Blog: Accentus Music’s screening of John Cage – Journeys in Sound at the ICA tonight

Friday 27th September 2013

This evening on Friday 27th September at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, there will be a screening of Accentus Music’s film: John Cage – Journeys in Sound. The feature will include rare footage of Cage including concert excerpts with some of his own accounts, and will give insight into the many facets of the revolutionary artist and composer, Cage himself.

This screening is part of the ICA’s selection of highlights from the 2013 Montreal International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA). Like many that will appear in this series, there is an extended introduction and a Q&A. Tonight this will be with composer and performer Susan Stenger.

The screening begins at 7pm in Cinema 1. Take a look at the website, to find out more about tonight’s event and where to buy tickets. Also, you can find out more about the series here.