2nd October: Nwanoku – ‘Classical music will become more diverse’, Winners of “Voix d’Outre-Mer” announced, Cast changes at Munich Philharmonic

Friday 2nd October 2020

Chi-chi Nwanoku: ‘Classical music is suddenly going to become much more diverse’

Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE, the founder of Chineke! Foundation and double bassist extraordinaire is optimistic about diversity in classical music.

“Although it might seem a bit slow at the moment, I think classical music is suddenly going to become much more diverse,” she tells Classic FM, ahead of the start of her new radio show, Chi-chi’s Classical Champions.

“At least I hope so. And I certainly know our Junior Orchestra are winning places at the conservatoires, and we’re seeing more children of multi ethnicities going into the conservatories across the country, so really taking this industry seriously as though they’re going to make it their careers.”

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Concours “Voix des Outre-Mer”, point d’étape

Les Lauréats de la finale Ile de France du concours Voix des Outre-mer, présidé par Richard Martet, le 28 septembre au Théâtre du Châtelet sont:

  • Premier nommé Voix des Outre-mer Ile-de-France : Edwin Fardini (Baryton martiniquais)
  • Deuxième nommée Voix des Outre-mer Ile-de-France : Axelle Saint-Cirel (Mezzo guadeloupéenne)
  • Prix Jeune Talent Ile-de-France : Auguste Truel (Baryton haitien)
  • Prix Musique du monde / Variété : Ludivine Turinay (Soprano martiniquaise)
  • Une mention du jury à Carole Dorlipo (Soprano guadeloupéenne) 

Pour rappel, le concours Voix des Outre-mer, lancé en 2019, est ouvert aux talents ultramarins ou affiliés qui aiment la musique sous toutes ses formes (jazz, zook, rock, soul etc) et qui possèdent ou non une formation. Il n’impose pas de limite d’âge. 

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Winners of “Voix d’Outre-Mer” announced

The winners of the Ile de France final of the Voix des Outre-mer competition, presided over by Richard Martet, on 28 September at the Théâtre du Châtelet are:

– First named Voix des Outre-mer Ile-de-France: Edwin Fardini (Martinique Baritone)
– Second named Voix des Outre-mer Ile-de-France: Axelle Saint-Cirel (Guadeloupean Mezzo)
– Prix Jeune Talent Ile-de-France: Auguste Truel (Haitian Baritone)
– World Music Prize / Variety: Ludivine Turinay (Martinican Soprano)
– A jury mention to Carole Dorlipo (Guadeloupean Soprano)

As a reminder, the Voix des Outre-mer competition, launched in 2019, is open to overseas or affiliated talents who love music in all its forms (jazz, Zook, rock, soul etc) and who may or may not have a background. There is no age limit.

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Besetzungsänderungen bei Konzerten der Münchner Philharmoniker

Aufgrund der derzeit geltenden Reiseeinschränkungen und Quarantänebestimmungen muss Yuja Wang ihre Konzerte mit den Münchner Philharmonikern leider absagen. Stattdessen wird Seong-Jin Cho Mozarts Klavierkonzert in d-Moll KV 466 interpretieren.

Der junge südkoreanische Pianist Seong-Jin Cho ist Preisträger des Tschaikowsky- und Chopin-Wettbewerbs und Exklusivkünstler der Deutschen Grammophon. Zudem erklingt unter Valery Gergievs Leitung Schuberts Sinfonie Nr.4 (7. und 8. Oktober, 20 Uhr Philharmonie am Gasteig).

Auch bei dem Konzertprogramm am 29., 30. und 31. Oktober kommt es zu einer Besetzungsänderung. Aufgrund der derzeit geltenden Reiseeinschränkungen und Quarantänebestimmungen wird Myung-Whun Chung die Konzerte leider nicht dirigieren können. Stattdessen wird Andris Nelsons am Pult der Münchner Philharmoniker stehen.


Cast changes at concerts of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Due to current travel restrictions and quarantine regulations, Yuja Wang unfortunately has to cancel her concerts with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Instead, Seong-Jin Cho will interpret Mozart’s Piano Concerto in D minor KV 466. The young South Korean pianist Seong-Jin Cho is a prizewinner of the Tchaikovsky and Chopin Competition and an exclusive artist of Deutsche Grammophon.

He will also perform Schubert’s Symphony No. 4 under the baton of Valery Gergiev (7 and 8 October, 8 pm Philharmonie am Gasteig). There will also be a change in the line-up for the concert programme on 29, 30 and 31 October.

Due to current travel restrictions and quarantine regulations, Myung-Whun Chung will unfortunately not be able to conduct the concerts. Instead, Andris Nelsons will stand at the podium of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

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