartets that these four players enjoy an intensely powerful shared musical language, with an incredible level of communication between each other and with the audience. They immediately drew us right into the heart of Beethoven’s very personal music, as they took us on an introductory guide through his string quartet writing.

Throughout the concert, there was never any harshness, even in the more forceful parts of the latter quartets. The quiet passages were mesmerizing, almost vanishing at times


As versed as they are in the music, the quartet maintained a keen sense of spontaneity as they laid out the contrasting passages with razor-sharp articulation. The rich andante was beautifully phrased, while the presto brimmed with energy

The Northern Echo

The next leg of the concert series will begin on the 28th of in Liverpool and moving on to revisit London, Gateshead and Hamburg with more of Beethoven’s string quartets. For more information, visit the Belcea Quartet’s website.