11th December: New app teaches children about classical music, web chat with composer Tim Atack & the pop-up opera debate

Wednesday 11th December 2013

The Telegraph

Can an app teach children the basics of classical music?

SymbolSmash uses the love story opera “Voyage to the Moon” to teach children the difference between their crescendos and their crochets. Traditionalist Daniel Johnson finds it a bit too gimmicky for his taste.

What’s the point of pop-up opera?

The enthusiasm of singers who perform pop-up opera is great – but is there any point to it, asks Rupert Christiansen.

The Stage

In defence of small-scale opera

Robin Norton-Hale, the director of OperaUpClose, responds to Rupert Christiansen’s assertion that pop-up opera is nothing more than a small scale version of a ‘big’ opera. 

Classic FM Online

Tim Atack in Tim Lihoreau’s Wednesday Web Chat

Composer Tim Atack talks about writing music for screens big and small.

New Music Box

If Elton John sings but everyone else does too, does it make a sound?

Four reasons why people sing along at concerts.

BBC Music Magazine

Women absent from winners of 2013 British Composer Awards

Questions have been raised about the 2013 British Composer Awards, after the winners ceremony was dominated entirely by men.

Obituary: Stan Tracey 

Pianist Stan Tracey, the British jazz legend who played with many of the 1960s greats as house pianist of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, has died aged 86.

Neue Musikzeitung

Musiklandschaft mit Flurschäden

Verabschiedet sich Nordrhein-Westfalen von seiner Kammer­philharmonie Amadé?