Classical Music News – Royal Opera House, Wexford Opera Festival, Abbado…

Friday 11th November 2011

Every day the WildKat team scan the newspapers and blogs online to bring you a digested list of the day’s classical music.


The Royal Opera House launches music game

The Royal Opera House broadens its appeal today with a surprising foray into the world of gaming.

The Times (£)

The Angry Birds of the opera world?

The lighting rig has collapsed on to the corps de ballet, the enchanted swan has turned into an ugly duckling, and the handsome prince has lost his trousers. The Royal Opera House’s latest production of Swan Lake has shambles written all over it…

The Times (£)

LSO/Zhang at the Barbican, London EC2

There was a paradox about this concert. On the one hand, it showcased exactly where a team of virtuosos sits among the London Symphony Orchestra’s ranks. The flipside of all those strong personalities, however, is that they need reining in…

L.A Times

Helene Grimaud, Claudio Abbado and much ado over a cadenza.

What goes on between a conductor and soloist in the give-and-take of developing a concerto performance usually goes on offstage.

The Independent

Lost Gems sparkle at Wexford Opera Festival

Behind a modest terrace on Wexford’s high street, a state-of-the-art opera house opens up like a tardis.