Hallé Orchestra pay as you go

Tuesday 21st July 2015

The Hallé Orchestra has invited audience members to attend their Priceless Classics concert ‘on their own terms.’ Admission and programmes for the event will be free of charge, although listeners may make a contribution according to how much they feel the concert is worth on the night in person, by phone or online.

The concert will include a selection of classical favourites including Handel’s Water Music and Bach’s Suite No. 3 in a relaxed setting, as concertgoers will be able to come and go as they wish and even bring their own drinks.

With the stigma surrounding classical music, branding it as formal and stuffy, could this be a way to attract a new audience?

Priceless Classics will take place on 6 September 2015 at 6:00pm at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

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