Classical Music News – 29th September

Thursday 29th September 2011

Every day the WildKat team scan the newspapers and blogs online to bring you a digested list of the day’s classical music.

The Telegraph

Nicola Benedetti: The face of baroque and roll

Nicola Benedetti talks to Adam Sweeting about Vespas, Vivaldi, and her Italian roots

It’s exciting to find manuscripts abandoned by writers or musicians but early drafts were locked away for a reason

Beethoven, Arthur Conan Doyle and Kafka are among many artists who gave clear instructions that some work should not be published. They were ignored. Peter Stanford comments.

Financial Times

Bluthaus, Theater Bonn

A disturbing exploration of incest and its impact, Bluthaus deserves a life beyond Schwetzingen and Bonn, writes Shirley Apthorp.

Slipped Disc

The Berlin Philharmonic want to change the sound of Mahler

Specifically, they are inviting anyone to submit a remix of their recording of the first movement of Mahler’s first symphony. Norman Lebrecht wonders why.

The Guardian

Nelson Goerner – review

Goerner’s Liszt combined wonderful finesse alongside passages where the tension dropped. But perhaps his heart wasn’t in it, writes Andrew Clements.