19th May: Chineke! Orchestra and Christian Aid highlight climate emergency, New Chief Conductor for Graz Orchestra Recreation, Music streaming: hi-fi audio quality at no extra cost

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Chineke! Orchestra teams up with Christian Aid to highlight the climate emergency

Chineke! Orchestra and UK charity Christian Aid have teamed up to collaborate on a powerful new orchestral work to raise awareness around the climate emergency. The orchestra and charity called on four composers – Shirley J. Thompson OBE, Roderick Williams OBE, Daniel Kidane and Ayanna Witter-Johnson – to pen a movement each in the 12-minute work, Song of the Prophets: A Requiem for the Climate.

The piece, which was inspired by a theology paper about climate change released by Christian Aid in 2014, was due to be premiered at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 2020 but the performance was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Neue Chefdirigentin für Grazer Orchester Recreation

Mei-Ann Chen wird neue Chefdirigentin des Großen Orchesters Recreation des Grazer Kulturfestivals Styriarte. Die aus Taiwan stammende US-Amerikanerin übernimmt den Posten ab der Saison 2021/22, teilte die Styriarte am Dienstag mit. Ihr Vertrag laufe über fünf Jahre.

In drei Projekten je Spielzeit werde die Dirigentin neue Akzente setzen, hieß es. Zudem wolle sie ihre künstlerischen Steckenpferde vorantreiben: die Jugendarbeit im Orchester- und im Publikumsbereich sowie die Aufführung von Werken weiblicher Komponisten aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.

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New Chief Conductor for Graz Orchestra Recreation

Mei-Ann Chen will assume the position of chief conductor of the Großes Orchester Recreation at the Styriarte cultural festival in Graz. The Taiwanese-born US-American will take over the post from the 2021/22 season, according to an announcement by the Styriarte on Tuesday. Her contract will run for five years.

The conductor intends to set new accents in three projects per season. In addition, she plans to persue her own artistic goals: youth work in the orchestra and in the audience area as well as the performance of works by female composers from both the past and the present.

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Streaming musical : Apple et Amazon vont proposer la qualité hi-fi sans surcoût

Petite révolution dans le monde du streaming musical : deux de ses principaux acteurs (Apple Music et Amazon Music) viennent d’annoncer l’arrivée en juin prochain de la qualité audio Lossless (sans perte) – également appelée HD (haute définition) ou encore « qualité hi-fi » et « qualité CD » – sans aucun surcoût.

On imagine mal la concurrence (Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz…), qui aujourd’hui offre ce service avec un abonnement « premium » au prix plus élevé, ne pas suivre le mouvement dans les prochaines semaines. Seul Spotify, leader du marché, avait jusqu’à présent fait le pari du tout MP3, ne proposant pas à ses abonnés la qualité audio Lossless.

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Music streaming: Apple and Amazon to offer hi-fi quality at no extra cost

It is a small revolution in the music streaming world: two of its main players (Apple Music and Amazon Music) have just announced the launch of Lossless audio quality in June – also known as HD (high definition) or “hi-fi quality” and “CD quality” – without any additional cost.

One can hardly imagine the competition (Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz…), which currently offers this service with a higher priced “premium” subscription, not following the trend in the coming weeks. Only Spotify, the market leader, has opted for the all-MP3 approach so far, not offering its subscribers Lossless audio quality.

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