Classical Music News – 7th October

Friday 7th October 2011

Every day the WildKat team scan the newspapers and blogs online to bring you a digested list of the day’s classical music.

The Independent

Electronic nightmares on Bluebeard’s battlements

A new production of Béla Bartók’s psychological masterpiece turns to multimedia to explore the minds of its protagonists. Jessica Duchen hears how it is being done

Gramophone online 

Gramophone Awards 2011 announced!

Record of the Year for the Pavel Haas Quartet, Dudamel is Artist of the Year

Gramophone online

Hilary Hahn interviews a fish

The leading violinist (presumably) turns satirist

Jessica Duchen Classical Music Blog

Lost Brahms surfaces in…Ashburton

What a scoop for the Two Moors Festival. Back in 2007 they bought a Bosendorfer, for which they’d bust many guts to raise funds, and someone dropped it during delivery (no, it wasn’t OK). Now, though, they’ve found something altogether more resilient, and it’s by Brahms.

The Guardian

Listen without prejudice

A drunkard? An otherworldly peasant? A Nazi-favourite? Who was the real Bruckner, and why does his music polarise listeners?