“Cuts to music education are a positive step” – Christopher Monks writes for The Arts Desk

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Christopher Monks, Founder and Music Director of AC Academy, has written an opinion article for The Arts Desk, arguing that the overhaul of funding for music education has been long overdue, and is in fact ‘the most positive thing to happen to music education in years’. Whilst some teachers, he states, offer a consistent and outstanding level of teaching, others may feel tired, disconnected or even perhaps unmotivated, which could prove ‘potentially even more damaging to a child to receive a bad music education’.

Within the shake-up of music education, Christopher praises the introduction of music hubs in local areas. Similar to the work of the AC Academy, the music hubs see that each child ‘aged between five and 18 has the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and to have the chance to perform as part of an ensemble or a choir’.

Christopher creates a fascinating argument with regards to cuts, in that arts organisations are now forced to look to new sources of income, such as large numbers of philanthropists and investors, as opposed to relying of government funding and large supporters, who could possibly withdraw funding at any point. With this in mind, Christopher states that ‘if the government and head teachers are encouraged to see the benefits of a music leader educated in professional musicianship, and collaborations with professional arts organisations, the quality of music in schools will undoubtedly improve and investment from sponsors and philanthropists will follow’.

Christopher makes a strong argument in response to an incredibly raw and controversial topic in the current news. As the Founder and Music Director of one of the UK’s greatest music organisations for children, Christopher can relate to these changes and the impact that they will have on national music education.

Read the full Arts Desk article here.

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