11th November: Chopin Competition to be streamed in Virtual Reality, An Imperfect Birthday for Leopold Mozart, Three Frenchmen in the semi-finals of the Long Thibaud Crespin Competition

Monday 11th November 2019

Chopin Competition to be streamed in Virtual Reality

The International Fryderyk Chopin Competition has announced a series of technological advances for the broadcasting of its 18th edition in October 2020

In an event hosted by the Chopin Society UK, Dr Artur Szklener, director of Warsaw’s Fryderyk Chopin Institute, revealed that the 2020 Chopin Competition will be the first major classical music event to use virtual reality technology.

With a VR camera positioned close to the pianist on stage, remote viewers will be able to experience performances from the pianist’s perspective from the stage of the National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw. Anybody owning VR goggles will be able to watch the VR streaming at chopin2020.pl. For others, the competition is introducing special Listener Zones all over the world for viewers to share the virtual reality experience.

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Geburtstag von Leopold Mozart mit Schönheitsfehler

Die Stadt Augsburg feiert am 14. November den 300. Geburtstag des Vaters von Musikgenie Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – kann aber nicht wie geplant das Geburtshaus von Leopold Mozart wiedereröffnen. Bei der Sanierung des Museums kommt es nach Angaben der Stadt zu Verzögerungen, so dass erst nach dem Jubiläumsjahr im Januar 2020 das Mozarthaus neu geöffnet werden kann. Die Wiedereröffnung sollte eigentlich am Donnerstag neben einem Festkonzert der Höhepunkt der schon seit Januar 2019 laufenden Veranstaltungsreihe zu Ehren Leopold Mozarts werden.

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An Imperfect Birthday for Leopold Mozart

The city of Augsburg celebrates the 300th birthday of the father of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on 14 November – but can not reopen the birthplace of Leopold Mozart as planned. According to the city, there are delays in the refurbishment of the museum, so that the Mozarthaus can only be reopened after the jubilee year in January 2020. The reopening was supposed to be the culmination of the series of events in honour of Leopold Mozart, which has been going on since January 2019. On Thursday the highlight of the festivities will be a jubilee concert, which should have seen the reopening of the Mozarthaus as well.

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Trois Français en demi-finale du Concours Long Thibaud Crespin

Le jury du Concours Long Thibaud Crespin, présidé par Martha Argerich, a dévoilé les noms des demi-finalistes de la compétition dédiée cette année au piano. Trois Français participeront aux épreuves à Paris les 11 et 12 novembre 2019.

Les demi-finales du Concours Long Thibaud Crespin se tiennent salle Cortot à Paris les 11 et 12 novembre 2019 et la liste des candidats qui vont y participer a été dévoilée par le jury présidé par Martha Argerich, avec Bertrand Chamayou en vice-président.

Trois français ont été sélectionnés : Jean-Baptiste Doulcet, 26 ans, Jean-Paul Gasparian, 23 ans et Clément Lefebvre, 30 ans.

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Three Frenchmen in the semi-finals of the Long Thibaud Crespin Competition

The jury of the Long Thibaud Crespin Competition, chaired by Martha Argerich, announced the names of the semi-finalists of this year’s competition dedicated to the piano. Three Frenchmen will participate in the events in Paris on 11 and 12 November 2019.

The semi-finals of the Long Thibaud Crespin Competition will be held at the Salle Cortot in Paris on 11 and 12 November 2019 and the list of candidates who will participate was announced by the jury chaired by Martha Argerich, with Bertrand Chamayou as Vice-President.

Three Frenchmen were selected: Jean-Baptiste Doulcet, 26, Jean-Paul Gasparian, 23 and Clément Lefebvre, 30.

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