Classical Music News – Bellini, Philip Glass, New York Philharmonic…

Friday 4th November 2011

Every day the WildKat team scan the newspapers and blogs online to bring you a digested list of the day’s classical music.

The Guardian

The five symphonies that changed music.

Ahead of a new four-part series exploring how the symphony has shaped our history and identity, Mark Elder chooses the form’s five key works.

New York Times

Philharmonic and Glass Meet for Movie Night

However much credit Alan Gilbert may deserve for beginning to update the New York Philharmonic repertory, the slowness with which it has come to the music Philip Glass says a lot about its distance from today’s repertory.

The Times (£)

La Sonnambula at Covent Garden

Funny thing, sleepwalking — especially in Bellini’s opera. You can sleepwalk each night without nearest and dearest ever knowing. Out for the count, you still talk and sing. Even a freezing alpine snowdrift, touched with bare feet, won’t break the spell. Marvelous. Ridiculous. That’s opera.

The Financial Times

La Sonnambula , Royal Opera House, London

It is interesting to speculate what kind of opera Bellini might have written if he had been alive today. Surely he would not have tried anything as simple as La sonnambula? This modest tale of a girl who goes sleepwalking before her wedding and almost loses her loved one belongs in an altogether more innocent age.