Micro influencers → Macro return

Wednesday 27th March 2024

Imagine the coolest person at your high school. Your best friend’s big sister, the artsy fashionista, an effortlessly funny class clown, whomever exceeds expectations in the niche you love. They seem untouchable. But what if they aren’t? What if you could communicate with them and even ask for their advice on a day-to-day basis? Call in: influencer marketing.

Keep reading to gain valuable insight on beginning your very own influencer campaign, brought to you by WildKat.

According to Nielsen Global, 92% of social media users find influencer content “more trustworthy” than other types of ads. That means that utilizing this method of advertising might bring you more bang for your buck! Speaking of the financial side–you may be wondering: how much does this form of marketing cost? The typical collaboration per post is around $200, which has lessened 17% from last year. The reason behind this statistic is that the sheer volume of content creators is exponentially rising, resulting in the cost lowering. This is in our favor even more so considering our niche: classical music! 

Are there even influencers for classical music? There sure are. There are creators for every genre and subgenre of interests you could think of. Crocheting, tattoos, nail art, fantasy novels, nerd culture, and of course…classical music. To name a few: @hannahharpist, @raychenviolin, and @choathersings on Instagram.

The easiest way to understand where to begin is the types of influencers available to us as marketers. First we have Macro Influencers. These are the Kardashians and Charlie Dimalio’s of our world. Unshockingly, these collaborations are next to impossible.

Next, we have Micro Influencers. These creators usually have 1,000-100,000 followers and tend to have more than a few ongoing brand collaborations. 47% of marketers report successful Micro influencer partnerships.

Last but most certainly not least (especially for our purposes), the almighty Nano Influencers. Though they may be little at less than 1,000 followers, they are fierce. Oftentimes, Nano Influencers have purely devoted followers who have supported them for years, rather than unengaging bot-types. If your client’s goal is engagement rather than reach, Nano Influencers are the way to go. Not to mention they often are happy to post for free or in exchange for tickets or a product.

Influencer Marketing statistic

Now let’s gameplan. First, you’ll need to (1) research in order to find the influencer that matches your campaign needs. Keep in mind demographics, client goals, and budget. Once you have your eyes on the right content creator for you, it’s time to (2) negotiate. Even if you’re working with a very niche Nano Influencer, you’ll have to open up a conversation in order to offer a clear and concise plan on what you can offer in exchange for their content. Here’s the exciting part! What kind of (3) content are you looking for? Hop on a call with your influencer to get creative and throw around ideas. An educational reel? A trendy TikTok? The content chosen should have a distinct purpose and be reasonable for both parties to achieve. After the assets have been secured, they’ll need to be edited and (4) approved by you, the influencer, and your client. Make sure to be in depth during this step. It’s time to (5) schedule your post! When is the optimal time for reach on each platform? Make sure to consider time zones so that all parties can repost or “collab” content at a sensible hour. All that’s left to check off your list at this point is monitoring engagement and maintaining a relationship with your influencer! 49% of marketers that partner with influencers work with them multiple times. This is especially valuable since the collaborator is likely to grow in followers, taking you along with them.

​​We know the digital world moves fast, so if you need further help or consulting, please get in touch at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to connect!

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